• Cao Kaiyong on man health series

    "Man health prescription" including kidney yang health diet, kidney Yin health diet, yin and Yang pairs of fill health diet, weight loss health diet, sexual health diet, the four seasons health diet such as text, introduced in detail the various male disease and prevention method and the corresponding, and with different diet therapy and let the,

  • The body of men and women

    The most interesting than his body. No matter whether we are aware of this point, in fact, our body is in different poses and with different expressions. In the talk cheerfully and humorously, even if we be absorbed in to talk to itself, we are still eager to observe each other's body. "Men and women" with vivid and humorous physical observation,

  • Male ED Medical Handbook

    "The male ED Medical Handbook" for adult male health and preparation, tells the story of the masculine health "three high", harm the male life "four major", and about male sexual life disorder in ED disease. ,

  • The man is very sad

    The man brave appearance but also has the pressure, trauma and fragile blues, just in the traditional education to make them for pride and shame the melancholy hidden deep in the heart. Hidden melancholy will not disappear, will only bring double defects: defeat depression and physical disease, alcoholism and drug addiction, family violence and intimate relationship,

  • Men and women health small prescription

    "Men and women health care of small prescription (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine experts carefully selected, Ziyin impotence out except vexed. Male: about sexual dysfunction, part refers to the sexual function is low, although there is a sexual function hyperfunction. In either case, need to adjust, but the different treatment methods,

  • Male sexual dysfunction therapy with traditional Chinese medicine 180 Q

    Male sexual dysfunction therapy with traditional Chinese medicine 180 Q, Yin's editor of the "male sexual dysfunction therapy with traditional Chinese medicine 180 asked" in the form of Q & A, briefly introduced the basic knowledge of male sexual dysfunction, elaborated on the various methods of TCM treatment of male sexual dysfunction, serious and meticulous to answer all our patients may encounter in the treatment in the process,

  • Give you whisper

    Men don't look: give you whisper, ISBN:9787561438725, author: Feldhahn (USA),

  • Male contraceptive and birth control

    "The male contraception and birth control" will be written as far as scientific language and standard academic expression way. Mainly reflect the actual application and scientific research method of male contraception and birth control. Male contraceptive methods at present mainly includes three kinds of forms: in vitro ejaculation, male condoms and vasectomy. Men to avoid,

  • Male sexual dysfunction therapeutic side

    "Male sexual dysfunction therapeutic side" from the Chinese perspective provides an overview of the basic knowledge of male sexual dysfunction, impotence, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, to do not ejaculate, Frigidity symptoms were cause analysis, selected 387 pieces of the treatment of sexual dysfunction therapeutic side, and lists the common food, can enhance sexual function and fruit,

  • The andrology disease prevention and treatment of small prescription

    "The andrology disease prevention and treatment of small prescription for impotence, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation", do not ejaculate, ejaculation, prostatitis, hypertrophy of the prostate, breast scrofula, infertility and menopause syndrome 10 male common disease, the near thousand Chinese traditional medicine in the treatment of small prescription, and introduces in detail the prescription, efficacy, indications and usage etc.. "Male,

  • The 10 men are most afraid of the pain

    10 kinds of pain, men are most afraid of ISBN:9787509118429, author: water,

  • Men's health 1000 Q

    In recent years, with the development of society and economy, the majority of men around us have to feel, in an increasingly fast pace of life today, plagues men is not only the psychological pressure problems, there are more issues reflected in all aspects of life. New scientific guide to men's health, help you fully,

  • The andrology disease commonly used medicinal liquor

    "The andrology disease commonly used medicinal liquor" introduces the andrology disease common wine party 401. Each of the first wine according to the formula, method of preparation, efficacy, indications, usage and note the content in detail. Its content is rich, user-friendly, practical, suitable for medical workers and the masses to read reference. ,

  • Prevention of prostate disease 270 Q

    This book by the experts Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, Xiyuan Hospital andrology. The book in question and answer form describes the etiology and diagnosis of common disease of the prostate gland, focuses on the treatment of these diseases, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine diet nursed back to health and preventive measures. Its content is rich, user-friendly, simple and practical, strong operability. For the majority of elderly men,

  • Men's health management books

    "The main content of male health management book:" today, our country is developing quickly, the modern male white-collar workers are the elite of the society, but also the wealth of nations. Male white-collar in contributing to the country at the same time, also carrying an overload of work pressure, so that their physical fatigue, mental stress, and as a result of health knowledge in general,

  • Men's health manual

    "Men's health manual" is to give a comprehensive guide to any age of men's health and high quality of life health book, it tells you how to live longer, healthier, happier, more strong. There are more than 300 experts regarding disease prevention and treatment advice, covering the male faces big,

  • Good man whole life health advice

    Good man whole life health advice, ISBN:9787216050722, author: Ni Keliang,

  • A good wife health care for her husband.

