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Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Chinese medical science and technology   Author:Zhong Yi   Pages:256  

The national licensed pharmacist examination is an important qualification system to protect people's drug safety, who meet the conditions after the examination qualified, by the state awarded "licensed pharmacist qualification certificate", shows that with the application of licensed pharmacist registration qualifications. In view of the importance of rational drug use of licensed pharmacists, the exam is difficult.
in order to better help students learn licensed pharmacists should have the knowledge, we in the foundation series test counseling books have been published on the experts with years of coaching experience to write the PDA books. This book has the following characteristics:
1 small format design, for the majority of job candidates review:
2 point grading carrying, convenient candidates review key:
3 concentrated examination essence, the precise enough to improve review efficiency:
4 carefully summary review of charts and tables, better results review.
book "★" how to represent important level test. "★ ★ ★" represent a very important, need to master; "★ ★" represents important, should grasp the main points of content; "★" represents the common test or exam less proposition should be familiar with the test.
by writing the time limit, the book there are omissions and inappropriate please readers criticism, continuous improvement in order to revision.
here, wish you all candidates through their own hard work, successfully passed the licensed pharmacist examination.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter antibiotic
second chapter synthetic antibacterial drug
third chapter of anti tuberculosis drug
fourth chapter antifungal drug
fifth chapter antiviral drug
sixth chapters other anti infective drug
seventh chapter antiparasitic drug
eighth chapter antineoplastic
ninth chapter sedative hypnotics and anxiolytics
tenth chapter antiepileptic and anticonvulsant drug
eleventh chapter antipsychotic
twelfth chapter neurodegenerative diseases treatment
fourteenth chapter chapter analgesic effect of cholinergic nerve system of drug
fifteenth chapters of the adrenergic nervous system drugs
sixteenth chapter 抗心 arrhythmia drug
seventeenth chapter anti heart failure drug
eighteenth chapter anti hypertension drug
nineteenth chapter lipid regulating agent and anti atherosclerosis drug
twentieth chapter 抗心 pectoris medicine
twenty-first chapter antiplatelet and anticoagulant drug
twenty-second chapter diuretic
twenty-third chapter of benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment
twenty-fourth chapter urinary loss of doping
twenty-fifth chapter sexual dysfunction improving drug
twenty-seventh chapter chapter antiasthmatic antitussive and expectorant agent
twenty-eighth chapter antiulcer drug
twenty-ninth chapter of gastric motility drugs and antiemetic drug
thirtieth chapter of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
thirty-first chapter anti allergy drug
thirty-second chapter adrenal corticoids.
thirty-third chapter sex hormones and contraceptives.
thirty-fourth chapter affect blood sugar medicine
thirty-fifth chapter osteoporosis drug
thirty-sixth chapter fat soluble vitamin
thirty-seventh chapter water-soluble vitamin
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: skeleton structure-activity relationship of section 1 adrenergic receptor agonist sites 1 adrenergic receptor agonists have beta phenylethylamine; active configuration of chiral center beta carbon atom is R configuration (L-THP); selective substituent size ③ amino receptor with the decision. Instead of increasing the basis size, the alpha receptor agonist effect gradually weakened, to gradually strengthen the role of beta receptor. Go to the R=H receptor alpha adrenergic agonist of R=CH3 receptor alpha and beta adrenergic agonist isoproterenol (CH3) R=CH 2 beta agonists (β 1, β 2) sand butanol amine R= - C (CH3) 3 β receptor agonist and open carbon atoms can be provided with methyl methyl carbon atoms into the open a chiral center, active conformation for the S configuration, at the same time increasing steric, prolong the action time, but decreased the activity of CNS toxicity. The benzene ring phenol hydroxyl drugs affect the nature and role of: 3, 4 position hydroxyl benzene ring, called catecholamines (easy oxidation, the body easy metabolic inactivation, not oral), hydroxyl free such as ephedrine called amphetamines, greatly prolong action time, polar dropped central excited by strong. Test 2 adrenergic receptor agonist physicochemical properties of β - carbon atom racemization: such as the R configuration of epinephrine for heating or room temperature levorotatory placed will racemization induced activity decreased, so it should be to control the pH value and avoid being heated, in addition with sodium bisulfite as antioxidants, will produce the sulfonic acid compound the titer reduction. ② susceptible to oxidation degeneration: a catechol structure, reducibility, by oxidative discoloration, should add antioxidant sodium bisulfite, avoid light preservation. Point 3: catecholamine metabolism in vivo metabolism mainly by catechol O methyltransferase (COMT) and monoamine oxidase (MAO) catalyzed by aldose reductase and aldehyde dehydrogenase into acid or alcohol. Test 4 drugs: such as levomethamphetamine (amphetamine, methamphetamine) and two subunits of dioxygen amphetamine (MDMA), cathine. Test 5 precursor chemicals: Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Test 1 adrenergic receptor structure with catecholamine agonists, only excited alpha receptor. Point 2 is vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, anti shock treatment.
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"The national licensed pharmacist examination of palmar series: Pharmaceutical Chemistry" teacher combing, anticipating examination context; highly concentrated, improve review efficiency; size small, easy to access memory.
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