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Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Hunan science and Technology Press   Author:Wang Haiyan  

Wang Haiyan, the ancient capital of Nanjing gave her an aura. Has a unique understanding and interpretation of beauty. The touch of aromatic therapy after manufacturers and experience carding written, is willing to work with their love, aromatic life you share the fun. Also hope with you through interaction.
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Editor's note at the beginning of welcome to the world of aromatherapy aromatherapy aromatherapy history first understanding of essential oil composition of essential oils essential oils essential oils extracted species the efficacy of essential oils essential oils to use essential oils essential oil purchase and preservation of taboo to judge the quality of essential oil of oil is used for safety code second aromatherapy skin article face applicable essential oils essential oils of different beauty care daily life beautiful skin new ideas of beauty steamed method beauty massage secret lip balm to prevent the aging of the self nursing method to treat acne skin nursing home daily skin care method by third aromatherapy body part for body aromatherapy essential oils Aromatherapy Body weight-loss program types in various parts of the body massage decomposition in daily life body aromatherapy at home how to aromatic massage DIY body care products fourth will aromatherapy into the little drops of life make life more KEF aromatherapy indoor aromatherapy use scent -- let you excellent shampoo and hair conditioner drink feel fresh herb tea article The five essential oil and its effect...... Attached: commonly used in aromatherapy easy formulation of 25 cases @##@. The south is fuzzy and feel not clear. Winter in the south, the cold is not screaming, walk in the slightest sunshine in the winter, the people and the environment is a kind of Qing Lang Lang feeling. Always like winter, spring, summer relative chaos hot and autumn deep, winter is a human brain, static exciting season. In the season of love, write something I like, is a kind of enjoyment. Do not know from when to begin, our life has some essential oils, aroma therapy and so on. "Aromatherapy" from Europe and the United States into the East about 10 years time, a lot of places in Guangzhou can already hear, see about aromatherapy topic and phenomenon, I am very happy. Opens the watch atmosphere overflowing aroma tips, according to the spirit world into the colorful aromatic type, can enjoy staying in the fresh air of nature, opening to the world of the senses of the door...... Borrow the book, the author hopes to introduce the real charm aromatherapy learned on his own to every friend, try to add some spice to life, let the life be happy and pleased with oneself!
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