    This book previously about men's health knowledge, the second part is the treatment of common diseases and treatment of various diseases, the explain profound theories in simple language description, and the prevention and rehabilitation of the disease also is introduced in detail. ,

  • The men's health law of the happy life

    The main content of "men's health law" the happy life: according to a study that WHO, human health and 15% depending on the genetic, 10% depending on the social conditions, 8% depending on the medical condition, 7% depends on natural conditions, while 60% depends on people's daily life. "Man happy life,

  • Eat man style

    "Eat man style" introduces a healthy diet for men, according to every man's own situation is different, divided into health, youth, middle-aged, the elderly, the northern fifth types are introduced, providing various kinds of health food. Also includes specifically for male beauty, male common diseases, male sexual health book,

  • Prostate disease control manual

    "Prostate disease control manual" content rich, easy to understand, is both interesting and instructive and operable, is prostate disease patients and other readers to answer doubts, away from the disease, a healthy life good teachers and helpful friends. With the accelerated pace of life, prostate disease has been a male health,

  • The andrology disease prevention reading. People's military medical digital library. Public Health Museum

    The andrology disease prevention must read, "to read" the andrology disease prevention for a DVD-ROM disc. 12 best-selling books carefully collected, 280 experts to create elaborate, Instant Check required knowledge, without any plug-in installation. ,

  • The husband wife care health book

    The market of male health books are not many, and men's health is often the men they ignored, therefore, Tao Hongliang editor of the "caring husband wife health book" through the woman concerned about the health of men. "Wife caring husband health book" starting from the male life details, including work, students,

  • Gonorrhea impotence, infertility 660 Q

    "Clap impotence infertility in 660 asked" fusion of Chinese and western, the prominent clinical, reflect the dynamic, practicality, easy to understand. To reflect the latest medical achievements, highlighting its advanced nature, practicality, scientific. The book is set 180, 233 questions asked gonorrhea impotence, infertility 247 asked, from general disease, diagnosis, treatment, pre,

  • A man of forty more health

    Middle aged men such as weight maintenance white-collar chronic fatigue investigation; middle-aged white-collar "fat" generation; "imperial disease" on the middle-aged man; risk behavior; is there a male menopause; depression is on our side; the natural balance of five health concepts; spring (vertical spring to summer (summer to summer) liver; small,

  • Treatment / herb common disease that the male with the Ben Cao Gang

    "What Compendium of Materia Medica: male common disease herbs treatment (full version)" is "one of the Compendium of Materia Medica" series. "What Compendium of Materia Medica" series to strictly follow the "Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China" (2005 Edition), the depth of mining Compendium of Materia Medica "original". The crowd and the,

  • Chinese health male disease

    This book is one of the "modern Chinese medicine health care series", at the time of writing, the spirit of facing the masses, to introduce Chinese medicine to prevent and cure diseases knowledge spirit, to disease as the key link, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of around, as the popular story. Of the family utility, focus on disease prevention and self recuperation. Write also paid attention to the absorption of the,

  • Habit determines health

    Get up immediately after the quilt, and then go to wash, looks good hygiene, actually otherwise! Some families in the wash bowl, like towel dry, this looks like a good health habits. Actually, tea towels not washed every day, it might have been the bacterial reproduction! After meal.

  • Male reproductive health and 365 Q

    This book by the police forces of population and family planning education and training center has organized experts to write, in the form of interlocution introduced the basic knowledge and method of male reproductive health. The book has 8 chapters of 365 questions, including the male reproductive health overview, male reproductive organs and sexual physiology, sexual psychology, sexual health, male sexual dysfunction,,

  • Men's health problems

    "The main content of men's health problems:" life, health first. Have a good body, others can not take away, money can not buy, power change not to, health is overwhelming advantage. Health is like a cup of boiling water, have it feel tasteless and insipid, Li once lost it, would be like in the vast desert, feeling,

  • A disease of prostate

    "Prostate disease is a general" in the form of Q & a detailed answers the prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate stone, prostate cancer, prostate tuberculosis disease etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and other aspects of the problem, help readers to rational treatment of prostate disease, standard treatment, rational drug use and positive,

  • Prevention of health and disease of 189 male method

    Meng Qingxuan editor of "the prevention and treatment of male health and disease of 189 law" introduced the prevention and treatment of male health and disease of 189, including male genital disease, prostate disease, sexual dysfunction, male venereal disease, male sterility and contraception, male climacteric syndrome and male anti-aging health care knowledge. "The boy,

  • Medical experts interpret male common disease prevention

    "Medical experts interpret male common disease prevention" introduces 10 kinds of common diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, male, fatty liver, also introduced 6 kinds of tumor susceptibility to men, such as lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and introduced diseases of male genital organs, such as male sexual dysfunction, infertility, sex,

  • The andrology disease prevention theme reading card

    "The andrology disease prevention theme reading card" the editor from 12 aspects about the effects of seasonal change, and is closely related to male common disease living habits, living environment, characteristics and so on the condition, and the male common disease symptoms, examination, treatment and patient experience. "The andrology disease prevention theme reading card" arrangement,

