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Date of publication:2003-4   Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Zhang Zuotao   Pages:281   Words:425000  

In accordance with the development of college education conference determined ", a fine teaching material", "combine to develop grassroots talents of Chinese medicine", "teaching material and primary hospital case" spirit, the material in the preparation process, according to the objectives and requirements of College of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with local students, the most basic anatomy knowledge required,, pay attention to clinical application, the combination of theory and practice, the theory of "sufficiency, facilitate teaching, focusing on the practical principle". In order to scientific, systematic, and the accuracy of the teaching material contents of selected materials, pay attention to reliability of terminologies and adopted data. The content of this book in focus, the combination of theory and practice at the same time, also a few written on behalf of the knowledge development of the subject content, the user can according to the requirements of the syllabus, to introduce to the students and let the students self-study.
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The preface, the definition of human anatomy and medical status two, human anatomy class three, anatomy history four, learn human anatomy of the basic concepts and methods of five, parts of the six, human anatomy, the term first chapter posture movement system section second section third, section fourth osteological joint muscle second chapter the digestive system section second section third section of digestive gland digestive tube section fourth peritoneal chapter third respiratory section section second extrapulmonary respiratory tract third lung section fourth thoracic wax and mediastinal fourth urinary system the first section outlines the second day third day third day kidney ureter bladder urethra fifth chapter fourth section of reproductive system the first section provides an overview of second male genital section third female genital section fourth female breast section fifth of perineum...... The sixth chapter vascular system the seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth endocrine system sensory nervous system
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