The 2012 clinical practitioners exam qualification physician assistant director (professional fascicle)

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Chinese medical science and Technology Press   Author:Edited by Fan Guixiang   Pages´╝Ü666  

Fan Guixiang and water Cheung editor of the "clinical assistant practicing doctors' qualifications exam guide" for the national qualification examination authority recommended books of. By the experts, scholars state licensure examination has long been engaged in research of tightly around the 2012 exam outline meticulously compiled. The book uses the massive chart format summarize and sort of clinical assistant practicing doctors' qualifications of professional knowledge often sites, difficult and confusing knowledge point, concentrated point essence, and with classic questions, help to enhance the understanding and memory. "Clinical assistant practicing doctors' qualifications examination guidance" to test pilot, chart interpretation, to simplify, to help students grasp effectively test and save time.
is preparing for the exam qualification physician mentor readers in 2012.
Catalogue of books

The first symptoms and signs of

second chapters the first chapter fever, cough and sputum and hemoptysis.
third chapter, difficulty in breathing, respiratory rate, depth and rhythm changes.
fourth chapter voice tremor, percussion sound, breathing, rales, pleural friction sound

sixth chapter fifth chapter chest pain and edema.
the seventh chapter palpitation, distended neck veins.
eighth chapter the area before the heart tremor, heart and heart sound
ninth chapter of auscultation and heart murmur, pericardial friction sound
tenth chapter nausea and vomiting and feeding choking, pain, dysphagia,
eleventh chapter, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
twelfth chapter hematemesis the thirteenth chapter, blood in the stool
fourteenth chapter jaundice and ascites
fifteenth chapter hepatomegaly and splenomegaly.
sixteenth chapter urinary irritation symptoms, abnormal urine and urine
seventeenth chapter, abdominal mass, abnormal leucorrhea, abnormal vaginal bleeding and pruritus vulvae
eighteenth chapter lymph nodes in
nineteenth chapter purpura
twentieth chapter headache, disturbance of consciousness, meningeal irritation sign and pyramidal sign
second. Suction system
the first chapter of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
second chapter pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary heart disease
third chapter of bronchial asthma.
fourth chapter respiratory failure of
fifth chapter pneumococcal pneumonia
sixth chapter lung cancer
seventh chapter bronchodilator
eighth chapter tuberculosis
ninth chapter tuberculosis pleurisy
tenth chapter chest injury.
eleventh chapter empyema
third cardiovascular system
the first chapter of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in patients with chronic heart failure.
second chapter
third chapter of acute heart failure.
fourth chapter arrhythmia
fifth chapter of rheumatic heart disease.
sixth chapter of infective endocarditis.
seventh chapter essential hypertension
eighth chapter coronary atherosclerotic heart disease.
ninth chapter angina
tenth chapter acute myocardial infarction
eleventh chapter of viral myocarditis.
twelfth chapter cardiomyopathy
thirteenth chapter acute pericarditis.
fourteenth chapter shock
fifteenth chapter of venous diseases of lower extremity
Fourth digestive system
The esophagus, stomach and duodenum disease
second chapter liver disease
third chapter ulcerative colitis.
fourth chapter of hemorrhage of digestive tract.
fifth chapter of tuberculous peritonitis.
sixth chapter hematemesis and hematochezia.
seventh chapter abdominal external hernia of abdominal injury.
eighth chapter
ninth chapter secondary peritonitis
tenth chapter, peptic ulcer, gastric cancer
eleventh chapter intestinal diseases and anal diseases

thirteenth chapter twelfth chapter appendicitis abscess of the liver and portal hypertension
fourteenth chapter biliary disease.
fifteenth chapter pancreatic disease.
fifth urinary system (including the male reproductive system)
the first chapter examination of urine
second acute glomerulonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome
third chapter of urinary tract infection.
fourth chapter renal failure
fifth chapter prostatitis, renal tuberculosis
sixth chapter of urinary system injury in
seventh chapter calculus in urinary system urinary system tumors.
ninth chapter obstruction of urinary system
tenth urinary system congenital malformation and other diseases
sixth female reproductive system
the first chapter of female reproductive system of
second chapter of female reproductive system physiology
third chapter pregnancy physiology
fourth chapter pregnancy diagnosis
fifth chapter care during pregnancy and prenatal care
sixth chapter normal delivery
seventh chapter normal puerperium.
eighth chapter pathological pregnancy
the ninth chapter of pregnancy complications.
tenth chapter abnormal delivery
eleventh chapter childbirth complications.
twelfth chapter abnormal puerperium.
thirteenth chapter of the female reproductive system inflammation < br > fourteenth chapter of the female reproductive system tumor
fifteenth chapter of gestational trophoblastic disease.
sixteenth chapter reproductive endocrine disease.
seventeenth chapter endometriosis and uterine adenomyosis
eighteenth chapter of female genital disease

