• China Pharmaceutical Yearbook

    "China Pharmaceutical Yearbook (2011)" is the pharmacy professional yearbook of China's only, editorial board is composed of famous experts, Professor of pharmacy will be responsible for compiling, Professor Peng Sixun, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, chief editor. "Chinese pharmacy Yearbook" system, comprehensive, it records the development of all aspects of China's pharmaceutical field,

  • Inner Canon of Huangdi

    "Huang Di Nei Jing" is one of the earliest books of China's existing medical books, written in the Warring States period to the Qin and Han Dynasties, is the working people of our long-term fight disease experience. It is the advent of TCM, created a unique theoretical system, marks the motherland medicine by pure accumulation experience stage to the development of the general theory of system,

  • Compendium of Materia Medica tonifying therapy

    "Compendium of Materia Medica tonifying therapy" revised on the basis of the first version and become, by the Southern Medical University (former First Military Medical University) senior professors and experts and scholars. A tonic treatment method with a special Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" in, including the deficiency, deficiency syndrome attending drug symptomatic therapy, health care,

  • A famous Chinese scientist Zheng Shouqian in seven generation family secrets

    "Famous Chinese scientist Zheng Shouqian in the seven generation family secrets" Zheng this eight generation, has lasted for 340 years, Zheng Jiasu is a family of scholar, from Confucianism and study medicine, lapping thoroughly, that medicine Renzhu also, "not as good, for the doctor". Generation xuanhujishi. In Chinese schools, go to preach, peaches and plums,

  • The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experience set - Chapter giant breast on typhoid fever

    "Chapter giant breast on typhoid" is the experience and experience of old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine chapter giant breast MR academic life, medical, teaching, scientific research career. In the book "" Treatise on the "notes" one article, is Mr. with CO generation of the famous Jiang Chunhua's, "Treatise on the" provisions relate to, make a careful and detailed analysis, prescription, between,

  • Puren Mingtang show three.

    "The three way" Pu Ren Ming, the book through clinical effect, clinical acupuncture point, classical theory and other aspects of the in-depth, shows the fruitful results in the acupuncture and moxibustion theory and practice, and has good academic and applied value, will inspire students, academic prosperity, promote the inheritance play role and innovation. ,

  • Treatise on Febrile Diseases mechanism

    "Mechanism" is Zhongjing on ancient clinical experience, with strong regularity. Behind these experience, profound mechanism. Understanding these mechanisms, is to master the clinical experience and regularity, and extended into other areas of medicine. "Mechanism" is about the "Treatise on the" monograph,,

  • Eight years

    Start from here, "the eight year: to start from here" is a very unique, spontaneously by the student edited book. The eight year students and puts forward some problems and system related, collecting 9 held eight year school students "answer". Or is from the aspects of students to collect the information of running schools. ,

  • The Six Medical Digest three

    "The Six Medical Digest" three story ": three patients in six theory" is a famous contemporary Chinese Mr. Liu Shaowu in the "Treatise on the" basic research on the six, to summarize the diagnosis and treatment system of three as the core of the theory system of. The theory of human into table, half exterior and half, in three, according to the different attributes of yin and yang,,

  • Authoritarian syndrome

    Abstract: the book for the Qing Dynasty Qin Lin, ed., first published in the first year of Xianfeng (1851), is a high academic value of the comprehensive medical books. All eight volumes of books. Frontispiece for "interior ensemble to", briefly introduces the viscera physiology; Volume 1 ~ 8 deals with miscellaneous diseases diseases, Department of internal medicine, listed in,

  • Pocket soup fun record card

    The "fun" record card pocket soup, help to learn traditional Chinese medicine, to resolve the long-standing their soup "boring", difficult problems. This card breakthrough in the framework of the ancients, numerous sperm from the multitude of books to delete, and then give the fascinating emoticons, call "homophone", "image", "charm" and other multi speed,

  • Wang Qingqi in the speech

    "Wang Qingqi in the lecture" brief introduction: their academic study, rigorous scholarship; carrying you, spare no effort, around the building and development of traditional Chinese medicine of various disciplines, to fully display their professional director, and according to the students' level of understanding and comprehension, in-depth study of medical teaching and teaching methods, in the dozens of years,

  • Surgery - and special disease specialist medical records

    Surgery, ancient personal medical records, in the Ming. Wang machine "" Sun Yikui ", Sun Wenyuan Hill medical records," Yuchang "," You Yi "yuyicao", Ye Tianshi "Shizuka building medical clinical guide", Xu Dachun "," Liu Baoyi case "Huixi Liu selected four medical case" and other books of academic influence the larger. In twentieth Century, compilation,

  • In twenty-first Century China and global health

    "In twenty-first Century China and global health: The Lancet album (Chinese version)" included the seminar papers. The article focused on the major health challenge, China facing the current strategy and future development of health care. The morning of October 20, 2008, the British "Lancet" magazine,

  • The ancient Chinese medicine nursing classics.

