The essence of the science of public health management

Date of publication:2012-12   Press: Gezhi Publishing House   Author:(U) Fallon, (USA) 兹戈 Deese's editor, Zhao Dahai translation   Pages:317   Words:361000  

"The essence of the science of public health management (Second Edition) / century higher education textbook business management" author Fleming Fallon.
"the science of Public Health Management Essentials" (Second Edition) adhere to the practical philosophy, using actual case rather than the traditional public health theory model to explain the public health management, has become the practitioner American public health, health management necessary for everyday work instruction manual.
public health management organizations and the government, the media communication, political and public health impact and marketing sections are the characteristics of this book. The current public health system
China especially the system of disease prevention and control, is based on nearly 10 years to follow the United States public health system, therefore, the teaching materials for Chinese public health field teaching, has important learning value.
Author brief introduction

Fleming Fallon, MD, DrPH, MBA, Professor of public health at Bowling Green State University in ohio.
Eric Zgodezersk, master of public health, Ohio northwest regional public health coordinator, director of the Health Bureau of community in Lucas County, Ohio Toledo and deal with the emergency project.
Zhao Dahai, doctoral / Associate Professor of management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University associate professor of the school of international and public affairs, in 2008 he received a PhD from Fudan University, has presided over several research projects of Ministry of education of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shanghai philosophy and social science fund, published two monographs, with the first author Chinese
Journal, in "financial research" published papers, won the Shanghai city "the scholars" and other honorary titles. Research direction for public economics and public policy, social security and health policy.
Catalogue of books

The first part of the institutional resources
1 management theory and application of
1.1 management of the basic objectives and activities of
1.2 management theory
L.3 management structure
1.4 application of the management theory
1.5 planning assistance and advice
1.6 conclusion
data source
2.1 in organizational behavior
2.2 basic theory of
2.3 structural factors.
2.4 informal
2.6 political conflict.
2.7 organizational behavior changes of
2.8 conclusion
3 accounting, finance and budget accounting.
3.2 financial
3.3 budget
> 3.4 reference
4 community and environmental health

4.1 in 4.2 community health
4.3 environmental health
4.4 environmental health officers of
4.5 environmental health problem
4.6 conclusion
5 emergency preparedness and emergency
5.1 the
5.2 preparatory work planning
5.3 National Incident Management System
5.4 command
5.5 national incident management system using
5.6 communication
5.7 hospitals participating in
5.8 population education
5.9 mental health
5.10 > 5.11 volunteers refuge in
5.13 after action reports afterwards.
5.15 conclusion supervision
6 < br > 6.1 the moral standard
6.2 theoretical model of
6.3 the values into the standard
6.4 personal moral
6.5 conclusion
second part of human resources.
third health institutions run
fourth parts of other operating
Chapter excerpt

The conflict between individual may be the most important but is the most exaggerated type. Managers often put the blame on the personality of the individual organization and staff incompetence. On the conflict between traditional personal interpretation is frustrated. Frustrated people will find other ways to overcome their frustration. At this time, they will disturb the normal activities of an organization. However, the channels of communication organization and often leads to conflict between individuals. Organization structure determines the exchange of. In a cautious managers, when his subordinates have between individual problems, through the organization and review of work, he can solve the problem quickly. The individual will soon on a direction of the exchange of disgust. Similarly, subordinate to accommodate daily unpredictable and uncontrollable change is very slow. Unpredictable revision can also be derived from technology innovation and organization structure and policy. If the change means between subordinate position different from they have accepted the situation, people will feel worse, the pressure will increase. Similarly, if the change is unilaterally imposed without notice or consultation, or individuals are not aware of any function change or technically, that would make the personal pressure. If changes are necessary, sensible managers will in the process to notify the subordinates, and let their participation will affect their job or work conditions of the decision. Different interest groups, the conflict between groups exist in the organization such as managers, employees andOther working groups. Groups can be divided into: the lack of passion group, unstable group, strategic group and conservative group categories. The lack of passion of the group is most unlikely to put too much pressure on management, whose members are usually not very unity, community leaders organized. Unstable group generally and management behavior is not consistent. Strategic groups are very smart, careful to calculate how to pressure, they will try to oppose not conducive to their own management decisions on the terms of the contract or looking for their strong and the existing loopholes in the policy. They will always compare themselves and the organization or company interests of other groups. Conservative groups are composed of a number of security and powerful elite staff, typically they have a number of key technologies.......
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