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Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Peking University Medical Press   Author:Zhu Wenyu editor   Pages:209   Words:358000  
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The first chapter focuses on the analysis of difficulties, a human physiology research content and method two human life activities three basic characters of internal environment and homeostasis of the four regulation of body functions five physiological functions of bulletin feedback control of intensive training exercises a noun explain two questions in three multiple-choice questions. The second chapter four basic functions of cells key, difficulty for a cell membrane of the basic structure of two transmembrane material rotary motion to three cell membrane receptor function four phenomena of cell and their mechanism of five excited and excited by the conduction mechanism of the six neuromuscular junction excitation transfer seven skeletal muscle contraction function strengthening exercises a terms to explain two questions in three multiple-choice questions. The third chapter four focuses on the analysis of difficulties in blood, a blood consists of two blood physiological function of three plasma four erythrocyte leukocyte platelet five six seven eight nine blood coagulation blood type training exercises a noun explain two questions in three multiple choice questions with reference to a case four article The four chapter focuses on the analysis of difficulties in blood circulation, a circulatory system function two Beckoning cycle concept three heart pump process and mechanism of the four evaluation of cardiac pump function of five factors of affecting cardiac output six cardiac function reserve seven sound eight myocardial bioelectric phenomena in nine myocardial physiological characteristics of ten normal ECG the wave pattern and the significance of the concept of arterial blood pressure blood pressure in eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen venous blood microcirculation of tissue fluid formation in sixteen the regulation of cardiovascular activities seventeen organ circulation strengthening exercises a noun explain two questions in three multiple-choice questions. The fifth chapter four breathing...... The sixth chapter the digestion and absorption of the seventh chapter of energy metabolism and body temperature eighth chapter excretory function of kidney in ninth chapter tenth chapter sensory nervous system the eleventh chapter twelfth chapter @##@ reproductive endocrine This study guide for medical college and The Open University of China Medical College Students in physical units, to better grasp the key, difficult points and their degree of knowledge acquisition and write a review of reference test. A feature of the book is content to be concise, highlight key. The key, each chapter in this book analytical difficulties, to help students in the exam, with less time, grasp the key knowledge, improve review efficiency. Another feature of this book is that, we are based on years of teaching practice, editing a lot from content and topic for college level students in physiology exam review questions. Make students based on a comprehensive review on the physiological knowledge, another strengthening. These exercises reference answers can help you test your master degree, so that students can be confident in the examination of.
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