• Medical hyperbaric oxygen standard management and clinical practice

    "Medical hyperbaric oxygen standard management and clinical practice" in clinical practice for medical hyperbaric oxygen standard management and reasonable, the science of this goal programming. The book is divided into fourteen chapters, from the basic concept of hyperbaric oxygen; hyperbaric oxygen chamber did not prepare tube to start, combined with clinical practice, medical hyperbaric oxygen quality control, comprehensive and detailed,

  • Basic knowledge of modern imaging practical clinical imaging diagnosis of atlas

    "Practical clinical imaging diagnosis of atlas: basic knowledge of modern image" to introduce the basic knowledge of various imaging, including six chapters, digital X-ray equipment: basic knowledge, basic knowledge, basic knowledge of CT imaging, single photon emission computer basic knowledge, basic knowledge of emission imaging PET/CT, co,

  • Hemodialysis center training manual

    "Introduction of hemodialysis center training manual" content: in recent years, the rapid development of medicine, driven by the rapid development of China's cause of hemodialysis. On the one hand, on the base of a variety of hemodialysis blood purification technology, appeared in the hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, plasma exchange, immune adsorption,

  • Mechanical ventilation in clinical practice

    "Mechanical ventilation in clinical practice" editor system, comprehensive, in-depth exposition related knowledge of mechanical ventilation. "Has the following characteristics of mechanical ventilation in clinical practice:" 1 rich content, focused. The book is divided into 8 parts with 94 chapters, focuses on mechanical ventilation methods and techniques, mechanical ventilation in patients with care, machinery,

  • Quality control of digestive endoscopy

    "Quality control" the basic requirements of digestive endoscope mainly introduces the current digestive endoscope recognized at home and abroad, is a product of the basic conditions of authoritative guide to the latest foreign and Chinese combination. The main content is divided into 3 parts. The first chapter mainly introduces the basic settings and disinfection of digestive endoscopy, including digestion,

  • Management Manual of medical devices

    "Medical management handbook" in the summary and the induction of hospital medical equipment department (Department) basic duties and rules and regulations, a comprehensive introduction to the procurement management, medical apparatus and instruments in hospital logistics management, file management, quality management, economic management, maintenance management, equipment management information system and the commonly used equipment of the original,

  • The hospital information system

    "Hospital information system" consists of 12 chapters, including medical and health information, information system and information technology, the hospital information system (HIS), hospital information system design and development, the hospital information system, hospital information system, the evaluation of hospital information system management, the implementation of hospital information system,

  • Biological evaluation of medical devices

    The main content of the book include: evaluation and test of the risk management process; animal welfare requirements; material chemistry characterization; material physical chemistry, morphology and surface characterization. ,

  • Medical engineer X ray machine manual

    "Engineer medical X - ray machine to Machine Technology Handbook" is the history of the development of X ray as the main line, the key components in technical development of digital X - ray machine as the core, mainly from the angle of the engineering tradition and digital X ray machine system structure, working principle, performance and clinical application. At the same time, from the point view of Engineering dielectric,

  • The clinical trials, statistical method

    "Clinical trials" introduces the statistical methods of medical experimental design method, clinical trials involving statistical analysis methods, implementation process and related procedure principle and software calculation. The book will explain in detail combined with the medical language complex statistical calculation, each method gives a medical test,

  • Medical electronic instrument analysis and repair technology

    "Medical electronic instrument analysis and repair technology" tells the story of modern medical equipment basic knowledge of the basic structure, working principle, maintenance and daily use, including electronic diagnostic instruments and parts of electronic common therapeutic instrument. In order to prominent characteristics of occupation education, books in a specially designed practice teaching links, the,

  • Wheelchair use maintenance skills

    "The wheelchair use introduction conservation techniques" content: by the end of 2008, China's elderly population aged 60 and above has reached 160000000, accounting for 12% of the total population, 80 people over the age of 18050000, accounting for about 11.29% of the total number of the elderly population. The elderly population at an annual rate of 3.2%,

  • 100 ask pacemaker

    "Pacemaker 100 ask" in the form of interlocution, expounds the components and working principle of pacemaker, cardiac pacing treatment, at home and abroad of pacing treatment guidelines as the basis, introduces the pacing to diagnosis and treatment of card, operation process, implant related complications and the matters needing attention. In order to make the doctor,

  • Medical biological electron microscopy technique

    Yang Yongji, Tang Ying, ye 煦亭, Lei Changhai editor of "medical biological electron microscopy technique" about the application of electron microscopy in biomedical field, electron microscopy to help real basic medicine and clinical medicine, and promote the research work of great. The contents of the book is the author's research,

  • Ventilator operating fast reading

    "Ventilator operation quickly interpret" system, a comprehensive and detailed introduces the performance and operating procedures for each ventilator. "Ventilator operation quickly interpret" ventilator brand involves Ruisi Mai, Newport, MAQUET, PB, Hamilton, Draeger, Eagle 754, Stephen, KS33,