    "History of Chinese ancient books" consists of a nursing, in three parts, first part is overview of traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, the nursing technology for traditional Chinese medicine, the care for conditions. Access to more than 200 kinds of classical medical books, ancient medical books cited in the selection of the original 160, more than a thousand. According to the national requirements of the "general rules of the collation of ancient books, ancient books" of the original,

  • Bai Ling Tang proven cases

    "Bai Ling Tang proven cases" is the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis case, the book collection of the medicine for more than 50 years the diagnosis of various diseases of successful cases, involving the lung, heart, spleen, liver, kidney, Qi blood and body fluid, pediatrics, gynecology, main and collateral channels limbs, facial features, skin cancer and other illnesses. Each case has a detailed treatment of record, has,

  • "Woman, by the theory of" interpretation

    "Female", by the theory of "interpretation" is a traditional Chinese medicine to the obstetrics and gynecology medical theory and clinical types of syndrome and treatment of Obstetrics and Gynecology monograph. The syndrome differentiation of TCM gynecology and obstetrics and take the documents of all income in the book, elegant play. Provides a systematic and comprehensive material for later scholars, so that scholars can understand the,

  • Medical history

    Disease is the innate human partners, are all constantly look forward to life, human history is a history of anti death, get rid of the disease. If you stand in the revolutionary achievements in medicine since twentieth Century on looking back on the past, you'll find out from the witch doctor in one year until the end of the nineteenth Century, when thousands of years,

  • Record writing standard

    "Record writing standard" is divided into ten chapters. The first chapter is the basic rules of writing medical record and requirements; the second chapter is the format and content of medical records; third chapter is the specialist medical record writing requirements; the fourth chapter is the Department of traditional Chinese medicine medical record writing requirements; the fifth chapter is the course record and other records requirements; Sixth chapter is the common inspection apply single,

  • Experts answer renal insufficiency uremia

    The book is popular science readings of chronic kidney disease. Mainly introduce the basic knowledge of the kidney in the book, the main symptoms and etiology of kidney disease, kidney disease examination and diagnosis, treatment and prevention of nephropathy. In the first half of the book introduces how to early diagnosis and early detection of chronic kidney disease, as well as the common causes of kidney failure,

  • Graphic Compendium of Materia Medica

    "In the 01 national pool, graphic Compendium of Materia Medica: Chinese essential home life recuperation Daquan (super Platinum Edition)" written by the famous naturalist Li Shizhen home, medicine in Ming Dynasty, pharmacy and Museum Chinese most influence over the world science giant code. It sets the highest achievements of ancient medical China made as a whole, also widely,

  • Yao Naizhong's academic experience of famous doctor / Longhua clinic.

    Yao Naizhong's academic experience of famous doctors, "Longhua record effect and experience of Yao Naizhong academic experience of" a comprehensive summary of the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of TCM of Mr. Yao Naizhong, introduced the academic thoughts and ideas of Mr. Yao Naizhong about the Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Clinical experience fully embodies the scientific truth, academic thought reveals the system,

  • Get with herbal medicine interpretation

    "" get with herbal medicine "interpretation" selection philosophy is the clinical utility as the foothold, including reflect not academic opinion and clinical experience of medical work, the choice of small books clinical medicine original, choose to avoid the tomes of data compilation, choose the content of popular readable book, a collection of ming,

  • Qin Bo not medical papers

    Wang Mimi compiled the "Qin" not medical papers "collection of Qin Bo not Mr. 1925 ~ 1955 years, hundreds of papers published in various journals. The income of the content is very extensive, "Qin" not medical papers "can only roughly divided into three parts. A, research papers, including the,

