Who can be competent for the president?

Date of publication:2010-8   Press: Anhui science and Technology Press   Author:Jiang Qicheng, Fang Suzhen.   Pages´╝Ü186  

Inset: the concept of "human resources" first appeared in 1954, famous management scholar Peter Drucker (Peter. F. Druker) pointed out in its "management practices" in one book: "people with other company assets do not have 'special' resources." Unfortunately, the absolute competitive advantage in the material resources of the era, the concept of human resources has not been public attention. Until twentieth Century 80 years, strategic resources of the society began to change in human resources, people realize that the key position of people in the organization. Today, human resources management theory has been widely accepted by academic circles and enterprise circles, it has been the world's governments, enterprises and organizations as a new strategy of development, as the core of weapons to enhance competitiveness, the theory and practice of human resources management has been developed greatly, especially the management theory of human resources management constantly bring forth the new through the old theories and tools. The goal of human resource management is the effective human resource development and management, in order to make the performance of the organization and personal satisfaction to be confirmed and enhanced continuously, to achieve the maximization. So how to find the most suitable for human resources, to what kind of way to stimulate the existing human resources organization the maximum potential value it through? More intuitive, why education, qualification of similar to two people in the same position may have be totally different performance? Why are some people always hear the difficult employment, high pressure to complain, but also see some enterprises, institutions can't find the right person and the trouble? Why do some seemingly scale, capital, technology and culture connotation of approximatelyDevelopment speed between similar institutions will have a huge gap? To answer these questions, you need to understand what is the core power of competition between individuals and organizations, and what determines the organization of the key position competency.

Hundreds of millions of people's medical and health undertakings of healthy, happy relationship thousands of households, is the major issue of people's livelihood. Talents resources construction of health is the key to the development of medicine and health science. The CPC Central Committee, the State Council in 2009 "on deepening the medical and health system reform opinions" issued, will strengthen the construction of health personnel medicine as an important content, and will be the focus of the reform, the difficulties on the rural medical and health of the weakest. Rural health personnel in and demand gap is always a difficult problem to restrict our country health development, especially the occupation, specialization construction of rural health management personnel, it is one of important issue concerns the success or failure of the rural health service. Put forward new requirements and challenges of medical and health system reform on rural health talent team construction. Competency refers to a specific organizational environments, in specific work, behavior characteristics of outstanding performance needs to make health personnel. Research on competency can achieve organizational goals and personal ability the most effective play a unified, coordinated, competency based recruitment, training, salary management is the development and research direction of human resources management. As the township hospital decision-makers and leaders, rapid development of township hospital dean's competency, management behavior and work performance is not only related to health, and even affect the entire rural health work. At present, the system of China's Township Health Institute of human resource management, the lack of quantifying operational evaluation criteria and evaluation, there is a need for reform and the space. Post township hospital dean analysis and selection criteria based on competency, performance evaluation of the combination of qualitative and quantitative features, helps the president of township hospital personnel selection and management mode of innovation and scientific.
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The first chapter of competency research on the basic theory of the first section competency overview section second competency research progress of third section construction of competency model of chapter second in township hospital competency research project of the first section of the second section on design background of the third section on fourth section on path third chapter president of township hospital post analysis of section Township Institute of functional and management structure of section second of the limitations of traditional appointment system third section based on the competence of the president of the fourth chapter is the analysis of competency dictionary first dictionary meaning of making the second competency dictionary compiling third competency dictionary structure of the fifth chapter of behavior event interview first day prepare second interview process third joint interview text transcription and coding the sixth chapter township hospital dean competency model the first model the connotation of the second section model in section third to validate the model fourth model analysis the seventh chapter competency research section of human resources management in the section second township hospital Chang Sheng Ren Li The eighth chapter is the evaluation of competency case analysis 1 cases of medical disputes, we pain 2 cases of personnel management of the strange phenomenon in case 3, seize the opportunity, won't let go of case 4 contacts, had ignored talent loss case 6 case 5 words how to save you, hospital 7 cases when SARS hit 8 cases of accessory, please remember your responsibilities 1 proper noun attachment interview catalogue of 2 township hospitals were selection criteria and conditions of Annex 3 township hospital dean behavior event interview guide Appendix 4 in township hospital long event interview outline Annex 5 township hospital dean behavior event interview informed consent Appendix 6 the basic situation of township hospital dean questionnaire in Annex 7 the interview text fragment coding examples -1 Annex 8 competency checklist in Appendix 9 township health centers of reference @##@ characteristic behavior questionnaire This book introduces the basic principle, research on the competency of the classic research method, basic procedure and application in the domestic and foreign various fields. At the same time, the empirical research on competency, the basic procedures of material preparation, the key link, attention to matters such as described in detail. The data of township hospital dean behavior event interview covers the contradiction problems encountered in work on directors, together with the expert comment, to be engaged in or are engaged in the work of township hospital readers, can learn from, the contradiction master to enjoy the different characteristics, experience, in order to save, improve work efficiency.
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"Who can be competent for President: the president of township hospital competency research" published by Anhui science and technology press.
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