  • Hospital preparation test basic operations guide

    "Medical establishment preparation test basic operation guide" to the latest edition of "Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China" in Appendix reproduces and preparation test related projects and methods for the key, the system introduces the basic requirements of laboratory for drug control and safety management, the principle and the method of preparation of test steps and matters needing attention, operation example,

  • Principle and design of modern medical electronic instrument

    "The ordinary higher education eleven five national planning materials, modern medical electronic instrument principle and design (Second Edition)" is the ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials, is "upgraded version" principle and the design of medical electronic instrument materials. The program keeps the system and characteristics of the first edition, the new,

  • Digital medical hardware

    Digital medical hardware, "digital medical hardware" digital medical hardware consists of computer hardware, network hardware, digital medical equipment and the integrated intelligent systems four categories according to the use of the. Illustrates the principle and function of the concept, types of digital hardware, so that readers gain a solid knowledge of digital medical hardware, systematic,

  • The utility of vascular disease of ultrasound diagnostics

    "Practical sonography in the diagnosis of vascular diseases" focuses on the basic knowledge of Doppler ultrasound image features before and after operation, blood vessels, brain, eye, neck, limbs, abdominal vascular diseases of gray scale ultrasound, color Doppler and pulsed Doppler, as well as a new ultrasound contrast imaging agent in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular ultrasound,

  • Introduction and post earthquake rehabilitation orthosis assistive devices

    "Introduction and post earthquake rehabilitation orthosis assistive devices" selected 214 cases of orthosis and 206 cases of "5 · 12" Wenchuan earthquake in patients with prosthetic configuration for a visit investigation, analysis and summary of the earthquake cause of injury, injury type, distribution, device configuration of rehabilitation AIDS intervention time, wounded, adjust the wear condition,

  • Magnetic resonance imaging equipment

    Magnetic resonance imaging equipment, "qualification training curriculum for the large medical equipment engineering and technical personnel: medical magnetic resonance imaging device (MRI) equipment technology" post qualification training materials for the large medical equipment engineering and technical personnel, the prepared fully reflects the latest achievement of MRI technology, and focuses on the MRI,

  • Medical information retrieval and utilization

    "Medical information retrieval and utilization" in a Book of resources and information retrieval based on basic knowledge, combined with the medical profession characteristics, introduced domestic and foreign common information retrieval tools, and uses examples to illustrate the retrieval process, and then introduces the related knowledge of comprehensive utilization of medical information resources and competitive intelligence,

  • Prosthetics and orthotics Technology

    "Prosthetics and orthotics technology" system, introduces the basic theory, prosthetics and orthotics technology basic viewpoints, clinical and commonly used equipment and technology and clinical application, at the same time, pay attention to absorb the latest research results at home and abroad, combined with advances in prosthetics and orthotics technology and rehabilitation medicine in our country occupation colleges in recent years teaching practice,

  • Specification of insulin pump therapy.

    "Tutorial" specification of insulin pump therapy and diabetes endocrinology branch of Chinese Medical Association supported by many domestic with a solid theoretical foundation and rich clinical experience of scholars in the insulin pump therapy jointly prepared in Chinese Physicians Association of Endocrinology and metabolism, the Chinese medical doctor association. Consists of 1,

  • The utility of cerebrovascular Atlas

    "The main content and practical cerebrovascular atlas" include: introduction, cerebral artery, cerebral venous and subarachnoid cistern of four parts, about 400 maps, 22 characters. The line chart and cerebrovascular micrography, cerebral angiography, brain CT, brain MR, brain SPECT photos and other forms, vivid, lifelike,

  • Safety management of clinical use of medical device

    "The security management of clinical use of medical device (for Trial Implementation)" content: introduction to interpretation of the health system reform is a major livelihood projects, benefiting 1300000000 people China. "For the people to provide safe, effective, convenient, affordable medical services" is the party and the government responsibility, is also the medical reform,

  • Design and development of medical electronic instrument

    "Design and development of medical electronic instrument: medical instrument design, fabrication and test of practical technology" the main contents are: the design of biopotential amplifier and filter, safety and electromagnetic compatibility design of the instrument, the design of sensor interface and signal acquisition system design, simulation of signal generator, electrical stimulator pro,

  • Medical treatment equipment

    "Higher education" 1025 "planning materials: medical treatment equipment:" Introduction to the principles and structure systematically elaborated the mechanism of treatment, medical treatment equipment main types, technical parameters, structure principle and application points. The content is divided into 8 chapters, the main contents include: overview, medical treatment equipment of cardiac pacemaker,

  • The use and maintenance of instruments for clinical nursing

    "Relevant equipment use and maintenance of two clinical nursing" fourteen chapters. Use, the common basic nursing related equipment maintenance and repair, a total of 6 chapters; the use of nursing, related equipment maintenance and maintenance, a total of 8 chapters. The basic structure and principle of the instrument, the instrument and equipment in each chapter,

