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The basic meaning of acupoint drug therapy, acupoint Digest a medicine is under the guidance of the theories of Chinese medicine, especially in the main and collateral channels under the guidance of the theory, according to the nature of different diseases, and site of disease, stage, choose different drugs and dosage forms, in the corresponding main and collateral channels, acupoints (including positive reactant) Agase Ji, a methods in order to achieve the goal of curing diseases. The main content in two, the main content of acupoint drug acupoint treatment including acupuncture point injection, acupuncture point two parts sticking, in addition to the acupoint iontophoresis and acupoint hot electromagnetic medicinal therapy. Acupoint injection is injected with liquid injection method of acupuncture therapy, because the drug dosage is small applications, so it is also called "small dose drug acupoint injection", sometimes for injection is used in anesthesia drugs (such as procaine or lidocaine) blocking nerve conduction, reason has "acupoint block". This therapy is a new therapy drug injection therapy of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine and acupoint theory of main and collateral channels which combines. Acupoint application is sticking on drug in main and collateral channels acupoints, its component drugs through the penetration into the body, or by stimulating drugs on the skin, acting on the main and collateral channels acupoints, methods to play the role of drug treatment. The acupoint iontophoresis is according to the condition, the liquid medicine through a corresponding DC medicaments ion introduction, main and collateral channels acupoints or lesion, thus plays the treatment effect. Acupoint therapy is the hot electromagnetic medicinal drugs (Tripterygium wilfordii, compatibility, Sichuan aconite root, kusnezoff Monkshood moxa such as Chinese herbal medicine) with electric heating, or electromagnetic wave excitation radiation heat flux plate in treatment of diseases using energy method. Clinical with acupoint injection and Acupoint Application of two methods for. The second section acupoint treatment of acupoint drug treatment is to adjust the effect of drug treatment by acupoint drug will play the pharmacological action of main and collateral channels and acupoints of yin and yang balance, adjust the actual situation, disease prevention and cure effect. A, acupoint injection in acupoint injection of new acupuncture therapy of acupuncture, it is the mechanical stimulation, pharmacological action, main and collateral channels contact, transmission, regulation and points of opening and closing in combination treatment of disease. This therapy after the initial stage in the formation of the people's Republic of China was founded in twentieth Century 50 years. At this time, intramuscular injection is widely used in clinical, the former Soviet Union Pavlov "reflex" theory began to be used in our country in clinical care, medical workers will nerve block therapy is closed and Chinese acupuncture combined, according to clinical observation, the combination of the two therapeutic effect on the disease better than for good, thus from the injection of nerve to point injection. This therapy after "blocking therapy", "hole blocking therapy" (or "meridian blocking therapy", or "acupoint blocking"), "acupoint injection therapy" in three stages. From the treatment of the disease, initially only for nerve block, alleviate various pains, and its scope is narrow. From twentieth Century 50 time end published articles can be found, acupoint injection for the treatment of neuropathic pain in abroad, has begun to be used for "gastric, duodenal ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases", "impotent", "dysmenorrhea" reproductive, urinary, endocrine system disease, "the treatment of high blood pressure" and other vascular diseases the treatment of the disease, has been enlarged. From the injection site pain, limited only to the point, originally known as Ashi point, gradually developed into the application of acupuncture, acupoint. From drug use, has also been a narcotic drug stage simply blocking nerve (such as procaine) and trial O.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, distilled water, antibiotic stage. This stage, the clinical effect is more remarkable has been the majority of medical attention and recognition, but is still in the exploration phase of the trial. In twentieth Century 60 years later, acupoint injection therapy further spread. According to statistics, 70 years, point injection in the treatment of disease of more than 100 species, involved inside and outside, women, children, bone, skin, facial features and other branches of clinical disease, injection site from 50's disease has spread to parts of the human body acupoints, ear etc.. However, the drug is still dominated by anesthetics and few antibiotics. 80 to 90 years, acupoint injection therapy has been widely used in the treatment of disease, to further expand the coverage of various diseases, clinical, and gradually explore the therapy mechanism, the injection site is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, especially the theory of main and collateral channels acupuncture for treatment guidance, starting from the overall concept of differentiation of symptoms and signs, select the human most commonly used acupoints,, Ashi point and auricular acupoint injection drug use, including most intramuscular injection of drugs, these drugs have the medicine liquid, liquid preparations of Chinese medicine, tissue fluid. In addition, also increased the oxygen, air, blood, vegetable oil injection and methods, enrich and perfect the content of acupoint injection. In conclusion, point injection through three stages: the intramuscular injection to the initial stage of nerve block (50's), promotion and application stage (60 ~ 70 years) and system summary stage (80 ~ 90), after more than 50 years, from western medicine injection therapy, Chinese medicine and is gradually, become a a more complete theory, high science and technology content, and is widely applied, the effect is better, the future is extremely broad therapy. P3-5
