• Community health harmonious road

    "Community Health Harmony Road: the major disease prevention and control community appropriate technology assessment" to "fifteen" National Science and technology key project "major diseases prevention and control of appropriate technology community" evaluation on [2005BA722802] basis, around the "construction of community health and,

  • Study of contemporary Chinese rural health equity

    "Contemporary China equity of health care in rural areas" from the angle of social equality, has discussed the reform and opening up, unfair phenomena exist in the field of health in urban and rural areas and rural areas inside, the causes of inequities in health are analyzed, and puts forward some operable suggestions the actual situations in our country. Change,

  • Handbook of township health professionals

    "Introduction" manual of township health professionals: township hospital is three level medical and health service network in rural area of the hub, at the same time, but also an important carrier of the new rural cooperative medical system. According to the function is divided into general hospitals and health centers. General hospitals and its function is to provide prevention, rehabilitation, health care, health,

  • Study on the relationship between economic development and China health industry

    "Research" China health industry and economic development from national and regional perspective analysis of development status and characteristics of various health institutions; the cross section data and time series data for screening and extraction of the economic and social factors influencing the development of medical and health industry, empirical study of the medical and health industry to economic growth,

  • Hospital employees Handbook

    "Introduction of hospital employees Handbook" content: "King Hui of hospital management series" by the Institute, Jing Hui management Jinghui Management Consultants Limited organizational planning, Guangdong Province, Guangdong People's Publishing House Publishing Group, editing and publishing, for public issuance of National Hospital, with high, middle management personnel and hospital management researchers,

  • Comparing the performance of medical security system

    "Comparing the medical security system performance (Second Edition)" tell the story: when the morning dawn, outside the window up; when I sit in front of the desk, looked at the thick film manuscript, my father is a long lost, tired and happy feeling, it is a kind of difficult to indescribable pleasure. When the near,

  • Single disease quality management manual

    "Single disease quality management manual (2 edition)" 2 edition is in the Ministry of health, the medical department under the guidance of the basis for the implementation of two years, in the 1 edition of big space to modify, and adding new content, to further promote the quality of hospital accreditation, disease management, promote National Hospital Quality construction,

  • The introduction of community health service

    "Brief introduction" community health service content: at present, China community health service has been developed at the crucial moment, especially the health reform plan in 2009 the State Council promulgated the brought hitherto unknown opportunities for the development of community health services. At the same time, community health management be just unfolding, therefore, a,

  • Hospital smoking control instruction manual

    "Introduction of hospital smoking control instruction manual" content: China Association on tobacco control, Chinese Hospital Association Based on summarizing the years to create smoke-free hospital work, revision edited "hospital smoking control guide", and has very strong practicability and maneuverability. It will be published on further carried out in the country to create smoke-free hospital,

  • Management and practice of community health service

    "Community health service management and practice" of the community health service management and practice as the main content, combined with the community health service management as an example, the community health service management concept, connotation construction, service mode, marketing strategy, management of chronic disease in community, community nursing and psychological management aspects are introduced,

  • Management in modern hospital of infectious diseases

    "Learning" management of modern hospital of infectious diseases to the laws and regulations issued by the state as the basis, to the comprehensive quality of construction and management of strengthening hospital for infectious diseases as the focus, to improve the quality of medical service as the center, to the benefit of the Chinese nation as the goal, content, from the management of infectious diseases hospital management methods, management technology, key management, tube,

  • Hospital budget management and financial decisions

    "The hospital budget management and financial decision" on the comprehensive budget management of all the important link and content are described, covering the functions and characteristics of the budget, the budget management system, the standard cost system and other content, forms a complete system. "The hospital budget management and financial decision-making" in addition to pass,

  • The drug risk management in medical institutions

    "Drug risk management" medical synopsis: medical institutions are the main places of drugs, and drug risk high places, medical institutions pay attention to drug risk, and drug risk management science, not only can reduce the risk and harm of drugs to medical institutions, but also can effectively improve the medical machine,

  • Justice in health care research

    "Justice in health care research" study by health care justice issues, analyze and solve problems China justice in health care. The health care justice comes down to three aspects: theory, substantive justice, procedural justice, based on the study of the three aspects of health care Chinese just ask,

  • Community Health Guide

    "Community medical care guidelines" in the form of Q & A, centering on community residents, for their part, aiming at the issues of concern, such as the respiratory system, circulatory system, urinary system, the human body each system common disease of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, psychology, Department of ophthalmology disease prevention and treatment, one one,

  • Community medical guide

    "Community medical guide" includes: the content of mental health, development psychology knowledge, patient psychology problems. "Community medical guide" by "community medical guide" editorial writing. "Community medical guide" by China books publishing house. ,

  • Primary health services research Chinese

    "Basic health services research Chinese: Fourth National Health Service Investigation and Research Report (1)" content brief introduction: national health services survey was a 1993, carry out every five years. The fourth national health services survey in order to cope with the new round of reform of the medical and health system, in the development of household health interview tone,

