Ultrasonic Handbook

Date of publication:2001-5   Press: Nanjing University press   Author:Feng Ruo   Pages´╝Ü1084  

The book is divided into nine chapters, systematically introduces the basis of ultrasonic physical, material, ultrasonic engineering ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic detection and so on. The book is comprehensive, clear, including all the main content of ultrasonic development, reflects on the latest international development, and pay attention to reports scientific research workers in China, is a very professional and practical handbook.
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A ultrasonic terminology general terms in ultrasonic testing of power ultrasonic ultrasonic medical terminology term term ultrasonic electronic academic language of underwater ultrasonic application term ultrasonic nonlinear term two ultrasonic basic quantity, symbols, units and the physical relationship between the sound pressure and particle velocity velocity and acoustic impedance acoustic impedance ratio of sound power of sound intensity acoustic radiation pressure attenuation and absorption of ultrasound ultrasonic cavitation threshold nonlinearity parameter and DB three ultrasonic basic wave type four ultrasonic generating and receiving five acoustic electric analogy - force six ultrasound in gas, liquid, solid media seven ultrasound in different medium interfaces on the reflection, transmission and mode conversion......
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