Coronary intervention skills and equipment selection

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Lv Shuzheng   Pages:324   Words:624000  
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The first chapter of coronary angiography coronary angiography techniques section section second coronary angiography indications third coronary angiography path section fourth coronary angiography catheter manipulation fifth coronary artery angiography complication and prevention and cure sixth contrast agent selection and processing method of the second chapter of coronary side reaction angiography machine second coronary artery interventional treatment of third chapter coronary intervention skills section section second coronary artery interventional treatment indications third coronary artery interventional treatment options section fourth coronary intervention operation method of section fifth coronary intervention treatment and complications of the fourth chapter of coronary arterial interventional therapy of basic equipment selection section guiding catheter selection principle in section second, the guide wire selection section third balloon catheter selection section fourth stent selection principle fifth chapter complex coronary artery interventional skills and equipment selection section total occlusion In section second bifurcation lesions in section third section fourth left main coronary ostial lesion fifth calcified lesions sixth twist angles and lesions of seventh day long lesion eighth small vascular lesions in third coronary interventional diagnosis and treatment of new technology and equipment selection of the sixth chapter transradial intervention techniques of direct coronary stenting in seventh chapter eighth chapter coronary artery plaque rotational atherectomy intravascular ultrasound ninth chapter tenth chapter intracoronary radiation therapy for the eleventh chapter of drug coated stents restenosis after interventional treatment in twelfth chapter, thirteenth chapter to prevent intravascular thrombosis @##@ protection device The application of coronary angiography has nearly half a century, in the past 20 years, with percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and stenting in coronary heart disease interventional therapy of rapid development, has become an important means of vascular remodeling of coronary heart disease. Coronary artery interventional diagnosis and treatment technology has become an important part of cardiovascular diseases, spread rapidly in the world. In recent years, coronary artery disease technology application in China is also increasingly widespread. According to statistics, in 2001 China underwent coronary angiography at least 40000 cases, 16000 cases of coronary artery interventional therapy. But should see, the technology development in China is still very uneven, just to carry out this work many units, many doctors and professionals need to learn, master the basic theory and skill related coronary artery interventional treatment, many doctors face the renewal of knowledge. "Coronary intervention skills and equipment selection" one book is done in this case by the Beijing An Zhen Hospital Lv Shuzheng, Chen 韵岱 and other physicians compilation. This book, Dr. Lv Shuzheng is one of the Department of Cardiology doctors in China earlier in the interventional therapy of coronary artery, most of the authors are active in clinical first-line young physician, in the treatment of coronary artery intervention has accumulated rich clinical experience. They read the related literature at home and abroad in recent years, a large collection of relevant coronary artery interventional instruments picture, combined with clinical practice and experience, using their own cases, explain profound theories in simple language and introduces the reader to the indications, operation technique, path, complications and treatment of coronary angiography; introduces the basic skills coronary artery interventional therapy, the basic instrument selection and complex coronary artery lesions and treatment method; described in recent years rapid development of intracoronary stenting, intravascular ultrasound, intravascular radiation therapy, drug eluting stent, and interventional treatment of stenosis and distal protection device etc.. The book is comprehensive, from the rich, novel and practical, Tu Vin Unionmaw, not only for beginners, but also provides a valuable reference for the field of cardiovascular specialist. Believe that to promote the popularization and development of the publication of this book will be in the interventional therapy of coronary heart disease in our country play.
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