  • Study on the integration of Chinese health services and security system

    "Research" integrated tightly around the main line of China medical and health services and security system Chinese medical health service and security system, structure arrangement is as follows: firstly, to evaluate the development history of China's medical and health services and security system, according to the time order, which expounds the reform before and after the reform and opening two,

  • Blood purification center hospital

    Write "blood purification center hospital (room) construction management regulations" to the hospital blood purification technology can standardize the implementation. This specification is divided into thirteen chapters, describes and regulate the blood purification center (room) set of personnel, housing, equipment requirements, the use of blood purification equipment, disinfection and isolation measures,

  • Hospital management flow diagram

    "Hospital management flow chart" to bring in people's Hospital of Hanzhoung City, the modern management of the basic management system and the specification was modeled, process management is an important part of hospital internal operation and management standard of medical service. Flow chart is the embodiment of visual manifestations of hospital operation and medical service program. The diagram will,

  • Hospital international quality management standards implementation guide

    "Hospital of international quality management standards implementation guide: ISO 9001:2000 in the medical service quality management in the application of" dedicated to establish the ISO 9000 family of standards for quality management of medical institutions managers compiling. Along with our country medical insurance system, medical and health system and the medicine production and circulation,

  • Hospital performance and compensation management practice

    "The hospital performance and salary management practices" to pay for performance management of Hanzhoung City People's hospital was modelled, full view reflects the hospital performance and salary management organization, system, indicators, evaluation procedures and methods, cost accounting, cost accumulation and allocation, salary composition and standard, department two level accounting and,

  • The construction and management of digital hospital

    "The construction and management of" digital hospital brief introduction: since twenty-first Century, the medical and health information technology change rapidly. In depth study and practice the important moment Scientific Outlook on Development, by the Anhui science and Technology Publishing House of the "digital hospital construction and management of" one book to meet with everybody, this is our country hospital information,

  • Study on the policies of medical and health reform

    "Research" policy of medical and health care reform is emergency research project of National Natural Science Foundation "research" policy reform of medical and health research. "Research" policy of medical and health care reform problem, present status of development, China's medical and health cause problems, formation mechanism and,

  • The drug trade hospital science quiz

    "The drugs commodity hospital ask" through the question and answer form, the medicine merchandise basic theory, basic knowledge, new technology, new thinking, new trends. It is based on the modern enterprise management theory as the guide, to the medicine merchandise management practice as the basis, elaborated the medical commodity business enterprises in the management process,

  • 60 years of new Chinese health

    "60 years" Health Department of new China objectively records the great practice of the 60 years of the new Chinese surge high and sweep forward, fully demonstrated the profound changes in the new China 60 years of socialist Chinese, China people and China communist outlook, summing up the valuable experience of the Marx doctrine Chinese, vivid propaganda new,

  • Hospital safety target management practice

    "Practice" hospital safety management by objectives at the conclusion of the author and his colleagues long-term clinical and hospital management experience, systematically introduces the common problems in clinical management and measures to solve, and standardization of procedures, so that more standardized scientific clinical medical behavior, reduce and prevent medical errors,

  • Laboratory organization and management

    "Laboratory organization and management (Second Edition)" the first edition was awarded the first prize of China petroleum and chemical industry outstanding teaching award. "Laboratory organization and management (Second Edition)" the main content covers Laboratory Laboratory Organization and responsibilities, construction and facilities management, laboratory, laboratory examination system and management quality and,

  • Hospital management system and standard

    "Hospital management system and norms" basic to the state public health administrative department of the hospital management standardization requirements for the principle, related to the administrative department of Health Hospital national management system as a basic reference, through process and the formulation of the implementation system of 10 hospital's research, and closely combining the current hospital management,

  • The internal management system of hospital pharmacy

    "Pharmaceutical management in the hospital internal management system" the author for many years engaged in hospital pharmacy, gained valuable experience in the standardized management of hospital pharmacy. "Internal control management system" of hospital pharmacy covers hospital drug supply and quality management, management of special drugs, clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy management,

  • Community health service performance evaluation

    "Community health service performance evaluation" from historical origin of performance evaluation is discussed, introduced in detail the system and the design of performance evaluation in community health service center, and also points out the key points need to pay attention to should be in the performance evaluation work, including the design and establishment of performance appraisal training, performance evaluation system,

  • Hospital performance management

    The performance management of the hospital, "hospital performance management" to proceed from the actual demand of hospital management in China, the reform policy oriented, combined with business characteristics, hospital organization structure, work and post standard design, human characteristics, salary system, staff training and development as well as the hospital culture, the medical team construction, process reengineering practice required,

  • The market, the government and the national health insurance

    "Market, the government and the national health insurance" the relationship between the government and the market perspective, the organic combination from the theoretical analysis, empirical analysis, case analysis, in-depth exploration of the relationship between the medical security system, social insurance and commercial insurance in construction, and this relationship into competitive alternative, complementary cooperation and coordination of penetration,