  • High pressure of oxygen and clinical medicine

    High pressure oxygen "basic medicine and clinical" according to the characteristics of hyperbaric oxygen medicine, is divided into three parts: the first part: mainly introduces the basic theory part relates to the high pressure oxygen gas theory, hyperbaric oxygen on human physiological effects, side effects of hyperbaric oxygen and hyperbaric oxygen indication. The introduction of hyperbaric oxygen chamber and structure attached no Shi and original,

  • Capsule endoscopy Atlas

    "Capsule endoscopy map" is China's first the capsule endoscopy maps, collected more than 600 pictures, ten chapters arrangement. The first chapter and the second chapter respectively introduces the capsule endoscopy technique and the corresponding inspection method, the third chapter to the eighth chapter introduces the performance of normal small intestine and intestinal diseases capsule endoscopy,

  • Intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography Heartbeat diagram

    "Intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography Heartbeat main content map": transesophageal echocardiography Heartbeat graph is a great progress in the application of cardiovascular surgery in the operation room. It not only can easily obtain information related to physiological state of the anatomy of the heart, the heart can display the pathophysiological changes. TEE, anesthesiologists cardiologists,

  • Safety of medical electrical equipment

    "Security" of medical electrical equipment introduced diversity of medical method builds complexity scaling safety of medical electrical equipment requirements, mainly related to protection against electric shock, fire hazards, energy, temperature, mechanical hazards, radiation hazards, dangerous chemical, biological materials compatibility, software system and function safety etc.. ,

  • Clinical application of prosthetics and orthotics

    Clinical application of "" system introduced amputation prosthetics and orthotics, modern prosthetic needs amputation, selection of amputation level and key points of operation based on the rehabilitation assessment and rehabilitation after amputation. A comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts, prosthesis type and assembly process, according to the application of prosthesis and limb amputation level using training,

  • Basic medical device supervision technology

    "Medical device supervision technology foundation" for medical device regulatory aspects of technical training materials, is divided into four chapters, the 26 chapter. The first general technology, medical device regulatory basis, second active medical device supervision technology third passive foundation, medical device supervision technology of fourth medical laboratory equipment supervision,

  • Imaging diagnosis and interventional treatment of liver transplantation

    "Imaging diagnosis and interventional treatment of liver transplantation" is divided into 27 chapters for imaging diagnosis and interventional treatment of liver transplantation conducted a comprehensive, detailed introduction. The content covers the major technique of liver transplantation, liver transplantation to from adult living donor liver transplantation and cadaveric liver pediatric liver transplantation, transplantation, and split liver transplantation technology; from the liver transplantation,

  • Biomedical measurement and instrument

    "Biomedical measurement and instrument (Second Edition)" to measure method as the leadership, the relevant medical instrument, the systematic discussion about measurement and instrument, introduces the measuring method and instrument biomedical research at home and abroad the latest. The main contents include: electrical measurement and instrumentation, physiological parameters measurement and instrument, students,

  • Cardiac pacemaker based tutorial

    "Pacemaker based tutorial" specifically written for beginners, comprehensive, vivid language, pictures, at the end of each chapter is a summary, enable the reader to query and master. The world there are millions of patients with implanted pacemaker, and the number is increasing. However, treatment and nursing care,

  • CRT foundation tutorial

    "How CIKT based tutorial" focus on the device to work, and how to meet the increasing needs of patients with heart failure, very practical. "CRT tutorial" lucidly describes the working principles, device CRT pacing ECG abnormalities and how to detect the device is working properly, and,

  • Single hole laparoscopic operation technology

    "Introduction of single hole laparoscopic operation technology" content: the human pursuit of beauty is infinite, medical technology to ensure the treatment effect at the same time, the pursuit of maximum minimum trauma, keeping patients morphological integrity becomes a new target. In the porous laparoscopy said mature at the same time, the brave explorer still ongoing new,

  • Modem ventilator therapy. Mechanical ventilation with critical disease

    "Modern ventilator therapeutics: mechanical ventilation with critical illness (Second Edition)" is divided into three parts, the 32 chapter, a comprehensive introduction to the basic theory of the ventilator, including respiratory physiology, hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention, critically ill internal environment disorders and treatment, anti infection treatment strategies; breath and clinical application of machine working principle, wade,

  • New record industry

    "The new record" industry the title as the "new record industry". By repeatedly, and finally determined. This is because, I worked in the Bureau of Civil Affairs Bureau special country wrote a book "written" preferential, director of our office division place name later wrote a book "written" domain. It should be said, this is the two book, all is my,

  • Transoral atlantoaxial reduction and internal fixation operation

    "Transoral atlantoaxial reduction and internal fixation operation: TARP related theory and operation skill" introduced the transoral atlantoaxial reduction plate expert Department of orthopedics Genenral Hospital of PLA Guangzhou Military Area hospital team to Professor Yin Qingshui based on its own R & D (TARP) system composition, function, working principle and improvement, and TA,

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