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The first chapter, basic knowledge of acupoint drug acupoint therapy in the treatment of the first point treatment of the basic meaning and the main content, the basic meaning of acupuncture treatment, acupuncture treatment of two main content of the second section points medication treatment, a brief history of acupoint injection two, acupoint application in section third acupoint treatment effect and characteristics acupoint therapy, two, the role of acupoint drug treatment features fourth acupoint treatment indications and contraindications, acupoint treatment indications two, acupoint treatment contraindications second chapter main and collateral channels acupoints summary section outline a main and collateral channels, twelve meridians, eight extra meridians two three, twelve four, by don't the fifteen collaterals five, twelve six, twelve seven meridians collaterals, bark, eight floating collaterals second point summary, the concept of a point two, point three, point third classification of fourteen meridians and acupoints, lung meridian of hand Taiyin and often With the acupuncture point two, hand Yangming large intestine meridians and acupoints, route three Foot Yangming Meridian and acupoints line route four, spleen meridian line route and acupoints in five, heart meridian line route and acupoints six, hand the sun small intestine meridians and acupoints, route seven foot Taiyang bladder meridians and acupoints eight route, kidney meridian line route and acupoints nine, pericardium meridians and acupoints ten route, triple energizer meridian line route and commonly used acupuncture points eleven, foot Shaoyang gallbladder meridians and acupoints, route twelve foot Jueyin the liver meridians and acupoints, on route thirteen running route and common acupuncture point fourteen, the concepion meridian line and acupoints third chapter of main and collateral channels acupoint diagnosis method first diagnosis method, main and collateral channels, main and collateral channels located two examination method, identified by the three parts four, five, identified by the specific symptoms of skin resistance were measured in six, the twelve meridians, collaterals, meridians, eight extra meridians specific diagnostic method of main and collateral channels second acupoint diagnosis method A, meridian diagnosis method with two, auricular point diagnosis chapter fourth acupoint treatment acupoint selection, commonly used drugs and operation section acupoint treatment acupoint selection, selection principle of a point two, point three, the selected point selection method section second acupoint treatment commonly used drugs, drug use and operation principle, two common drugs acupuncture treatment, principle three, acupoint therapy method of third section acupoint treatment of note, acupoint injection notes two, acupoint application note fourth point therapy in the treatment of common accidents treatment and prevention, acupoint injection common accident treatment and prevention, two points applying common accident treatment and prevention of the acupoint drug clinical application of fifth chapter Department of Internal Medicine disease first epilepsy second neurasthenia section third sciatica fourth lateral femoral cutaneous nerve section fifth greater occipital neuralgia sixth peripheral facial paralysis in seventh section of trigeminal neuralgia in eighth day partial head Pain ninth brachial plexus neuralgia tenth intercostal neuralgia eleventh mumps, twelfth of acute upper respiratory tract infection in thirteenth day chronic bronchitis fourteenth bronchial asthma fifteenth rheumatoid arthritis, sixteenth chronic enteritis seventeenth chronic gastritis eighteenth gastrointestinal neurosis nineteenth peptic ulcer twentieth ptosis of the stomach twenty-first chronic cholecystitis in twenty-second day urinary retention in twenty-third day chronic prostatitis twenty-fourth diabetes sixth chapter first cervical vertebra disease department of orthopedics disease second hyperplastic spondylitis third periarthritis of shoulder section fourth stiff neck fifth day long head of biceps tendinitis sixth supraspinatus tendinitis seventh temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome in eighth sections of external humeral epicondylitis ninth epicondylitis the tenth section forearm extensor tendon inflammation around eleventh olecranon bursitis twelfth radial stenosing tenosynovitis thirteenth thecal sac Swollen fourteenth carpal tunnel syndrome fifteenth rib cartilage inflammation sixteenth section eleventh rib tip syndrome...... The seventh chapter eighth gynecology and pediatrics disease surgical skin diseases of Otorhinolaryngology @##@ ninth chapter The book written by College of traditional Chinese medicine expert, author of recent literature, combined with their own rich experience in clinical practice, introduces the basic knowledge and technologies in the treatment of acupoint injection, acupoint, acupoint iontophoresis diseases. The book is divided into two parts, part one summarizes the characteristics of the above therapy, indications, contraindications,Prevention and treatment of main and collateral channels acupoints, commonly used drugs, operation method and unexpected situations; the detailed diagnosis and acupoint treatment method of 110 kinds of diseases, Department of orthopedics, Department of internal medicine, Department of Dermatology, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, ENT. The book is rich in content, informative, concise introduction to the method is practical, effective, suitable for clinicians, medical staff, medical students and Chinese medicine enthusiasts reference.
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