Outpatient service process management in modern hospital

Date of publication:2011-8   Press: Military Medical Science Press   Author:Wang Qi   Pages´╝Ü200  

The copyright page: illustration: the relationship between value chain and business process in 4 hospitals in twenty-first Century, the customer more and more dominant, the increase in competition, change is the norm. The three trend of hospital has the capability of flexibility, make the correct response quickly to the change. And use the previous mode of operation, display many disadvantages. This requires the hospital managers to abandon the traditional management idea, promote a new management revolution, created the management system and mode of operation of the new. Business process reengineering is required for each hospital, the business process must continuously adjust to the management idea renewal and the progress of science and technology. The relationship between the 5 patient value chain and business process to the correct application of both should distinguish between value chain, patients and hospital business process both have close contact, but in theory are different concepts, application perspective and method of application and different purposes in practice. (1) different concepts: flow is formed in the long-term practice of enterprises, and the value chain is Professor Potter in the research of enterprise competition between the problems, a "tool" is introduced, because the enterprise as a whole cannot understand the competitive advantage. From Professor Potter's definition of value chain and a series of clear two points: one is the value chain of a start is to analysis and research, a series of activities and not in order to complete the task or business production and the establishment of the. The two is the value chain is a tool for the analysis of enterprise competitive advantage, is to look at a series of activities already exists in the enterprise of strategy under the guidance of the theory of. In other words, regardless of whether the enterprise competition advantage analysis, composed of a series of production or business process is objective existence, to process management.
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"Management" of modern hospital outpatient service process by the military medical science press.
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Association of the door (urgent) diagnosis management professional committee, Shenzhen city gate (urgent) vice chairman of the Advisory Committee of experts on the diagnosis and management of Shenzhen City, vice president of the society of public administration, associate professor of Shenzhen medical continuing education center. Has won the two prize of science and Technology Innovation Award China Hospital Association 1, two prize in Guangdong Province, the progress of science and technology 2, two Shenzhen science and technology progress award 1, three Shenzhen science and technology progress award 1 times, China Management Research Hospital Association two award 1 times. Health management of more than 20 papers published in the core journals.
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