  • The theory of spleen and stomach

    "Spleen and stomach" according to Ming Mei Nan Library Journal "Dong Yuan ten book" finishing. The book in 3 volumes. The volume to the spleen and stomach Sheng bad transmission theory, the main points of the spleen and stomach theory discussion. Volume in the treatment of diseases of the spleen and stomach. The close relationship between the spleen and stomach volume under the Yin and Yang, lifting, and combined with the proposed treatment of disease,

  • The medical examination

    Abstract: the book of Ming Dynasty edited by Wu Kun. The book of six volumes, collecting more than the common prescription according to disease, stroke, typhoid fever, a cold, damp, pestilence forty-four classes, each class set some similar party first, according to the book, action with his own opinion, to permit, the micro sense, on all the,

  • Cheng Menxue's medical records - Jiangnan medical records selected (Second Edition)

    "Doctors medical case records: Jiangnan selected door (Second Edition)" the main content of Cheng Lao's medicine for more than fifty years experience in 168 cases and the academic thoughts of Cheng Lao. The selected case is common in Department of internal medicine disease, gynecology, pediatrics and also features, Department of Dermatology, including some difficult illness case. Fully reflects the Cheng Lao,

  • Graphic Huangdi Neijing

    "Graphic: Huangdi Neijing" is Chinese extant earliest a medical classics, fully reflects the traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation achievements. One day, the one of the medical mode and preventive mode, pay attention to the harmony between human and nature, between man and society, man and environment harmony, harmony of body and mind as,

  • Huangdi Neijing (set of 8 volumes)

    "Huang Di Nei Jing (vertical layout) (set of 8 volumes)" is one of Chinese traditional medicine four classical works, but also the first known as the Chinese ancestors [emperor] a masterpiece, the text is archaic, broad and profound, is the Chinese medicine treasure house in the book of the first medical books. Physiological studies of human learning is,,

  • Jiangnan famous doctor

    "Zhang Gengmei: medical records (Second Edition)" of Mr Zhang Gengmei effectively case 80 cases, the cases generally have a modern medical diagnosis, application of TCM theory of differentiation, and in each case the efficacy evaluation and comment, prescription clear, definite curative effect, have certain clinical value,

  • Human medicine

    "I'm ten years medical humanities topics and column 60 included the medical record", I climb involved in this field for ten years, ten years out. In the book of the lead, I vow to Kang cited "sing", the force volume can only "croon", in fact, the latter is more close to my thinking and writing. ,

  • Wu Zhuoshen medicine on case analysis

    The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Wu Zhuosang is director of China Medicine Society members, the Guangzhou branch of the professional committee of the second session of the society of Department of internal medicine. The Wu Lao medicine for more than fifty years, has a wealth of medical theory and clinical experience, good at diagnosis and treatment in children, women and other diseases. The Wu Lao medical papers and records by the vice president of the wu,

  • Synopsis of the golden chamber type of synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber private test.

    "Blue Quan Zhai Collection - Synopsis of prescriptions of the golden chamber side and synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber private test", this book is a reference book. China's research of "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" of many people, the "Golden Chamber" fewer people. Study on the "Golden Chamber" person, more into clinical practice, almost without attention to literature. The book of "golden" academic research,

  • Inner Canon of Huangdi

    "Huangdi Neijing" also known as "Nei Jing", is a treasure of Chinese traditional medicine in Chinese, is one of the sources of traditional culture. The original book of eighteen volumes, the nine volume "Su", the other nine volume without the title, the Han and Jin are referred to as "volume nine" or "needle", the Tang Dynasty called "Lingshu". "Huangdi Neijing" non one moment,

  • Elaborate on the Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine

    "Elaborate Huangdi Neijing (vernacular version)" on the "Huangdi Neijing" made a detailed explanation: first to comment on each of the contents of the book that section; and the "Huangdi Neijing" text; then the difficult words in the original "students prepared with the note" and "successor to interpretation; semantic translation", the "Huangdi Neijing" original detail,

  • Female forensic notes

    "Female forensic notes" author Wang Xuemei, to the living, death is always a difficult riddle, a difficult to decipher the password. Because the dead cannot face the living people of his tragic death experience, so the dead and living was divide an invisible but real exists apart. In this world,

