Colonoscopy single operation and technique

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanghai science and Technical Publishing Company   Author:Chen Xing   Pages:94   Words:72000  

This book describes in detail the prevention of one-man colonoscopy preparation before operation, operation method, operation method, operation points, back mirror technology and perforation, key points of difficult cases and operation are also described in the paper. This book illustrations, the maneuverability is strong, can be used as a physician master colonoscopy single operation technology reference books and training materials.
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1 why to learn colonoscopy single operation 1.1 domestic colonoscopy in 1.2 colonoscopy single operation method 1.3 colonoscopy operator level division 1.4 colonoscopic operation difficulty degree 2 colonoscopy preparation 2.1 examination before the conversation and signature 2.2 check before bowel preparation for colonoscopy clean 2.3 check the preoperative medication 2.4 colonoscopy single operation method choice 3 essential knowledge under the 3.1 different parts of digestive tract features 3.2 gut the importance of a number 4 single operation method 4.1 single operation method standard pose 4.2 single operation method basic principle 4.3 single operation method of conventional operation 5 single operation method auxiliary method the 5.1 air volume 5.2 abdominal compression method 5.3 single operation method and postural change 5.4 inspiratory breath hold 6 colon in all parts of the actual operating point 6.1 6.2 rectum sigmoid colon splenic flexure of colon 6.5 6.3 6.4 6.6 and the hepatic flexure of ileocecal ileum 7 how to prevent perforation occurred in 7.1 preoperative strictly follow history 7.2 one person operation principle 7.3 establish strict replace operation system of 7.4 try to avoid the use of sedative to operate 8 difficult cases in operation Note 8.1 had abdominal operation patients 8.2 redundant colon patient 8.3 elderly patients with 9 single operation method of back mirror mirror was back in 9.1 9.2 mirror was back when the 9.3 points in all parts of the examination method of 9.4 lesions were found after the inspection method 10 colonoscopy magnification colonoscopy 10.1 zoom basic knowledge 10.2 zoom colonoscopy observation method 10.3 crypt type and pathological relationship 10.4 magnifying colonoscopy in the clinical application and significance of appendix tumor of colon endoscopic type 1.1 early colorectal cancer endoscopic type 1.2 advanced colorectal cancer endoscopic type reference conclusion
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  •   The picture is distinct, concise language. Is an essential tool for colonoscopy single operation technology learning. Thanks to Professor Chen Xing.
  •   Concise language, image vivid. The enteroscope operation good reference book. Thanks to Professor Chen Xing.
  •   Rarely has such a selfless man, will own experience the word does not fall out. Very detailed, for beginners benefit.
  •   A lot of tips, simple and not simple booklet
  •   For beginners very useful, thank you
  •   This book is good, concise and comprehensive, the study recommended colonoscopy operation doctor read, there will be many harvest. A timely delivery.

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