  • Peking University, the standardized training of residents

    "Resident training in Peking University (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: residency training is the main stage of graduate medical education, to cultivate high-level doctor, is very important to improve the quality of medical care. From a worldwide perspective, the developed countries in Europe and America have established a continuum of medical education, the school base,

  • Job description the whole series of hospital

    "Job description" in the entire series of Hospital of Hanzhoung people's hospital is modeled, through the analysis of the present hospital each post detailed work, make each post instruction booklet hospital. Job description will become the norm of post management, enhance the blueprint staff performance, applicable to the same scale hospital to develop the job description,

  • Service process and quality evaluation of modern hospital

    "Process and quality service for modern hospital evaluation" in order to strengthen the hospital clinical path management, standardizing medical behavior, improve medical quality, ensure medical safety, based on the work of clinical practice, combined with the Ministry of health clinical path management "guiding principle", "common clinical technique service specification" spirit of the document, the medical,

  • The medical quality and cost control strategy based on clinical pathway management

    "Based on the medical quality and cost of the clinical path management control strategy" based on the current situation of medical quality management of clinical pathway and the medical expense control summary of hospital, the application prospect of clinical path was analyzed, and the related theories are reviewed. "The medical quality and cost control strategy based on clinical pathway management,

  • Management of human resources in community health service

    "Management" of human resources in community health service with the current on the forefront of the theory of human resource management, closely with the practice of community health service system, from the current situation of human resources in community health service, relates to the human resource management of community health service organization structure, human resource planning, job analysis, job evaluation,

  • Study on the support capability of the new rural cooperative medical

    "Study" the new cooperative medical support capability of rural is divided into two parts of theoretical research and empirical research. The part of theory study covering 1 ~ 6 chapter. The research on "the disease risk sharing" "(back) to solve the illness caused by poor" guide "disease prevention", the new rural cooperative medical system three major goals and expansion. The main content,

  • Beijing new rural cooperative medical insurance system research

    "Introduction to the content of" Beijing new rural cooperative medical insurance system: cooperative medical service is created by Chinese peasants own mutual aid medical security system, access to basic health services, in the protection of farmers play an important role in alleviating the poverty due to illness and poverty. It all over the world, especially the development of,

  • Hospital job description template

    "The hospital job description template" is the human resources management of a hospital based tool book. Based on the author in recent years, guide and participate in various hospital job description preparation and edited by a relatively broad job description. "The main content of hospital job description template" is divided into eight chapters, including administrative,,

  • Patient centered hospital

    "Taking patients as the center of the hospital" between the lines is not only full of the patients and local residents love and enthusiasm, but also clearly reflects the author's philosophy of life and Thoughts on medical management, the current hospital management reform, have a good reference for. ,

  • Management and control of modern hospital infection

    "Modern management and control of hospital infection" in recent years the national hospital infection management laws, regulations and standards, standard as the basis, combined with the management experience of the author of rich hospital infection, the system elaborated the basic knowledge, management, and prevention of hospital infection control. The book has 20 chapters, including hospitals,

  • The hospital pharmacy management question

    "The hospital pharmacy management question and answer" is the hospital pharmacy quiz books, the book is divided into twelve chapters, the last 900 questions to ask and answer in details, systematically describes the hospital pharmacy management, pharmacy management system and hospital pharmacy management, prescription management, the management of the hospital preparation, drug tube,

  • Outpatient service process management in modern hospital

    "Outpatient service process management" of modern hospital system introduces the theory, methods and tools for process management, summarizes the typical problems, in the implementation of out-patient service process optimization and reformation of hospital management solutions and the experiences and lessons. Outpatient service process is the core process of hospital outpatient service process, management of modern hospital management,

  • Hospital Department of clinical nutrition construction management standard

    "Introduction to the contents of hospital clinical nutrition, construction management standard": in recent years, our province clinical nutrition has made remarkable achievements, some of the larger hospitals have set up specialized agencies to carry out nutrition, diet therapy, nutrition professionals have development. However, from the point of view, is a weak link in clinical nutrition,,

  • Who can be competent for the president?

    "Who can be competent for President: the president of township hospital competency research" introduces the basic principle, research on the competency of the classic research method, basic procedure and application in the domestic and foreign various fields. At the same time to the angle of empirical research process, pay attention to the basic research on competency, the key link, material preparation,

  • Rule generation

    The establishment and practice of hospital management mode and operation mechanism, a mature hospital must have its own management mode, management system and operation mechanism. "Rules": the establishment and practice of hospital management mode and operation mechanism of the author is based on the management practice in Chenzhou First People's Hospital, focuses on the maturity model, hospital management system and operation mechanism. The cultural management,

  • Hospital infection prevention and control guidelines

    "Organized by the health department of the General Logistics Department of medical administration in the army hospital infection management of hospital infection prevention and control guidelines" a number of senior experts to compile. The key content of the guide both to the state, the army on the hospital infection prevention and control of the relevant laws and regulations, the system are described, and the clinical practice,

  • Practical Handbook of occupation health service

    A practical handbook, occupation health service ISBN:9787122057242, author: Tao Yongxian,

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