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Date of publication:2007-2   Press: Chinese film   Author:Liu Fuhai  

In this book the writer for the first time the use of an easy to understand and accept the explanation of language, scientific and systematic to the function of human body, and some common diseases appear. At the same time puts forward some original views, from the physical principle, signal, disease prevention, disease health habits, health care, health and other errors in one one states. Finally, a feasible method for the system, the instructions in the body of the one and only readers. "Detailed answers ME body manual" a book for the reader. The book pointed out: "is the three drug toxicity", namely the case is a natural drug, sometimes also can bring negative effects to the body; many diseases, we used the body's sake; the body itself has various functions, depending on the function, the body can keep healthy...... In fact, what we need is not a ready-made panacea, but a body manual, as long as the manual instructions to do, the body can stay away from the disease, always stay healthy. Hope this "ME body manual" to make every reader benefit. Our body is often ignored, overwork, binge eating, oversexed rainbow...... Sleep is getting worse, face more and more white, more and more swollen shape, physical strength is getting worse...... Function of body structure, began to change or even worse! The reason is that we all have bad use of our body!!!
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Liu Fuhai, male, Professor, Professor, was born in 1963. The national "948" key projects to promote the industrialization of the project host, China aged society in the elderly health class professor, member of Beijing Diabetes Prevention Association, China bee bee products health care professionals association standing committee, President of the Beijing 天宝康 hi tech Development Co. ltd.. Has participated in the Ministry of agriculture "seven five", "eight five" key.
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The skin external system of body hair eyes nose ears mouth and throat breast hand foot genital body bone cervical vertebra waist hip muscles inside the body system of brain nerve sciatic nerve of heart blood vessel of lung and liver kidney pancreas stomach spleen gallbladder appendix tracheal, bronchial intestinal breast urogenital
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