Date of publication:2004-8   Press: Peking University Medical Press   Author:Lin Pinger   Pages:432   Words:713000  
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Introduction the first common symptom second inquiry third physical diagnosis first chapter basic inspection chapter second chapter third general inspection head and organs examined the fourth chapter neck check fifth chapter sixth chapter abdomen chest examination seventh chapter genitals, anus and rectum eighth chapter spine and limbs ninth chapter neurological examination fourth experimental diagnosis the first chapter of blood examination of second chapter, cytological examination of bone marrow in Chapter third, urine and renal function tests in Chapter fourth, chapter fifth fecal examination of sputum examination for the sixth chapter and the seventh chapter of spinal fluid examination of serous cavity effusion examination of the eighth chapter of human chorionic gonadotropin and reproductive system fluid examination in ninth chapter liver disease commonly used laboratory chapter tenth commonly used clinical biochemistry inspection eleventh chapter commonly used in Clinical Immunology Examination fifth imaging diagnosis of the first chapter of second chapter third chapter fourth respiratory system, circulatory system digestive system and urinary system Chapter fifth chapter sixth of female reproductive system in the seventh chapter of bone and joint system the eighth chapter head and facial features the ninth chapter intervention The tenth chapter @##@ radiology ultrasound in the diagnosis of the eleventh chapter of radionuclide examination sixth pieces of equipment inspection chapter second chapter electrolytes, electrocardiogram drugs on ECG of third chapters to other common ECG examination of pulmonary function tests fourth chapter fifth chapter endoscopy seventh commonly used in clinical diagnosis and treatment technology the first chapter puncture second chapters other treatment technology of eighth medical records and diagnosis method the first chapter of medical record writing chapter second clinical diagnostic steps and ways of thinking This book is the Ministry of education "in Vocational Colleges in the new century education personnel training mode and teaching content system reform and construction projects" approved "of Higher Vocational Education in diagnostics teaching reform, the research and practice of the construction of the content of". The Ministry of education pointed out in the paper: "the approval of the project, is a great education, organized by the Ministry of education teaching and research project, to promote our country's reform and the construction of high vocational education has a very important significance." In order to grasp the new diagnostic imaging techniques, this book will X-ray diagnosis, diagnosis of CT, MRI diagnosis, interventional radiology, ultrasound, radionuclide diagnosis and other content for a typical clinical pathology, and draw the pictures, there is innovation in content and arrangement. The book consists of 8 chapters, including common symptoms, interrogation, physical examination, laboratory diagnosis, imaging diagnosis, inspection equipment, commonly used in clinical therapy technology, medical records and diagnosis method. The common clinical diagnosis technology in diagnostics classroom is not teaching, this part mainly for clinical practice for reference.
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