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Date of publication:2006-9   Press: Military Medical Science Press   Author:Zhang Hong   Pages´╝Ü308  

The book is divided into eight chapters, the first four chapters mainly discuss the basic knowledge of auricular therapy, including the auricle, auricular positioning structure, indication rule of auricular points and function classification. The four chapter discusses the clinical application of auricular therapy, including the auricular point diagnosis method, auricular therapy method and ear acupoint health care and disease prevention method, the author to the modern medical theory from the Chinese medicine theory, has carried on the detailed introduction from the basic theoretical knowledge to clinical application. Not only suitable for the professional medical workers, but also suitable for a certain reading skills, health care public readers.
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The first chapter outlines the first section auricular therapy history section second ear anatomy and physiology of third auricular surface parts name fourth auricular therapy features fifth sections of auricular therapy indications and contraindications for the second chapter auricular point positioning and attending law section auricular name law section second auricular distribution section third commonly used auricular point positioning the third chapter points and indications of functional classification first adjust the nerve function ear second regulation of endocrine function ear third viscera function of regulating the ear fourth chapter of auricular acupuncture for treatment of disease mechanism of first day of TCM theory to explore second modern medical theory of the fifth chapter of auricular therapy of auricular acupoint selection principle of first quarter second quarter common ear treatment of auricular therapy in section third common reaction section fourth auricular acupuncture for treatment of exception handling of the sixth chapter of common diseases of auricular therapy the first section of the common diseases of respiratory system of auricular therapy second common diseases of digestive system of auricular therapy third cardiovascular system diseases of auricular therapy in section fourth, the spirit of the common diseases of the nervous system of auricular therapy the fifth section urinary System common disease of auricular therapy sixth day metabolic and endocrine system diseases of auricular therapy seventh common orthopedic disease auricular therapy eighth common diseases in Department of Dermatology of auricular therapy ninth common gynecological diseases of auricular therapy tenth common pediatric diseases auricular therapy eleventh ENT diseases of auricular therapy seventh chapter auricular point diagnosis method the first festival auricle inspection method second ear pressure diagnosis method in section third of auricle electrometric method in section fourth of common diseases of auricular acupoint diagnosis chapter eighth auricular therapy health care function section body has strong resistance to second auricular therapy can excavate the human resistance potential section third auricular therapy health care function section fourth common diseases of the ear care method
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Twelve, to prevent hemorrhoids, anal, rectal common ear: colon, sigmoid colon, ear apex bloodletting, positive reaction point. Patients suffering from hemorrhoids the most painful is the repeated attacks, not easy to cure. Hemorrhoids patients have positive reaction in the vicinity of rectum, anus, auricular Escherichia, sigmoid colon, such as nodules, cord like uplift, acute period the color red. Often in the above points or positive reaction point of auricular therapy (auricular acupuncture, auricular plaster therapy, ear massage), with promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, Qi and relieving pain, preventing hemorrhoid repeated attack. Acute haemorrhoid can use auricular bloodletting therapy, effect. Thirteen, the prevention of travel sickness common ear: stomach, cardia, pillow, halo, inner ear, subcortical, allergy district. Motion sickness seasickness is a common clinical disease, mainly as a group of symptoms occurred in the course of travel by boat or by plane, manifested as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, pale, cold sweats and other symptoms, body weakness. The disease is not serious can bring a lot of inconvenience to the patient. The occurrence of this disease, multiple body weak, spleen deficiency, deficiency of Qi and blood, not on the marrow sea, leader dystrophy; or because of excessive eating Feigan Atsumi, phlegm dampness, Mongolia orifices; or ferrite Yang Kang, and mental stress, fire due to qi stagnation, disturbing the upper orifices. The above several reasons often influence each other, mutual transformation with clutter, but clinical still to physical weakness, lack of Qi and blood to see. Who often use ear massage, or auricular plaster therapy, can play the role of the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood function. In the bus, boat or the opportunity before 30 ~ 60 minutes, giving the auricular Vaccaria seeds or beads, or the use of auricular needle embedding therapy, enjoin patient often press in the journey, in order to strengthen the effect of stimulation, maintain. If the symptoms suddenly appeared in the process of travel by boat, by auricular plaster therapy, auricular acupuncture or massage ear method, real-time stop vertigo, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, in the absence of auricular plaster therapy or acupuncture conditions, the ear massage, pinch pinch the ear, the ear is acid, hemp, pain or down walk away feeling. Most of the patients after the above treatment, carsickness and seasickness symptoms will be alleviated or complete remission, sometimes can play to get instant results. Fourteen, prevent hair loss, liver, kidney of common ear: lung, the corresponding parts, endocrine, subcortical, internal genitalia. Hair loss is hair scarce in terms of finger skin. Mainly due to liver and kidney deficiency, blood can not nourish the skin caused by camp. The wind evil headed into the wind, dryness; or liver qi stagnation, Qi is not smooth, so that the stagnation of Qi and blood, hair loss has raised from. And mental strain also have relations. The clinical manifestations, thinning hair, comb or shampoo hair loss is obvious, generally no symptoms, severe cases involving the eyebrows, beard, pubic hair, armpit hair. The liver stores blood, kidney essence, Jingxie homologous, hair is more than blood, so often the stimulus ear of the kidney, liver point, nourishing Yin, nourishing the blood can, can promote hair growth. The corresponding part of local acupoints, can dredge Qi and blood running local. Endocrine, inside genital, subcortical, adrenal, often massage, acupuncture, auricular sticking therapy, can regulate the endocrine and nervous system function, promote hair hair.
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