twentieth chapter nineteenth chapter infertility family planning
twenty-first chapter of women's health
seventh blood system
the first chapter blood cell change in the number of
second chapter leanBlood
third chapter leukemia
fourth chapter hemorrhagic disease.
fifth chapter transfusion
eighth endocrine system
the first chapter of endocrine and metabolic diseases.
second chapter pituitary hypofunction of
third chapter hyperthyroidism < br > fourth chapter of surgical treatment of hyperthyroidism.
fifth chapter thyroid carcinoma
sixth chapter pure sex strumous
seventh chapter of diabetic
ninth nervous system
the first chapter introduction to
second chapter neurology acute iufective polyneuritis
third chapter facial neuritis.
fourth chapter acute myelitis.
fifth chapter of increased intracranial pressure.
sixth chapter craniocerebral injury.
seventh chapter of acute cerebral vascular disease.
eighth chapter epilepsy
ninth chapters total mental illness on
tenth chapter brain organic mental disorders due to disease of
eleventh chapter body disease of mental disorder caused by
twelfth chapter psychoactive substance induced mental disorders.
thirteenth chapter schizophrenia
fifteenth chapter chapter mood disorder Neurosis and hysteria
sixteenth chapter psychophysiological disorders
tenth motion system
the first chapter introduction to
second chapter fracture of upper limb fractures
third part fracture of lower limb
fourth part fractures of the spine and pelvis
fifth chapter dislocation
sixth chapter hand injury and limb (finger) of
seventh chapter of peripheral nerve injury.
eighth chapter motion system chronic diseases
ninth chapter non suppurative arthritis
tenth chapter infection of bone and joint
eleventh chapter bone tumor
eleventh pediatric
the first chapter
second chapter growth
third chapter child care
fourth chapter nutrition and nutrition disorders
fifth chapter newborn and neonatal diseases.
sixth chapter genetic diseases.
seventh chapter rheumatic diseases, < br > eighth chapter infectious diseases
ninth chapter tuberculosis
Chapter tenth digestive system disease.
eleventh chapter respiratory system diseases
twelfth chapter of cardiovascular system disease.
thirteenth urinary system
fourteenth chapter diseases of hematopoietic system disease.
fifteenth chapter diseases of nervous system diseases
sixteenth chapter endocrine system diseases
twelfth infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.
the first chapter infectious disease general
second chapter of common diseases of
the first viral hepatitis
second hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in
third Japanese encephalitis
fourth section of leptospiral
fifth typhoid
sixth bacterial dysentery
seventh > eighth cholera
tenth malaria schistosomiasis
eleventh cysticercosis

third chapter twelfth section AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases
the first
second day festival gonorrhea syphilis
third genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection of
fourth section of reproductive tract infection of
fifth condyloma acuminatum
thirteenth other
the first chapter of aseptic technique
the first sterilization and disinfection concept and method of
second surgical hand washing method and principle of
third joint hand Preoperative disinfection range and principle of
Fourth surgical aseptic principles in
second chapter perioperative management in the treatment of
the first section preoperative
second day after surgery treatment of
third surgical patients nutrition and metabolism of
the first section outlines the < br > second day surgery patients nutritional supplement
Fourth surgical infection
the first festival of superficial soft tissue of acute suppurative infection of
second systemic pyogenic infection of
third specific infection of tetanus
fifth < br > the first section of chapter damage mechanical injury.
second burn
sixth chapter breast disease.
the first section
acute mastitis the second section cystic hyperplasia of breast and breast fibroadenoma of breast cancer
seventh chapter tumor
eighthChapter of rheumatic diseases.
ninth chapter systemic lupus erythematosus
tenth chapter poisoning
fourteenth practice of comprehensive
the first chapter feeding choking, pain, difficulty eating
second chapter lymph nodes in
third chapter goiter
fourth chapter cyanosis, purpura, weak
fifth chapter jaundice, ascites and hepatosplenomegaly.
sixth chapter abdominal mass in
seventh chapter headache, disturbance of consciousness and convulsions.
eighth chapter paralysis and mental disorders.
ninth chapter of neck and shoulder pain, joint pain and lumbago < br > tenth chapter hematuria and abnormal vaginal bleeding
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