Handbook of clinical application of ventilator

Date of publication:2003-6   Press: Hunan science and Technology Press   Author:Wu Shangjie ed.   Pages:127   Words:100000  

With the popularity of mechanical ventilation in the treatment of the majority of clinicians, eager to have a convenient and practical to carry, guiding the clinical practice Handbook of mechanical ventilation. "Manual" clinical application of ventilator was born in such circumstances. This manual for routine clinical treatment of mechanical ventilation as the key link, be concise and to the point introduces assisted mechanical ventilation treatment principle, clinical assessment, clinical indications, clinical monitoring, clinical operation process, complications, prevention and treatment of mechanical failure, mechanical ventilation, and introduces the common clinical critical disease experience in mechanical ventilation. Book in tabular form to express the content of the text, reduce tedious, allow readers to stick out a mile. At the same time, the clinical thinking as the key link, is convenient for clinicians in the treatment of mechanical ventilation in the corresponding chapters look at any time, in order to help and guide their work.
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1 mechanical ventilation related lung physiological basis of 1.1 pulmonary vascular dynamics based on 1.2 lung ventilation dynamics of 2 mechanical ventilation patients clinical evaluation of 2.1 clinical respiratory assessment 2.2 clinical physiological index evaluation of 3 mechanical ventilation in 3.1 basic steps are the basic structure of the 3.2 machine 3.3 step 4 classification using mechanical ventilation mechanical ventilation related auxiliary treatment 4.1 atomization treatment 4.2 arterial blood gas samples from 4.3 construction of artificial airway gasbag 4.5 4.4 nursing guidance cough 4.6 endotracheal suction 4.7 wet treatment of 4.8 intermittent positive pressure breathing for 4.9 airway emergency treatment of 4.10 nasal bronchial suction 4.11 oxygen therapy 4.12 airway positive pressure therapy in 4.13 bronchial fiberscope pernasal tracheal intubation guided by 5 common critical disease mechanical ventilation with reference to 5.1 5.2 severe asthma respiratory failure 5.3 pulmonary encephalopathy in 5.4 patients with chronic pulmonary heart disease 5.5 pulmonary infarction in 5.6 acute respiratory distress syndrome in 5.7 SARS emergency procedures and the use of respirator in Appendix A, appendix B English abbreviations commonly used symbols appendix C calculation formula
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