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Date of publication:2007-4   Press: Hubei people's Publishing House   Author:Ni Keliang   Pages´╝Ü274  
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A doctor for advice, man man how to live healthily how to make men live longer how can live to 100 years old, whether you're meeting the men's health standard to men's health standard how to delay male osteoporosis induced by hormone excess testosterone nine odd behavior makes you self destruct twelve psychological traps to prevent male disease dispel pathogenic bad mood the young men should do what health check men how to protect the brain aging men what is the sign of how life habits can make man healthy water drinking water health care can be caused by premature trace element and the men's health what why men than women short life what exercise can reduce the psychological pressure of young men should stay away from beer and sauna men beware of "grey" syndrome male body two, click the man how to self life weakness click on men's health five major weaknesses how men lifting the hidden depression men don't ignore "lumbago" male olfactory chocolate can resist cold balding man prone to cardiovascular disease and drinking too sudden a predisposition to heart disease or heart disease of sex hormone which man how can cause myocardial infarction in cardiovascular disease in daily Life in the prevention of hypertension watch your blood viscosity flow does not move the prevent cerebral thrombosis how ED is quietly ED treatment has four big misunderstanding how to identify the cause of hematuria how to prevention and treatment of prostate disease to prevent and treat gout how to prevent and treat diabetes how to judge the male kidney function is how to keep healthy stomach must be vigilant canceration which rectum what is the relationship between chronic inflammation to cancer in men but also to breast self check varicocele have what harm mumps orchitis merger will lead to what consequences of seminal vesicle phlogistic why treatment should be thorough when testicular pain often how traditional Chinese medicine treatment of non gonococcal urethritis long-term medication side effects of aminophylline on how to overcome what time should not be used with caution avoid aspirin abuse hormone lesson deep copper deficiency is easy to cause the "Shao Baitou" disease or secret which of the five kinds of diseases on the health benefits of three, male health medicated diet health function of constitution and male disease diet taboo male how diet anti-aging therapy computer family diet conditioning sexual dysfunction therapeutic side of premature ejaculation diet in the treatment of kidney empty lumbago therapeutic side delicious diet conditioning nerve failure Weak stomach and duodenum ulcer diet recuperation of Chinese medicine for chronic gastritis diet gout diet in the treatment of diabetes dietotherapy bronchitis asthma prescription diet tonic chronic cough commonly used therapeutic side cold diet symptomatic of "medicine" chronic prostatic moxibustion therapeutic side of coronary heart disease of the diet in the treatment of eating fish to heart what is the role of hypertension therapeutic side periarthritis of shoulder diet control acne therapeutic side drinking water before a meal on the health benefits of Lycium barbarum health what what are the effects of garlic on the gastrointestinal tract have why action how diet can Bunao fruit health "differ from man to man" can cure male genitals disease fruit wrinkled diet control method what food can dealcoholic not with the same fresh seafood food is not the same food with pork. What vegetables can lose weight eat bananas for breakfast can lose four, men and male adolescent sexual response cycle men should pay attention to what men and women sex differences and the secret of human psychological what common characteristics of long-term abstinence from sexual function will degenerate why life was very tired what foot sexual dysfunction "multiple integration therapy" male sexual dysfunction how to use Chinese medicine to treat male sexual function obstacle Because of how diet therapy treatment of eroticism sex men lose what sex too long, adverse to the body how to judge your "ability" repeated sexual health how to make sex when sexual life what should not be long before sex don't eat what life after why not drink health food what fruit can treat male disease what is the relationship between sleep and how to distinguish between physiological and pathological emission spermatorrhea ejaculation ache is why recognize discontinuous sexual harm semen cyst and sexual function, don't let our love prematurely senile man how to prevent the "aging" drugs on sexual function of the male hormone more carefully @##@ man supplement How to live to be 100 years old? How the Chinese diet male disease? Click on the life of a man's weakness, differences between the male and female sex and secret. The book starts from the doctor to the man's advice, click on the life of a man, the man the weakness of health diet, men and nature, puts forward the guiding opinions of comprehensive care for male friends. This book is a male friend tailored health advice. Cherish your health, creativity, enjoy happy every day...... The book starts from the daily life, diet, psychological, male friends carefully tailored health manuals, explain profound theories in simple language to describe how to make reasonable care. The book from a doctor on man's advice, click on the lives of men, men health diet, the weakness of man and of the guidance, comprehensive care to male friends, has strong guidance.
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  •   This book is also good ah, is not too many practical advice

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