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Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Hebei science and technology   Author:Zhang Shengjie  
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Why a physiological sense, should pay attention to men's health? The male reproductive system is composed of what organs? Why small testicular every day could be used to generate millions of sperm? What is the physiological function of the epididymis? Prostate is what function? Sperm is produced and excreted? "Small penis" which features? What is the mechanism of male penile erection and ejaculation? What are the characteristics of each stage in the cycle of men? How to carry out the male sexual function? What are the steps? Sex control which means normal sexual life have any effect? How to choose the coital time? How to master the coital number? How to maintain the vitality of the sexual life of husband and wife? Why wedding during a large number of drinking? Why do men masturbate? Excessive masturbation what consequence can you produce? Men with no emission phenomena associated with fertility? What is sex? The male precocious or delayed puberty is in age? Why puberty may be delayed? In a man's life is important? How should pay attention to male reproductive organs of health care? The penis is too large or too small will affect sexual life? How to make the normal function of the testis be guaranteed? "A drop of pure, ten drops of blood, semen loss, damage element" of that? Male secondary sexual characteristics is what time does it start? What is the performance? What is the male health standards? How to know the erectile function of penis? Exercise can improve sexual function? The appearance of strong patients associated with sexual function? Boys and girls who decides? Why do men desire fade?...... Two, psychological health of three, daily four, exercise five, diet taboo six, male disease seven, living environment, nutrition and health @##@ eight In recent years, with the development of society and economy, the majority of men around us have to feel, in an increasingly fast pace of life today, plagues men is not only the psychological pressure problems, there are more issues reflected in all aspects of life. New scientific guide to men's health, help you fully understand the knowledge of physiology, tell what you cooked health standard for men is, harmonious sexual life and to the physical and mental health, to remind everyone healthy body must pay attention to the daily life, but also with the exercise, reasonable diet scientific, correct maintenance can make a man healthy longevity! As a male health guide, this book comprehensively solve the puzzle in the life of the male, in order to improve the understanding of contemporary male self health ability as the goal, the male knowledge of physiology, mental health, daily life, exercise, diet taboo, living environment, nutrition and health care issues, do explain profound theories in simple language, be concise and to the point the scientific explanation.
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