Medical electric instrument principle, construction and repair

Date of publication:1999-09   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:Edited by Huang Yilin   Pages:283   Words:417000  
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The first chapter of oral equipment section second section electric drill third micro electric drill fourth gas turbine dental drill fifth section dental unit sixth CS22 type mobile dental unit seventh section dental machine use, maintenance and fault repair review second chapter second section centrifuge centrifuge the first section outlines the basic structure of third K-70 high-speed refrigerated centrifuge fourth CL-50 type centrifuge speed fifth IEC new desktop centrifuge sixth centrifuge technology characteristics, maintenance and fault repair review third chapter breathing machine section second KTH-2 type controllable synchronous lung ventilator and third SC-500 type multi-function ventilator fourth 900C respirator fifth multifunctional use of respirator and fault repair review fourth chapter anesthesia machine section second MHJ-HB anesthetic machine third Sulla808V universal anesthesia machine fourth anesthesia machine use, maintenance and fault repair review chapter fifth hemodialysis machine first hemodialysis overview section second dialysis principle section third dialysis system in section fourth of AK100 fifth blood dialysis machine dialysis machine failure and repair Questions for review sixth chapter extracorporeal circulation machine section section second section third blood pump oxygenator section fourth monitoring system of fifth SARN9000 type extracorporeal circulation machine working principle of sixth SARN9000 type extracorporeal circulation machine repair references @##@ review questions "Medical electric earthquake instrument principle, construction and repair" is the medical engineering repair professional (College) of the system materials. The book is divided into six chapters, each chapter introduces a kind of instrument, in the content of relatively independent. The book describes in detail the dental equipment, centrifuges, anesthesia machine, ventilator, hemodialysis machine, extracorporeal circulation machine and other six kinds of commonly used instrument principle, structure characteristics, the control circuit of the process, common fault and repair method, the fault of each instrument made general or special introduction, do a systematic summary of repair method. In the process of writing this book, pay attention to new technology, new models of presentation. New technology focuses on the respiratory monitoring new technology, new technology, new dialysis microcomputer control technology. In the new type selection, targeted to select a working state display and alarm device, the centrifugal ventilators and anesthesia machine, centrifuge selection of a new type of centrifuge American company IEC, ventilator detailedly introduces 900C SIEMENS company in Germany, hemodialysis machine adopts AK100 Sweden Gambro company, extracorporeal circulation machine adopts Sanrs9000 type USA 3M company. The contents of the book is of high academic value, has a good system and advanced, this book not only can be used as a textbook for medical engineering, also can be used for the professional and technical personnel to learn reference.
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