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Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Chinese medical science and technology   Author:Ji Hui   Pages´╝Ü184  

"Pharmacology / countries practicing small format design selection of qualification examination of palmar series", for the majority of job candidates review sites classification, easy to carry; candidates review exam; concentrated essence, the precise enough to improve review efficiency; carefully summarize review of charts and tables, better results review.
Catalogue of books

The first general pharmacology
first chapter
second chapter drug metabolic kinetics of
third chapter pharmacodynamics
fourth chapter influence factors of drug
second chemotherapeutic drug
fifth chapters antimicrobial drug introduction to
sixth chapter of beta lactam antibiotic
seventh chapter macrolide class, lincomycin and polypeptide antibiotic
eighth chapter aminoglycoside antibiotic
ninth chapter, tetracycline and chloramphenicol
tenth chapter artificial synthetic antibiotic
eleventh chapter antifungal drug
twelfth chapter antiviral drug
thirteenth chapter anti TB drugs and anti leprosy drug
fourteenth chapter the anti parasite drug
fifteenth chapter anti malignancy drug
third nervous system drugs
sixteenth chapter efferent nervous system drug
seventeenth chapter sedative hypnotics
eighteenth chapter antiepileptic and anticonvulsant
nineteenth chapters treating central nervous degenerative disease drug
twentieth chapter antipsychotic
twenty-second chapter chapter analgesic antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs
Fourth cardiovascular drugs.
twenty-third chapter of antiarrhythmic drug
twenty-fourth chapter anti heart failure drug
twenty-fifth chapter Anti hypertension drug
twenty-sixth chapter antianginal drug
twenty-seventh chapter lipid regulating agent and anti atherosclerosis drug
twenty-eighth chapter diuretics and dehydration medicine
fifth blood, respiratory and digestive system drugs
twenty-ninth chapter blood drug
thirtieth chapter of respiratory medicine
thirty-first chapter of digestive system drugs
sixth endocrine drugs
thirty-second chapter adrenal corticoids.
thirty-third chapter of thyroid hormone and anti thyroid drug
thirty-fourth chapter of insulin and oral hypoglycemic drugs
thirty-fifth chapter sex hormone drugs and influence the reproductive function of drug
seventh other drugs
thirty-sixth chapter immunomodulatory drug
thirty-seventh chapter of histamine and histamine receptor blockers
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The teacher led the insight into the examination rules focused review with authority: teacher combing, anticipating examination context efficient: highly concentrated, improve review efficiency and convenient: size small, easy to access memory
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  •   The focus is small, can take in the hand look, even if do not account is also a psychological comfort. The content is based on outline summary, the key thing is quite full of.
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