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The copyright page: 1 Shigella is the most common pathogen of bacillary dysentery in humans, our country with Freund and Songchi Shika were the most common cause of bacillary dysentery. The 0 antigen with group specific and type specific two categories, according to the antigenic structure can be divided into dysentery Shigella flexneri (A), (B), Powell (C) and Shigella sonnei (D) 4 cluster. Shigella selective medium in the gut (SS agar) can form a smooth colony of medium size, translucent, Shigella sonnei can form a flat, rough colony. 2 enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC) can invade the colonic mucosa, causing dysentery diarrhea (mucopurulent bloody stool). Oxidase test can distinguish the Enterobacteriaceae bacteria and pathogenic bacteria of Vibrionaceae, the former negative and the latter positive. 3 of typhoid and paratyphoid salmonella into the blood caused by enteric fever, cause systemic disease. In 2 weeks, first suspected blood for Salmonella typhi infection, second, 3 weeks after third weeks the feces, urine, the whole course of bone marrow culture. Widal reaction for auxiliary diagnosis of typhoid typhoid caused by salmonella. The 4 most members of methyl red positive, dynamic and positive, phenylalanine deaminase negative bacteria are Escherichia, Salmonella spp., Edward. 5 major pathogenic factors of Salmonella invasion, endotoxin and enterotoxin 3. Salmonella typhi with Zhou Bianmao. 6 Enterobacteriaceae bacteria are divided into 20 genera, namely Escherichia, Shigella, Salmonella spp., Citrobacter spp., Klebsiella, Enterobacter spp., Sarre, hafnia, Edward sp., Providencia, proteus, Morgan bacteria belonging to the genus, Jerson. 7 typical biochemical reaction of Escherichia coli is the result: lactose (+), IMVIC (+, +, -, -) 8 in nutrient agar and blood agar, Proteus vulgaris and Proteus mirabilis can migrate growth. 9 oxidase test is mainly used for identification of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria and pathogenic bacteria of Vibrionaceae, the former is negative, the latter is positive. Glucose oxidation fermentation test (O/F test) is mainly used for identification of Enterobacteriaceae and non fermentive bacteria, the former are fermented, while the latter is usually oxidized or production base. 10 phenylalanine deaminase groups of bacteria positive for Proteus, Salmonella and Morgan Plo Weedon J bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae species of other bacteria were negative. 11 Proteus hydrogen sulfide test positive, proteus can decompose the culture of sulfur amino acid medium (such as ammonia acid, cysteine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide) in lead or ferrous ion is the formation of dark brown PBS or iron sulfide precipitation. The normal flora of Proteus to gut the sojourner, can cause various infections in certain conditions, but also an important condition for iatrogenic infection pathogens. Proteus migration growth, do not break down lactose. 12 Proteus, Plo Weedon J sp. and differential Morgan: Fungi of the genus Proteus migration growth, hydrogen sulfide, gelatin liquefaction and lipase (corn oil) were positive, negative Providencia and Morgan spp.; Providencia ornithine decarboxylase negative, citrate utilization positive, the former Morgan sp. is positive, the latter negative. Cause fever, abdominal pain, tenesmus 13 Shigella dysentery infection, stool frequency increased significantly. Pus and blood stool. Stool cultures isolated colonies on SS agar transparent, biochemical results: KIA medium slant Alcaligenes, bottom acid production, Shigella sonnei individual strains of slow lactose fermentation, H2S negative; MIU medium (+ or -) -.
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"The 2012 Clinical Medical Laboratory Technology (Division) title examination high-frequency test centers and item fine (Fifth Edition)": an overview over the years, grasp the proposition trend, guiding direction of the review.
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