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This paper aims to study the health care justice issues, analyze and solve problems China justice in health care. The health care justice comes down to three aspects: theory, substantive justice, procedural justice, based on the study of the three aspects were studied Chinese health justice. This paper analyzes the theoretical basis of the health care Justice: utilitarianism, egalitarianism, extreme liberalism theory. The essence of the issue of justice, this paper analyzes the basic role of market and government, the cost effectiveness analysis of rational necessity of rationing, and analyze the micro allocation standard and approach. On the procedural justice issues in this paper democracy negotiation procedures and justification of the necessity of explanatory. About health care Chinese justice, it should China through marketization road management, play the role of government to realize justice in health care.
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Zhang Yanmei, female, born in 1968, Jiaohe County of Jilin province. Doctor of philosophy. Jilin University associate professor Marx's school, main research field is the justice of medical resource allocation. In "medicine and philosophy" and other publications published more papers.
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Introduction the first chapter is the theoretical basis of utilitarianism, utilitarianism theory first quarter two, the application of the connotation of utilitarianism, Utilitarianism's three to second day egalitarian theory, ability equal two, need equal three, positive equality of opportunity third extreme liberalism theory, negative equality of opportunity equality of resources, two, three multilevel health system the second chapter substantive justice first market Fair Co., against a market determined two reasons, the role of the government section second rational distribution, rational rationing necessity two, cost effectiveness analysis in section third, the distribution of micro distribution of a standard two, the third chapter program distribution approach the first section of the nature of Justice of procedure justice, procedural justice and substantive justice a relationship two, procedural justice feature second procedural fairness conditions, rules based allocation two disadvantages, procedural justice factors determine the limits of section third procedures, determine the limits of ethical issues two, democratic consultation procedure is necessary three, the reason can be explained in fourth Chapter healthcare China justice section distribution system, from plan to market two, distribution system, with three market road second section of government management functions, to ensure the health care coverage two, overcome the defects of market three, establish democratic consultation procedures reference
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The copyright page: to give up the large-scale census, and only in has been found in patients with high blood pressure and these patients have been treated by doctors, in order to continue treatment and repeated on the prevention of hypertension education. It is clearly beneficial to the regional economic prosperity, the poor and minority groups will be excluded. This cost effective approach is funding the utilitarian standard, people will think it is unfair to do so, there is no guarantee the equal rights of individuals. This case demonstrates the characteristics and difficulties of utilitarianism. The three criticism to utilitarianism, utilitarianism faces some difficulties and criticism, the utilitarian of the corresponding defense and refutation. Is mainly reflected in the following points: one is the utilitarianism cannot answer wrong, although utilitarianism in purpose and effect of behavior measure behavior value, but utilitarianism is according to the specific situation of view, there is not a unified standard to the problem. When judging a actors perform acts of moral value, motivation and behavior of the actual effect obviously have a moral significance. But utilitarianism cannot describe the relation between individual intentions and behaviour of individuals, and individuals have their own thoughts and feelings, which led to the man's heart damage. Utilitarianism cannot understand the integrity, as Williams said, "because the utilitarianism cannot understand just because it can't describe the relation between intention and the behavior of a person be consistent from beginning to end." Williams gives two examples to illustrate this problem: an example is the chemistry, George faces make biological weapons do not want jobs and if not out of work family life difficult two difficult choices, another is Jim faced kill an Indian and failing to do so would lead to twenty Indians were kill the dilemma. In the field of health care there are many such cases, such as a 5 year old girl suffering from secondary to renal failure hospitalized for three years, has been waiting for renal dialysis, kidney transplantation. The parents agree with family, offering kidneys for living donor transplantation.
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