2013 digestion Department of internal medicine (intermediate)

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The "national primary and secondary health professional and technical qualification examination (including troops) designated counseling book: 2013 digestion Department of internal medicine (intermediate) simulation test and analysis (Fifth Edition)" on the syllabus, content arrangement not only consider a comprehensive knowledge, combined with the actual test, outstanding key, difficulty in writing form to for the candidates understanding and memory, so that candidates in the finite time solid grasp the outline of knowledge required, pass the examination.
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The copyright page: male, 67 years old, 12 hours after drinking upper abdominal pain, accompanied by abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting. Physical examination: the abdominal pain is medium voltage (+), without bounce painful. Past history of gallbladder stones. The 51 possibility is the largest A. diagnosis for acute myocardial infarction with B. acute appendicitis C. urinary calculi D. acute perforation of gallbladder E. of acute pancreatitis in 52 of the patients most likely to help check is A. ECG B. blood amylase C. urine routine X-ray abdominal plain film D. E. white blood cell count 53 should now take treatment measures do not include A. fasting B., fluid infusion monitoring of vital signs C. intravenous antibiotic D. intramuscular injection of morphine E. gastrointestinal decompression (54 ~ 56 common questions) male, 66 years old, recurrent cough, expectoration 30 years, progressive dyspnea for more than 10 years, repeatedly double lower limbs edema in 2 years. With a cough, sputum increased on the 3 day of admission. Physical examination: the cyanotic lips, neck vein engorgement, conjunctival congestion and edema, barrel chest, double lung sound is a sound, respiration rate 30 / min, the lungs can smell and fine wet [rales, double lower limbs is oedema. Pathology reflex is not derivative. The chest radiograph shows: weight gain of two markings, disorder, two lung touliangdu heighten. 54 patients showed the liver ribs 4cm, which of the following findings strongly suggested that the enlargement of the liver is composed of cardiac dysfunction caused by A. ultrasound showed liver membrane was not smooth, splenomegaly of portal vein diameter B. C. intrahepatic bile duct dilatation of intrahepatic veins of liver D. E. left Ye Zengsheng 55 which of the following examination results and cor A.ECG does not match the pulmonary P wave B.ECG in chest leading United clockwise rotation C. chest radiograph shows a right heart "bilateral" shadow D. chest radiograph shows apical upwards of E.UCG showed three tricuspid obvious reflux 56 the following examination showed that the patients with obstructive ventilation dysfunction was A.FVC B.TLC accounts for 60% of expected value the expected value of 60% C.FEV 60% predicted D.FEV / FVC60% E.V50 accounted for 60% of the predicted value (57 ~ 59 common questions) female, 60 years old, high fever 2 days, intramuscular injection was 80000 U, 2 times a day, 2 days less urine, nausea and vomiting, urinary protein (+), red blood cell 5 ~ 10 / HP, 110g / L, hemoglobin, serum creatinine of 500 μ mol / L. The most likely diagnosis is acute nephritis nephropathy in 57 A. B. C. rapidly progressive acute tubular necrosis. D. E. nephritis acute pyelonephritis obstructive nephropathy 58 the following tests which helps to differentiate prerenal renal failure A. urinary NAG enzyme B. peripheral blood eosinophils C. creatinine D. blood uric acid E. urine osmotic pressure.
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"The initial examination of intermediate health professional and technical qualification designated counseling books, health professional and technical qualification examination paper bag: digestion Department of internal medicine (intermediate) simulation test and analysis (Fifth Edition) (2013)" is to adapt to the requirement of a test, to participate in the national health professional and technical qualification examination -- digestion Department of internal medicine (intermediate) candidates demand planning. Characteristics of Zhenti simulation test, the simulation is high, is an essential reference book review of.
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