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In order to make out of radio and Television University College Students as well as other medical college or university student main text editor in medical genetics, prepared on the basis of the main material on the medical genetics study guide. In the preparation process, the editors strive to fewer but better, focus. Through analytical chapters focus, difficulties and a lot of test questions and answers, can help, guide students to improve learning efficiency, better review, understanding the key, main difficulties of teaching materials content, basic theory of key grasp or familiar with the various chapters and basic knowledge, can solve common problems in the practice of medical genetics. This guidance according to the key central RTVU students teaching, focusing on the second to the seventh chapter, the eleventh chapter and other chapters. The test answers are for reference only.
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The first chapter introduction to the key and difficult points a, medical genetics, genetics, genetic disease two three four, medical genetics in modern medical status test a, noun explanation two, fill in three questions, answers the second chapter the molecular basis of genetic key and difficult points a, DNA is the genetic material two, the composition of DNA and three, the concept and structure of the four genes, gene function, gene mutation, five to test a noun explanation, fill in the blanks, two, four, three multiple choice questions. The third chapter genetic cell based key and difficult points a, chromatin and chromosome two, chromosome karyotype, cell division and chromosome three transfer test, a noun explanation two, fill in the blank in the three, four, multiple-choice questions answers the fourth chapter chromosome aberration and when the color body disease, key and difficult points of a chromosome two, chromosome abnormal syndrome test, a noun explanation two, fill in the blank in the three, four, multiple-choice questions refer to the answer fifth chapter Diagnosis, prevention and control of medical genetics and eugenics monogenic and polygenic sixth chapter seventh chapter molecular population genetics of disease and hereditary enzymopathy eighth chapter, ninth chapter of genetics and tumor pharmacogenetics tenth chapter eleventh chapter genetic disease gene mapping of simulated test (a) medical genetics simulated test (two)
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