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Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Chinese Agriculture Press   Author:Feng Nan / Li Shengbian   Pages´╝Ü313  

"Health care calendar" collected from 1901 to 2100 200 calendar table.
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The lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar knowledge source of origin of the lunar leap year leap year eclipses heavenly stems and Earthly Branches Jinian twelve zodiac "multiplication table" and the twenty-four solar term in twenty-four solar term meaning holiday, memorial day and day health care health standard of 10 mental health standard of 10 healthy sign -- "Five" health foundation what is a reasonable diet? Why do you want to eat a variety of food? Why should the cereal? Why to eat more vegetables, fruit and potato? Why do you want to eat milk, beans or other products every day? Why to eat fish, fowl, suitable physical eggs, lean meat, eat less fat and lard? Why food intake and physical activity to balance, maintain appropriate body weight? Why do you want to eat less light salt diet? Why the alcohol should be limited? Eat clean, not bad food what is eating the "one or two, three or four, five, red, yellow, green, white, black"? Several nutritional health food of sports on the body what are the benefits?...... The traditional culture of long-distance telephone area code and 1901-2100 postal code lists
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The Gregorian leap year history is what? What is the diet of “ one or two, three or four, five, red, yellow, green, white, black ”? 3 &ldquo old people should pay attention to; half a minute ” is what? How to do the exercise? … … and calendar knowledge, knowledge of health care, traditional culture ", a book for you simply introduce the most basic living, learning knowledge, to carry forward the traditional culture of Chinese.
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