  • The husband health guardian angel

    The book starts with the male life details, including work, living habits, sex, common male disease and other related content, tell a woman, when a problem when you beloved man in health, how she should treat, help men achieve health. ,

  • "M" word hidden

    The prostate is the biggest man in gonad body, the secretion of prostate fluid is seminal main component, so it's health can not be ignored. "" m "word hidden: prostate disease" patients with consultation, expert recovery mode introduces related knowledge of prostate disease to readers. The collected are suffering from,

  • Male sexual dysfunction treatment 270

    The book of changes and additions in the "foundation of male sexual dysfunction 240 questions on prevention", according to the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine method, expounds the causes of male sexual dysfunction, the pathophysiology, clinical features, mainly introduces the common male impotence, premature ejaculation, left (sliding) fine, not ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation,

  • The contemporary male division recipe

    The author of this book from a large number of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions contained in domestic medical literatures in recent years, featured a clinically proven efficacy, simple manufacture, easily available by prescription drugs more than 2000 first, according to sexual dysfunction, abnormal sperm, testis and epididymis, spermatic vasectomy disease and disease, the scrotum and penis, prostate disease,

  • Men with prostate

    "Men with prostate" including young period in the prostate, senile prostate gland hyperplasia, how to prevent prostate cancer, prostate health etc. ten chapter, introduces in detail a series of problem of prevention and cure of prostate physiology and prostate disease. The words are easy to understand, easy to understand, is as,

  • Men after the age of 40 body manual

    "The men after the age of 40 body manual" for many factors in senile male health, system on the lotus, male physiological knowledge of health care and disease prevention and health care spirit. The main contents include in senile male physiology and organ health, prevention and treatment of common diseases, a variety of health care and health plan. Its content,

  • Male body self inspection manual

    "The male body self Handbook: main contents of men's health adviser": in today's competitive society, the modern man's physical and mental challenge. From the perspective of professional physiology angle, men in immunity, stamina, vitality are worse than women. Many diseases are constantly invasion of men's health,

  • Cao Kaiyong on man health series

    "The man secret" introduces the control method of physiological characteristics of male and the common male disease, with a unique perspective to explore sexual physiology, sexual psychology of men. This paper not only introduces the main reproductive organs of the male, more from the angle of Sociology Analysis of the sexual health of men live longer, family harmony and social stability of the,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine regulating prostate disease compensation

    "Chinese medicine regulating prostate disease fill" brief introduction: what is prostatitis? How the epidemic status of prostatitis? How is prostatitis classification? What are the symptoms of prostatitis? What is the pathogeny and pathogenesis of prostatitis? Why digital rectal examination in diagnosis of prostatitis? How to analyze the prostate at,

  • Elaborate male disease

    "Elaborate male disease" in plain language, introduces in detail the causes, types of male disease manifestations, treatment and daily life of the matters needing attention. Including the special structure of the male body, penis, wrapping disease, disease of testis, vas deferens disease disease, prostate disease, urinary tract disease, breast disease, sexual function,

  • Cao Kaiyong on man health series

    "Male doctor answering" including male psychology, disorder, prostate and andrology diseases included four parts, from the perspective of Chinese medicine experts, with more than 150 question quiz mode, puts forward the prevention methods of psychological therapy, massage, diet regulation, optimize the environment, four living the male disease. Wide,

  • Help her husband do men

    "The main content to help her husband do men": the so-called perfect gentleman, should have the following conditions: soft eyes; smile; elegant style of conversation; free and easy manner; decent clothes; elegant demeanor; sophisticated calm and frank calm; deep inside and understand humor; the mind calm, mature,

  • Women's diet - happy life healthy diet - with DVD disk 1

    Women's diet, "happy life, healthy diet: female diet" introduces the basic knowledge and principles of ten female students diet, and menstrual disease, gynecological disease, diseases of pregnancy, postpartum disease, miscellaneous gynecological diseases and female beauty and other aspects of dietotherapy prescription. The book is rich in content, both the theory analysis, and practical skills, illustrated, with guidance,

  • Men talk

    Don't let small problems down the big man of the Chinese nation since ancient times, men played a strong fortitude character, from the "boys don't cry", to "gold" man's knee, and men seem to like iron giant. When the streets are full of in the song "men cry is not the crime", it was found that the male also has the helpless. Since then,,

  • Teach you an antidote against the disease, male

    This book focuses on practical, detailed introduces the common, disease of male division, each kind of disease symptoms, the need to do inspections, commonly used Chinese medicine and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment. ,

  • The men's health new concept

    The new concept of healthy men, annoying prostatitis, cervical vertebra curing, lifestyle and male infertility, fat in the body, the wound in the kidney...... "Man" is the new concept of health "road to health" series of CCTV. This series by CCTV road to health column launched, is the first to provide personal services for patients,

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