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Date of publication:2007-1   Press: Tianjin Education Press   Author:Chen Jianzhen  

Man is a member of the nature, the body will naturally four and change. Resistance instinct and human nature, just follow the law of nature and life, develop proper eating habits, can stay away from the disease, which is "fresh life". Eating regimen emphasized at different times, the constitution will not, eat food to be different, teach you to conform to natural healthy life? The best example of Chen Jianzhen the author of the book is eating regimen. From the age of 16 due to liver disease, she launched a counter and chronic disease: life has suffered from liver disease, heart disease, stroke, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, severe urinary incontinence and other chronic diseases, received 3 Zhang Bingwei informed the hospital single. But she was not down with the disease, and to study traditional Chinese medicine to get rid of the pain of extension. Her hands-on, when the sum of natural and healthy food to support life, not only to cure many diseases of their own, but also help many people out of disease, to improve the quality of life, has embarked on the road to health.
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Chen Jianzhen, before Chen Jianzhen realized that natural laws and the execution of the health food, she had been a tragic life is full of pain. She described her life, is the first after the death of despair, and then gradually struggle to find a slim chance of survival.
from the age of sixteen due to liver disease, she launched and chronic disease against life. The following years, Chen has had a liver disease, heart disease, in
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In order to what is natural law Master eat health secret PART1 using the book as food health law four tips for eating regimen schedule: Health auspicious worth eating: natural ingredients is Medicine physique: the recognition of physical eating the right foods thinking: Recipes attribute positive thinking to strengthen health effects of eating regimen is also know easy PART2 serving market for medicine resolution ingredients health food ingredients is best when PART3 food health law Qing recipes a suitable for partial cold constitution (typical characteristics: cold hands and feet) application in spring summer autumn winter Diet Recipes Cookbook Recipes eating regimen without gastric dauntless brave application recipe two for damp heat constitution who (typical crowd: "three high" patient "spring summer autumn winter Diet Recipes Cookbook Recipes Food Health Law Application of advanced cancer ultimate dignity application recipe three for hot constitution (population: diabetes patients with typical) spring summer diet autumn winter diet recipes cookbook...... Common problems in the application of recipe four application recipe five application recipe six application recipe seven appendix full answer
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