Simple self treatment of hemorrhoids

Date of publication:2007-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Ye Hui Xie Yingbiao   Pages´╝Ü310  

Ye Hui, three Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Nanjing City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (National Center of national level key professional anus) Associate Professor, associate chief physician. Commissioner of anorectal Branch of the Nanjing Association of traditional Chinese medicine. Good at diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fistula, colitis, colon cancer and other anorectal diseases. Won the three prize of Jiangsu province science and Technology Progress Award 2. AP "TCM anorectal diseases treatment book" and other works.
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Part 1 patients for anus is how the formation of what is what is called anal anal flap and anal sinus what call what name of anal papilla anal gland what is the internal anal sphincter muscle levator ani what what is rectococcygeus muscle and corrugator muscle what anorectal ring anorectal arterial supply to anal vein return to what is what muscles around the anus dentate line anus "ring" is what the anal and rectal around what gap anorectal blood to supply the anus and rectum lymphatic and nervous tissue is how the distribution of anal and rectal main physiological function is what anorectal parts of the common diseases which what is haemorrhoid tips: hemorrhoids in 20 ~ 40 years old tips: hemorrhoids high incidence of occupation what tips: what is the hemorrhoids what is what is inlaid external hemorrhoids hemorrhoids hemorrhoids hemorrhoids what harm is a kind of lifestyle related disease common causes of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids with what are the characteristics of pathogenesis what tips: Toilet timeout is prone to hemorrhoids why women are more likely than men to suffer from hemorrhoids tips: why beauty blind waist have hemorrhoids Sore why pregnant women susceptible hemorrhoids tips: there is a relationship between piles and it...... Part 2 medical guide interpretation of Part 3 to Part 4 self self treatment of Part 5 Part 6 @##@ prevent trouble before it happens out of misunderstanding The book in question and answer form briefly introduced the basic knowledge of the types, hemorrhoids, clinical symptoms, auxiliary examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and prevention knowledge, introduces the simple method for readers to self treatment of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and some misunderstandings in the prevention and treatment of the author's point of view. This book is a comprehensive reflection of arthritis self maintenance and self treatment of new achievements of popular science books, the content of fusion of Chinese and Western and detailed, concise and clear. Has the characteristics of science, practicality and readability strong. Not only suitable for hemorrhoids patients self health care, but also can be used as the primary health care personnel reference books.
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