Study guide nursing of gynecology and obstetrics

Date of publication:2000-9   Press: Beijing Medical University   Author:Zheng Xiuxia   Pages:154   Words:259000  

This book is "nursing professional and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing" supporting the use of materials of learning guidance. Edited by Professor Zheng Xiuxia. Focus on the content of the main teaching content according to the repeated each chapter learning objectives, each chapter with various types of self testing reference questions and answers, for the majority of the participants with the test, the specific requirements of evaluation. Mainly for college students, nursing continuing education, adult education and the corresponding level of the students use. The contents of the book be concise and to the point, strong practicability, participants in the study on the basis of supporting materials, to prompt the chapters focus on content, combined with exercises for self testing, refer to the list of answers can be self evaluation of learning effect, can adjust the learning plan, and strive to rapidly reached the expected target. The teacher can also be combined with the learning objectives, refer to the use of the relevant sections of self testing questions, combining with the teaching practice and students' characteristics, to develop teaching plans and counseling activities effectively, in order to ensure the teaching effect.
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The first chapter of physiology of the female reproductive system in 1 chapter second pregnant women of the nursing of 6 Chapter third women of childbearing age nursing 19 chapter fourth postpartum nursing care of 28 fifth chapter 35 chapter sixth normal newborn care of high risk pregnancy care 42 chapter seventh pregnancy complications maternal care 48 chapter eighth pregnancy women the nursing of 58 chapter ninth abnormal delivery women care 67 tenth chapter childbirth complications nursing women 73 chapter eleventh puerperal infection nursing women 80 chapter twelfth gynecologic history and examination in 85 chapter thirteenth of the female reproductive system inflammation patient care 89 chapter fourteenth menstrual disorder patient care 98 chapter fifteenth gestational trophoblastic disease patient care 102 sixteenth nursing care of patients with abdominal operation chapter 108 chapter seventeenth vaginal operation nursing of 117 the eighteenth chapter vulva operation nursing department of pregnant women with 124 nineteenth chapter 127 chapter twentieth nursing women in the family planning care women's health 129 twenty-first chapter 144 chapter twenty-second obstetrics and gynecology nursing technology 147 chapter twenty-third obstetrics and Gynecology common clinic operation nursing 150
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