Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Peking University Medical Press   Author:Huang Fusheng   Pages:265   Words:442000  

This book is the five year system higher vocational teaching material, the Ministry of education is a "new century vocational education personnel training mode and teaching content system reform and construction project" approved "in Higher Vocational Education in chemistry teaching reform, research and practice of the construction of" the contents of A. The Ministry of education pointed out that "the approval of the project in the document, is the major teaching and research project sponsored by the Ministry of education, the promotion of China's higher vocational education reform and development is very important". The goal of our research is to develop the target "as the basis, practical and enough as the basic principle, pay attention to reflect the development of relevant disciplines forefront, write a new higher vocational" biochemistry "textbook. Book to simplify the part structure theory, delete the biofilm structure, increased cell apoptosis and senescence of content.
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The first chapter is the introduction section biochemical task and content of second section of Biochemistry and medicine. In the third part the history of the development of the second chapter of biochemistry of protein chemistry the molecular component of protein second protein molecular structure in section third, relationship between structure and function of protein fourth protein physicochemical properties of fifth protein classification exercises chapter third nucleic acid chemistry section of nucleic acid molecules consisting of second sections of nucleic acid molecular structure section third nucleic acid physicochemical properties exercises chapter fourth enzymes and vitamins section enzyme concept and characteristics of the second section naming and classification of enzyme third enzyme structure and catalytic activity of fourth enzymatic reaction kinetics of fifth enzymes in medicine the application of exercise fifth biological oxidation section of biological oxidation method in section second section third respiratory chain of oxidative phosphorylation structure section fourth outer mitochondrial oxidation of ANDH fifth microsomal oxidation system exercises chapter sixth glucose metabolism section section second carbohydrate metabolism section third glycogen synthesis and decomposition of gluconeogenesis in section fourth The fifth section exercises chapter seventh glucose lipid metabolism and fat metabolism first day second day third day lipid metabolism of lipids and lipoprotein transport exercise eighth chapter protein catabolism of nutritive value of protein second protein digestion, absorption and corruption third general metabolism of amino acid fourth of individual amino acid metabolism exercise ninth nucleic acid the tenth chapter metabolism and protein biosynthesis metabolism regulation and information transmission among cells in Chapter eleventh, blood biochemistry twelfth chapter hepatobiliary biochemistry thirteenth chapter of water and inorganic salt metabolism in Chapter fifteenth chapter fourteenth acid-base balance of cell apoptosis and senescence biochemistry experiment
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