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Illustration: 1.2.1 occupation health service occupation health service is through prevention and control of workplace factors and conditions may cause harm to health and safety, to protect and promote the health of workers for the purpose of service measures. Services according to the main content of occupation health services for employers, workers. 1.2.2 occupation health services to protect the health of people in the work process, promote a basic service health and work ability, have of course first to prevent accidents and diseases. Basic occupation health service is through the primary health care, using a variety of methods of work occupation disease prevention and control of scientific and reasonable, can accept the services for workers. Its meaning is the most basic requirements, the most extensive coverage, every production workers, regardless of their economic type, the scale of the enterprise or geographic location, occupation health services should be the most basic. The main is to prevent harmful factors in work, by improving the working conditions and environment as well as the medical service, to protect the health of workers and improve labor ability. 1.2.3 occupation health service origin basic occupation health service came from the 1978 WHO "Ala Mutu declaration" the concept of primary health care, as far as possible to the health care to the people live and work in everyAnd the public services equally available to all people the principle. Basic occupation health service is the application of Almaty principle in the occupation health of occupation, is to provide health services for the majority of workers in the world has not yet obtained the services of the struggle.

Prevention is the basic national policy of our health work, "pointed out that the people's Republic of China occupation disease prevention law", occupation disease prevention and control work should adhere to the prevention, combining prevention with control. Prevention, control and elimination of occupation disease harm, occupation disease prevention, protection of workers health and other related rights and interests, promoting economic development, is the common aspiration of each occupation health workers. Occupation disease harm and occupation health problem is the public health problem is very prominent, seriously affecting the health of workers, affecting the sustainable development of labor resources and social economy. In 1994 WHO cooperation center on the "Beijing declaration" in put forward "everybody enjoys the occupation health care" slogan; in 1996 forty-ninth session of the World Health Assembly adopted "everybody enjoys the occupation health care" global strategic proposals. The concept of 2002 by WHO/EURO occupation health cooperation center in France Nancy put forward basic occupation health service, the concept of WHO and the concept of primary health care in combination, the occupation health, radiation safety as a public health service equally available to all workers. The strategic objective is that by 2015 the world all the laborers to enjoy the basic occupation health service. To achieve this strategic goal proposed by WHO, China will be the basic occupation health service as an important part of primary health care, into primary health care service system. The occupation health work deep into every employer and laborer, grab from fountainhead, sooner, focus will prevent occupation disease, do the basic occupation health service, fully implement the "the people's Republic of China occupation disease prevention law", the real control in the embryonic stage of occupation disease harm, reduce occupation disease, occupation health service is our goal and requirements. To meet this requirement, especially the preparation of this book.
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1 basic occupation health service introduction 1.1 strengthen basic occupation health significance of service 1.2 basic occupation health service the history and status quo of 1.3 basic occupation health service objectives and principles of the 1.4 basic occupation health service agencies and responsibilities of the 1.5 basic occupation health service function and task 2 occupation disease prevention laws and regulations and the content of the 2.1 "occupation disease prevention and control method" Introduction 2.2 employers in the occupation disease prevention and control of the rights and obligations of the 2.3 "occupation disease prevention law" provisions of the workers in the rights and obligations of the 2.4 occupation disease patients enjoy the occupation disease treatment 2.5 and occupation health related laws and regulations 3 occupation health knowledge of 3.1 basic concepts of occupation health 3.2 basic concepts of occupation disease 4 dust and dust pneumoconiosis pneumoconiosis 4.1 4.2 basic concepts of 4.3 silicosis 5 toxicants and poisoning 5.1 basic concepts 5.2 occupation poisoning type and poisoning reason 5.3 occupation poisoning clinical manifestation and treatment of 5.4 common acute and chronic poisoning 6 physical factors and disease caused by 6.1 due to physical factors occupation disease 6.2 temperature and 6.3 noise and heat stroke noise effects on the human body 6.4 non ionizing radiation 6.5 ionizing radiation 7 other types of occupation disease 7.1 Occupation disease caused by biological factors 7.2 occupation dermatosis 7.3 occupation ophthalmopathy 7.4 occupation of ear nose throat of oral diseases 7.5 occupation tumor in 7.6 other occupation disease of 7.7 common allergens list (illegal qualitative) preventing diseases 8 concepts of work related diseases 8.1 work related diseases of 8.2 common work related disease 8.3 and industry for example effect some homework 8.4 related industries on the human body 9 occupation disease 10 sudden chemical poisoning emergency plan formulation of 11 female workers of special labor protection 12 primary occupation health work content and method of Appendix A: workplace harmful factors occupation contact limiting value of first parts: chemical harmful factors (GBZ 2.1 - 2007) appendix two: workplace harmful factors occupation contact limiting value of second parts: the physical factors (GBZ 2.2 - 2007) appendix three: offer @##@ factor classification directory references occupation disease harm Occupation disease harm and occupation health problem is the public health problem is very prominent. This book comprehensively and explain profound theories in simple language to explain relevant knowledge of occupation health service, introduces several occupation disease manifestations, effects on health and prevention measures, the book also includes the content of the special labor protection of female employees, has a strong practical. This book is suitable for junior professionals engaged in occupation health services, prevention and health care staff also applies to enterprises and institutions of the medical and health service personnel and labor protection, safety technical personnel and the community health service institutions, can also be used as the relevant professional institutions of higher learning reference materials.
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"Occupation Health Service Handbook" by the chemical industry publishing house.
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