Introduction to modern medical laboratory instruments

Date of publication:2002-8-1   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Wu Wenjun Tao Yixun   Pages:297   Words:442000  
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The first clinical chemistry laboratory instrument chapter automatic analysis instrument second chapter dry chemical analysis instrument of blood gas analysis instrument third chapter fourth chapter electrolyte analysis instrument fifth chapter electrophoresis instrument sixth chapter care instrument Second Clinical Immunology inspection instruments, the seventh chapter turbidimetric immunoassay instrument eighth chapter radioimmunoassay instrument ninth chapter enzyme immunoassay instrument tenth chapter immunofluorescence measuring instrument eleventh chapter chemiluminescent immunoassay instrument twelfth chapter flow cytometry thirteenth chapter immune electrophoresis instrument third clinical hematological examination and urine test instrument in Chapter fourteenth, chapter fifteenth blood analysis instrument of blood coagulation analysis instrument of blood rheological analysis instrument sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter erythrocyte sedimentation rate determination instrument eighteenth chapter fourth clinical urine analysis instrument microbiological examination instrument chapter nineteenth blood culture system the twentieth chapter microbial identification and drug susceptibility analysis system the twenty-first chapter anaerobic culture system fifth clinical molecular biology laboratory instrument twenty-second chapter polymerase chain reaction amplification instrument twenty-third chapter ligase chain reaction amplification instrument twenty-fourth nucleic acid quantitative hybridization technique Determination of nucleic acid synthesis instrument instrument twenty-sixth chapter twenty-seventh chapter molecular biological image analysis system, the twenty-eighth chapter biological chip and related instruments and instrument @##@ twenty-fifth chapter DNA sequence The book introduced the domestic and foreign various medical test and analysis instrument, especially the development of automation, intelligent test instrument and their basic structure, working principle and application. Also introduced is representative, the advanced nature of various medical inspection instrument performance characteristics, technical indicators and other relevant information. The book is divided into five parts and twenty-eight chapters, introduces all kinds of clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, clinical blood and urine, clinical microbiology and clinical molecular biology five test areas of analytical instruments. This book is suitable for all levels of medical departments engaged in medical laboratory professionals and the relevant administrative departments of the staff, but also can be used as basic medicine and clinical medicine laboratory workers, medical engineering staff and the related medical teaching staff and medical testing equipment production and supply units reference book.
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