Male reproductive health and 365 Q

Date of publication:2004-7-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Ding Jianhua Meng Fanrong Cao Feng   Pages´╝Ü286  
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The first chapter of male reproductive health in male reproductive health is 1? How come? 2? What is the reproductive health? 3? Reproductive health include what content? 4 current situation how? China reproductive health? 5? What relationship between reproductive health and men? The 6 men play? What an important role in the reproductive health? 7 male participation in reproductive health? What is the significance? 8 factors influence male participation in reproductive health? What? 9? Of male participation in reproductive health promotion where? 10? Force why should emphasize male reproductive health services? 11 forces should be how to improve? Reproductive health services? The second chapter male reproductive organs and sexual physiology 12? Male reproductive organs mainly by which parts? 13? What is the anatomical structure of the penis? 14? What is the normal penile length and diameter of the week? 15? Penile curvature normal? 16? What is the scrotum? 17? Why the scrotum is a wonderful "thermostat"? 18? What is the role of the male urethra? 19? What are the balls? 20 normal testicles? How much? 21? Spermary one big one small normal? 22? Why spermary can produce sperm and androgen secretion? 23 men? The central nervous system is how to adjust the testicular function? 24? What is the epididymis? 25? What is the main physiological function of epididymis? 26? What is the role of male accessory sex organs? 27? What is the role of vas deferens and ejaculatory duct? 28? Of spermatic cord is composed of what organization? 29? Sperm is how to run? 30? How sperm maturation and capacitation? 31? Sperm which "six afraid"? 32? What is produced and sperm injection in vitro? 33? How much is the semen volume normal ejaculation? 34 color and composition of semen? How? 35? Why the semen smell? 36? Why middle-aged ejaculation is not ejected flow out of it? 37 the penis erectile? Why? 38? Should how to correctly understand the erection? 39 adolescent penis erection is disease? Easy? 40? Nocturnal penile erection is often normal? 41? Of male sexual response cycle is how? 42? What are the physiological differences between men and women reach orgasm?...... The third chapter male sexual psychology 49? What is psychology? 50? What is the perfect sexual love and sexual psychology? 51? Adolescence (12~18 years old) psychological characteristics? 52? Young adulthood (19~25 years old) psychological characteristics? 53? Early adulthood (26~35 years old) psychological characteristics? 54? Middle adulthood (36~45 years old) psychological characteristics? 55? Late adulthood (46~65 years old) psychological characteristics? 56? Old age (66 years old) psychological characteristics? 57? What are the psychological characteristics of human sexual behavior? 58? Of adolescent development consciousness which is divided into four periods? 59 adolescent mental health? What should notice?...... The fourth chapter male sexual health 91? What is health? 92? Normal life must have what conditions? 93? What is a healthy sex life? 94? What is sex? 95? How to judge the sexual desire is normal? 96? What factors influence sexual desire? 97? Why adolescence is a critical period of sexual maturity? 98? Why puberty development are already late? 99? Parents should treat adolescent developmental delay? 100? Not long pubic hair can affect sexual life? 101? How to correctly treat sexual behavior in childhood? 102? What is called spermatorrhea? 103? Spermatorrhea will affect health? 104? Of frequent nocturnal emission is the disease? 105? How to treat spermatorrhea, right? 106? Flow is how to return a responsibility? 107? Emission and flow is kidney failure? 108? What is masturbation? 109? This tender is masturbation? 110? What is masturbation? 111? Masturbation affect health? 112 excessive masturbation? What harm? 113? How to quit frequent masturbation habits? 114 had masturbation? Whether people will suffer from infertility? 115? Masturbation get sexually transmitted diseases? 116? What time of day sex good? 117? Normal sexual life frequency should be how much? 118? Sex for as long as possible? 119? What circumstances should prohibit sexual intercourse? 120? What is called oversexed?...... The fifth Chapter 155 male sexual dysfunction? What is the male sexual dysfunction? 156 male sexual dysfunction? What are the main performance? 157? Of male sexual dysfunction: what kind of? 158? How to prevent sex? 159? What method of loss prevention and treatment of sexual desire? 160? How to treat sexual aversion? 161? What is the low sexual desire? 162? How to treat low sexual desire? 163? What is the cause of eroticism? 164? How to treat hypersexuality? 165? Hypersexuality to distinguish what disease? 166? What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? 167? How to treat erectile dysfunction? 168? What is the priapism? 169? What causes priapism? 170? How to treat priapism? 171? What is the impotence? 172? Impotence which several? 173? How to judge the psychic impotence? 174 impotent patients? What diet nursing measures? 175? Vascular impotence how to exercise care? 176? Men after the age of 40 appear impotent how to care? 177 elderly patients with functional impotence? How to care? 178? How to treat male sexual pain? 179? Fear is how to return a responsibility? 180? How to fear of psychological care? 181? What is premature ejaculation? 182 first coitus rapid ejaculation is early?Discharge? 183? Why love affair is easy to cause premature ejaculation? 184? What is the psychogenic premature ejaculation? 185? Why adjust good mental state is a prerequisite for prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation?...... The sixth chapter male reproductive organ disease seventh chapter eighth of sexually transmitted diseases in male contraception and birth @##@ chapter This book by the police forces of population and family planning education and training center has organized experts to write, in the form of interlocution introduced the basic knowledge and method of male reproductive health. The book has 8 chapters of 365 questions, including the male reproductive health overview, male reproductive organs and sexual physiology, sexual psychology, sexual health, prevention and treatment of sexual dysfunction, reproductive organ disease, sexually transmitted diseases in male, and male contraception and birth knowledge. The contents of user-friendly, this concise and comprehensive, is a financial knowledge, readability, the medical popular science books, suitable for family planning workers, health workers, soldiers and the male readers reference.
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