The body of the wild animal

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Peking Union Medical College press   Author:Chen Xiao   Pages:88  

It is a curse of small steel shrimps to already looking forward to the summer vacation, because grandma uncle to take him to the Jiangsu and Zhejiang play, finally look forward to this day. Small steel in grandmother home not only to have fun, eat happy, this not, restaurant sitting together, the table has highly liquor and mustard, wine and dine, awfully. My uncle had let him live shrimps in wine dip "drunk to eat", says you can fully enjoy the taste of delicious. More than a month of summer soon passed, small steel has returned to Beijing, began to study hard life. But then, somehow, small steel has launched a high fever, body weakness, eat what things are not sweet, but his stomach. Father took the little strip to the hospital, and blood, and keep stool, also do B ultrasound, a through inspection, the results come out -- small steel infected with Clonorchis sinensis. "Liver fluke is how to return a responsibility?" Or have a look book introduction. Both father and mother to liver fluke disease also called clonorchiasis sinensis, is a kind of disease of Clonorchis sinensis parasitic in the human biliary system L bow. Light not what feeling, heavy can l bow liver cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma; children with severe infection and developmental disorders caused by malnutrition. If the infection is acute, can have a shiver, fever, loss of appetite, hepatomegaly, transaminases, definite diagnosis is mainly in the feces or duodenal fluid or biopsy find eggs. Clonorchis sinensis adult abdominal flat, gray or pale yellow, long and narrow shape, the front end slightly, rear blunt round, like a sunflower. Adult hermaphrodites, and have 2 testicles, and arranged in the worm, L / 3, a coral branch, also known as the branch of Clonorchis sinensis. Adult and ovary, uterine, spermatheca, intestinal branches, excretory bladder structure. Mature female of twist, filled with eggs, so that it can do the father when the mother a little too much. Then have a look of Clonorchis sinensis eggs. It is very small, like a small sesame, egg contains a miracidium. Don't underestimate this little sesame egg like, once with the feces, fell into the water, is a freshwater snail (such as bean thread, parafossarulus striatulus, culvert snails) -- we called the first intermediate host -- after swallowing, the body can be hatched miracidium. Miracidium in the body in the sporocyst, REDIA two stages of development and reproduction, finally dry 100 cercariae. Cercariae snails ran from escaping, swimming in the water, in the face of freshwater cyprinid fish or shrimp -- we called the second asked the host, immediately into the fish or prawn muscle, after about 20 Yu Tian develop into mature metacercaria. The larvae often coiled inside. The human body is the definitive host of Clonorchis sinensis, cats, dogs, pigs, rats and other carnivorous mammals or omnivorous can host it is. If a person or other animal eaten raw or eating food containing metacercariae of freshwater fish, shrimp, small larvae and become schistosomula under the action of digestive juice vesicle breaking in the duodenum. Schistosomula along the bile duct, bile duct to the small intrahepatic bile ducts branching parasitic. In a minority of patients, schistosomula can pass through the intestinal wall, intraperitoneally into bile duct. Schistosomula after about 1 months after the development for adult and ovulation. Adults in human bile duct can survive for 20 to 30 years.......
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Harm liver fluke are shrimps to blame both father and mother to travel through all the kingdoms discontent 鉏 hand ready to uncover hidden lung fluke "she" hijab "she" stretched eight party sleaze was spitting dragnet drain does not leak to the ginger insects who who cause trouble in the help who is in contention insidious small Xiao insect peas peas peas depressed doubt surprise eat out of the pain -- cysticercosis Disease enters by the mouth. saying "pork" bug that caused the crisis don't delay to the hospital qiaobing strict entrance off home -- Wang Lin suffering from tapeworm disease after the sentiment in specialty -- echinococcosis small insects, harmful --. Nativa we have friends all over the world to our growth and development of our ability to piercing eye, see insignificant skill good health, but not our friends all over the world to our growth and development of our ability to fire over insignificant skill, good health, but can't live life -- how to prevent "hookworm disease" in the body get in by every opening "criminals" -- Ascaris human cannot bear to think of the past painful memories -- @##@ filariasis Happiness is the best sign of a happy life, it exists in the physical and mental health, it is happy, it will grow in their own homes, particularly in the normal day care, careful arrangement and reasonable adjustment. But all in all, not only have we love -- love themselves, love their families of the heart, but also have good health and disease prevention knowledge as a backing, because infectious disease tentacles omnipresent in our lives. Based on this idea, a "wild animal" in the human body is prepared. In such a short space, not only to avoid like textbooks or monographs, up from talking about the definition, mechanism, are beginning to let people into profound theories, but the complex diseases from simple to write, so that readers understand the basic knowledge, the palm grip parasitic disease with less time and mental can, also draws the outline of common human body "parasites of wild animal" -- human diseases including the definition, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, the epidemic situation, prevention measures and so on all aspects of the picture, it is a very difficult thing, however, this also is the author of the book trying to do a sui.
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