  • Gezhi Yulun

    Gezhi Yu theory, "Gezhi Yu on" 1 volumes, yuan Zhu Zhenheng (AD 1281-1358 years) with. Zhu Zhenheng, word Yan Xiu, No. Dan Xi Weng, as one of the four yuan, his academic thought was later doctors summed up as "Yin faction". "Gezhi Yu" is on Dan Xi medical papers, but also its academic masterpiece. The book contained medicine,

  • Medical Dictionary

    This dictionary is composed of nearly a hundred well-known medical experts with 10 years of time to compile, word collection of nearly 100000, covering 63 disciplines, is a comprehensive interpretation of words, accurate, detailed, large-scale tool for Medical Encyclopedia information. It is different from the general medical reference books is not only in large amount,

  • The six medical notes / three of three medical schools in the six

    "The six medical notes" three story ": three patients in six theory" is a famous contemporary Chinese Mr. Liu Shaowu in the "Treatise on the" basic research on the six, to summarize the diagnosis and treatment system of three as the core of the theory system of. The theory of human into table, half exterior and half, in three, according to the different attributes of yin and yang,,

  • Compendium of Materia Medica

    Compendium of Materia Medica, "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Siku, Compendium of Materia Medica (full version)" income of more than 200 species of herbs, each will be "Shiming", "collection", the essence of the original English translation, added a "new scientific concepts such as" suitable for modern people to understand and accept the new content, and for practical application of this plant,

  • Huang Di Nei Jing Lingshu oral solution

    "Huang Di Nei Jing Lingshu vernacular", the original solution including, annotation, vernacular solution, "the five part, focused, practical. Is an easy to understand, TCM readable popular books, can be used for all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine clinical workers college teachers and students, learning Chinese medicine, use and reference. For the convenience of modern readers learn better,

  • The ancient and modern medical clinical Jin Jian

    "Ancient and modern medical clinical Jin Jian: introduction blood stock" content: diagnosis dicrotism tongue to detail, smelting gas regulating the spleen and blood stasis with discretion, and does not leave, temperature perturbation Lai Guifu, cure nosebleed not far from the temperature, the effect of the treatment with the battle, blood magic, a blind Scutellaria with no doubt, hemostatic fine works of art push cool rhubarb, reinforcing and reducing for ages. ,

  • The bridge of life

    Wang Hongli professor of medicine at 50 years works, the bridge of life: Professor Wang Hongli from his 50 years on ISBN:9787313090102, the author: Wang Xuefeng, Xiang Mingjie, Xu Jianxin,

  • Lan Qingqiang

    Lan Qingqiang editor of the "strong" is particularly academic experience of famous TCM doctor, famous TCM expert of Department of internal medicine, Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University professor Lan Qingqiang. "Particularly strong" consists of physicians, a special sickness treatment, diagnosis, prescription I on enlightened mind, proven, the chronicle of the six part. In order to demonstrate from different angles,

  • Essentials of Virology

    "The essence of Virology (Bilingual Edition)" Coffee House Notes on Virology a book in English and Chinese version, which covers the basic principles of Virology, concept and virology in close contact with the subject in the hot topics, such as: virus and swollen,

  • Chinese medical statistical Encyclopedia

    The single variable inferential statistical sciences, "Encyclopedia of Chinese Medical Statistics: single variable inferential statistics section" with entry form introduced the common method of single variable inference, each entry contains a single variables as possible to infer statistical ideas and principles, application conditions and practical analysis of three parts. The hypothesis test measurement data to parameter test method,

  • Ban Xiuwen medical.

    Ban Xiuwen medical works, "China talent fund Academic Library: class show the medical Essays (Second Edition)" compiled by Professor Ban Xiuwen medical books and records, many manuscripts for the first time published academic monographs, lecture notes, theories of TCM medicine, clinical medical cases, the appendix five parts, covering the research methods, theoretical discussion,

  • Said the moral

    "Moral" said is divided into two parts, the 37 chapter, "one", the 44 chapter is "Dao De Jing", a total of 81 chapters 5000 words, is China history the first complete works of philosophy. Contents include the development, known to the world beauty, not Shangxian, thrust and use it or no profit, not heaven and earth,,

  • Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine medical records

    "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine medical case" effect from the Han Dynasty to the Republic of China selected about 200 doctors, obviously card prescription data than the whole, Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine medical representative, according to doctors dates of the order, for syndrome classification for each case, and the editor's comments in each case, for analysis, discussion and point to the case,

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