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Date of publication:2000-9   Press: Peking Union Medical College press   Author:Liu Xinyan  

The book mainly consists of men and women with childbearing age. The content includes the anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive system, China's family planning policy, principle, contraceptive choice, use and side effects, the failure of emergency contraception, abortion, medical abortion, contraceptive remedies, all kinds of pregnancy termination methods, and emphasizes the roles of male in family planning. The book of the issues involved, involving a wide range, although some relatively strong professional, but the text easy to understand, believe that every reader can get the answer from your concerns. The contents of this book, you can choose the contraceptive methods properly according to their own needs, not only can reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion harm to health, but also can improve the men take responsibility for family planning, coordination of husband and wife in contraception contradictions, improve the quality of life of marriage. Even if the need to accept aid operation, can also psychological relax with a doctor, make the body recover as soon as possible.
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Liu Xinyan, born in February 1963. In 1980 to enter the medical department of Beijing Medical University, graduating in 1986. The same year in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Xuan Xiehe Hospital graduate. In 1898 with a master's degree in medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital has been in obstetrics and gynecology. Now is the vice director of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician. Participate in writing 4 books, published more than 10 papers. As the TV program "China population" 5 program lecture.
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What anatomy and physiology of the first part of the reproductive system of female genital system consists of 1? 2 male reproductive system includes what is what the 3 uterus? 4 fallopian tube has what effect? What are the two main functions of 5 ovarian? What is the 6 sperm? What is the 7 eggs? 8 eggs is how to transport? The 9 sperm can survive for a long time? 10 eggs can survive for a long time? 11 what is called fertilization? 12 the sperm and the egg is how to combine together? 13 pregnancy is how to return a responsibility? 14 what is the role of cervix in pregnancy? 15 cervical mucus can hint of what? What is the 16 leucorrhoea? 17 the leucorrhea change in menstrual cycle? 18 how to found vaginitis? 19 what is ovulation? What are the 20 basic body temperature? 21 how to know the ovulation period? The 22 period is how to return a responsibility? What is the 23 menarche? 24 what is the menstrual cycle? 25 menstrual blood is what kind of? What is the 26 estrogen? What is the 27 progesterone? 28 menstrual cycle by what impact? 29 pregnancy must have what conditions? 30 how to know pregnant?...... The second part third part fourth part male contraceptive birth control family planning
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  •   Xiehe Hospital doctors write well
  •   The inspection requirements with the book, but also good
  •   Few words, rich in content
  •   To tell the truth, really have a lot of things do not know, some things never even heard of, while still a student, but this is not less, to tell the truth Chinese education in this area can not be simplified

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