Medical oxygen supply technology

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Chemical Industry Press   Author:Fu Chungan   Pages:386   Words:303000  
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The first chapter oxygen properties, uses and preparation method of 1.1 properties of oxygen 1.2 oxygen use 1.3 oxygen extraction methods. The second chapter general theory of 2.1 basic concepts of thermodynamics 2.2 evaporation and condensation of 2.3 gas thermodynamic properties of figure 2.4 air cooling method 2.5 gas liquefaction cycle third chapter of compressed air purification system and 3.1 air compressor 3.2 compressed air saturated water vapor content 3.3 dryer 3.4 gas water separator and gas storage tank 3.5 filter 3.6 Molecular Sieve Purifier fourth chapter cryogenic air separation method of cryogenic air separation process of 4.1 basic 4.2 and producing medical oxygen related typical process flow of 4.3 production of bottled and medical oxygen mode 4.4 medical oxygen requirements in Chapter fifth molecular sieve air method 5.1 PSA 5.2 molecular sieve 5.3 molecular sieve oxygen 5.4 medical molecular sieve oxygen air flow of 5.5 medical molecular sieve oxygen air separation equipment technical requirements for the sixth chapter film type air separation method 6.1 membrane separation mechanism of 6.2 membrane for gas separation membrane separation oxygen principle 6.3 6.4 membrane air separation oxygen method 6.5 membrane air separation oxygen method equipment technical requirements of chapter seventh oxygen medical basic theory of 7.1 breathing 7.2 oxygen medical uses 7.3 Oxygen health care use eighth chapter hospital station oxygen supply 8.1 medical central oxygen supply 8.2 centralized oxygen supply system of oxygen supply 8.3, 8.4 hospital medical center suction system paging Talkback system 8.5 medical central oxygen supply system piping and components, attracting 8.6 medical central oxygen supply system, attracting 8.7 medical compressed air system of 8.8 hospitals use matters needing attention when the ninth chapter medical oxygen in hyperbaric oxygen chamber of 9.1 9.2 9.3 main mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of hyperbaric oxygen chamber system 9.4 hyperbaric oxygen chamber for the row of oxygen system of 9.5 hyperbaric oxygen chamber technique of tenth chapter of commonly used equipment for 10.1 low temperature storage containers and 10.2 carburetor 10.3 cylinder vacuum pump 10.4 chapter eleventh commonly used instruments and valves 11.1 pressure measuring 11.2 temperature measurement flow measurement of liquid level measuring 11.5 11.4 11.3 the twelfth chapter analysis instrument of 11.6 valve safety management knowledge of 12.1 gas station design safety technology of 12.2 low temperature liquid using the security technology and the emergency measures 12.3 oxygen use characteristics and safety technology of 12.4 liquid oxygen storage using the security technology of 12.5 medical oxygen bottle safety technology of 12.6 oxygen pipeline safety technology 12.7 skim when security technology 12.8 medical oxygen cabin safety grounding technique 12.9 The fire prevention fire characteristic of medical oxygen cabin anti-static technology thirteenth chapter 13.1 medical oxygen cabin safety technology of medical oxygen cabin 13.2 cabin 13.3 cabin rescue measures 13.4 medical oxygen cabin fire 13.5 periodic inspection of the fourteenth chapter of medical oxygen cabin home oxygen therapy 14.1 chemical method 14.2 oxygen bag and oxygen flask method 14.3 miniature PSA oxygen method 14.4 small film method 14.5 type oxygen oxygen supply in comparison to the 14.6 family oxygen note national standards items Appendix A of the people's Republic of China Medical Oxygen GB 8982-1998 Oxygen supplies for medicine appendix two oxygen (Chinese Pharmacopoeia edition 2000) addendum three oxygen station in national standard design code GB 50030-1991 appendix four of the people's Republic of China medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber GB 12130-1995 Medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber instead of GB 12130-89 appendix five gas cylinder safety supervision regulations in Appendix six of permanent gas cylinder filling station safety technology conditions of GB 17264-1998 appendix seven liquefied gas cylinder filling station safety technology conditions of GB 17265-1998 appendix eight other related national standard reference @##@ directory This book consists of 14 chapters, including the properties, uses and preparation method of oxygen, basic knowledge of general theory, compressed air and purification system, cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve method, membrane air separation method, the medical effect of oxygen supply, oxygen station, hospital equipment, instruments and valves, safety management knowledge, home oxygen therapy. Producing medical oxygen system, medical central oxygen supply technology book to appear in recent years made a comprehensive, systematic introduction. This book for medical oxygen production, oxygen supply of oxygen station hospital, medical central oxygen supply system engineering and related technical personnel reference; also can be 侂 for college students, related, medical oxygen supply personnel training materials.
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