The public health physician qualification examination sprint test

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:The examination for the qualifications of doctors sprint test design group   Pages´╝Ü66  

This paper is composed of experts to study the examination of scholars engaged in long-term, in strict accordance with the new syllabus requirements and new examination spirit is prepared, targeted and the high authority. This paper is suitable to participate in the 2011 Annual physician qualification examination candidates to test the simulation and self testing. This paper is composed of three sets of papers, with reference to the answer, for your reference. Suggested that the examinee according to the actual examination time arrangement test time, to simulate the examination form, independent testing time of 150 minutes. Candidates exam simulation exercises through the test paper, test their learning outcomes, timely leak turnover, improve the review effect.
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Medical examination line teaching teacher, compact outline selected item. Cover the outstanding test points, improve the efficiency of exam sprint.
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