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Date of publication:2008-12   Press: Guangdong people   Author:Niu Jiangping   Pages:274   Words:260000  

"Hospital Management Series" both prospective theory, and has strong operability. "Hospital management flow chart" is the series of through flow chart, the management and service content of the core of hospital performance, can be directly used for the management and service behavior guide managers and employees, is the hospital management system and standardize the thorough, effective process execution will help to improve the execution and management of hospital effect of.

Niu Jiangping, head of the surgical department doctor, graduated from Xi'an Medical University Department of clinical medicine, studied at the school of management of Xi'an Jiao Tong University hospital EMBA development seminar. The current president of the Hanzhoung City People's Hospital, Hanzhoung city CPPCC members, Hanzhoung city Hantai District People's Congress Standing committee. As the Shaanxi Medical Association vice chairman of the endoscopic surgery branch, Shaanxi Province Medical Association Department of general surgery branch members, rehabilitation medicine in Shaanxi province of hepatobiliary and pancreatic Professional Committee of the Standing Committee, member of the Asia Pacific Region Association of laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgery Chinese "" magazine editorial board. Has been rated as model workers in Shaanxi Province, 311 engineering talent of Hanzhoung City, Hanzhoung City, with outstanding contribution expert of the youth in.
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Hanzhoung City People's Hospital and Guangzhou Jinghui Management Consultants Limited jointly organized the preparation of the "Hospital Management Series" (four volumes) published, this is the hospital management workers first published in hospital management work. The book is published, not only is the Hanzhoung City People's hospital management experience, a sublimation is the school management level, is an important harvest in Hanzhoung city and even the national medical academic management. This year is the 30 anniversary of the reform and opening up is also China, hospital management, reform, development of continuous exploration, in the twists and turns in the growing and gradually into a system of 30 years. Eleven party 3 in after plenary meeting, the health system has also carried on the ideological emancipation, exploring. At the beginning of 1979, the then health minister Qian Xinzhong proposed, health departments should be in accordance with economic laws.
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The first chapter administrative processes 1 annual work plan flow 2 Yuan office conference management process 3 reception work flow 4 of 5 rounds of reception process of administrative process 6 leading cadres to work in the Department of 7 hospitals memorabilia process work flow 8 of the value of work flow 9 report flow 10 summary of the work flow 11 advertising propaganda process 12 logo system management process 13 process 14 process using a stamp document issued 15 file receiving process 16 file copy process management 17 contract management process 18 complaint management process 19 records management work flow 20 hospital communication management process 21 patient satisfaction evaluation process 22 patient complaint management process 23 official vehicles management process 24 hospital website management process 25 hospital reported hospital the editor issued process 26 hospital integrated events management process of the second chapter of medical management process 1 total quality management work flow 2 quality control process 3 medical quality inspection process 4 unqualified medical service flow control 5 medical record quality inspection process 6 records. Process 7 prescription writing process management 8 the consultation work flow 9 outside the hospital consultation processes 10 medical rounds work processes 11 to three rounds of workflow 12 physicians holidays rounds work flow 13 medical dispute processing 14 medical staff on education learning process 15 medical personnel training work flow 16 scientific research management flow control 17 published scientific research the reimbursement process 18 leader selection process 19 credit management process 20 process 21 outpatient clinic medical work flow 22 patients medical service work flow 23 outpatient service process hanging 24 outpatient doctors work flow 25 clinic nurses working process of 26 patients in outpatient pharmacy pharmacy service process 27 outpatient surgery patient service process 28 the outpatient department of internal medicine patients in outpatient obstetrics outpatient service process of 29 pregnant women in 30 gynecological patients outpatient service process the referral process 31 outpatient department of Ophthalmology patient service process...... The fifth chapter management process of hospital pharmacy management chapter sixth medical equipment management process in Chapter seventh, human resources management processes in Chapter eighth, the hospital information management process in Chapter tenth, chapter Ninth Hospital financial management process of hospital logistics management process @##@ infection in third chapter, fourth chapter of hospital nursing management process Process management is an important part of hospital internal operation and management standard of medical service. Flow chart is the embodiment of visual manifestations of hospital operation and medical service program. The flow chart of the management and service content of the core of hospital performance, can be directly used for the management and service behavior guide managers and employees. This book to bring in people's Hospital of Hanzhoung City, the modern management of the basic management system and the specification is modeled, through combing and integration of the system, the flow chart of the book series, basically applicable to the same scale hospitals or reference.
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  •   This is the consulting company to cooperate with the hospital work, thought and writing with the consulting characteristics, can be used as a reference book to understand the hospital management process
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  •   No words to explain, if you want to look at the pictures, this book is very full. The editorial board has more than 90 people. A total of 261 pictures, some titles in the process of literary box, with little explanation. There is reference value
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  •   Content is empty, all units are not the same, dull
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  •   I also doesn't love a little, flow chart briefly, no commentary

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