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Date of publication:2006-12   Press: People's health   Author:The European spring   Pages´╝Ü156  

The European spring, graduated from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, is currently Deputy Director of Department of surgery, Zhejiang University of Chinese medicine, vice director of Chinese medicine. Have high academic attainments in andrology, as a member of the male branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine Institute of Chinese medicine of Zhejiang male science committee vice chairman and Secretary general. Academic monographs author.
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The introduction of a male genital organs, male physiological structure of semen gonadal axis man sexual desire men's sexual response cycle men's sex life and sexual physiology difference of TCM on male reproductive and sexual functions of two male sexual dysfunction, understanding what is male sexual dysfunction of male sexual dysfunction is how male sexual dysfunction, psychological adjustment with the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to treat male sexual dysfunction treatment of male sexual dysfunction dishes control of male sexual dysfunction ones for prevention of male sexual dysfunction. Treatment of male sexual dysfunction single prescription treatment of male sexual dysfunction of proprietary Chinese medicine treatment of male sexual dysfunction and treating male sexual dysfunction, male infertility massage method of three, five, four hydrocele of tunica vaginalis sexual intercourse by six, seven, @##@ hemospermia prostatitis This book is one of the "modern Chinese medicine health care series", at the time of writing, the spirit of facing the masses, to introduce Chinese medicine to prevent and cure diseases knowledge spirit, to disease as the key link, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of around, as the popular story. Of the family utility, focus on disease prevention and self recuperation. Preparation also pay attention to absorb new achievements of modern new knowledge, focuses on the broad masses of the people, and easy to grasp, the family can be used in prescription, recipes, qigong and massage treatment method. The outstanding center, with common male disease as the main line, divided into chapters, on the Chinese medicine health care and nursed back to health topics, highlighting the traditional Chinese medicine health care.
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