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"New century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine teaching material" is the only industry planning materials. By the "government guidance, society, School Liaison Office, press association". Namely: the Ministry of education, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of macro guidance; research on construction of higher education of Chinese medicine and the National College of traditional Chinese medicine materials will host specific formulation, compiling principle, requirements, selection and organization of writing editor written work; 26 universities of TCM college subject experts prepared jointly; China press of traditional Chinese medicine to help preparation and publication management. The new century the first edition of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage and pharmacology three professional 46 textbooks have been published, 3-4 years, and widely used in various colleges and universities of Chinese medicine, the majority of teachers and students. The 34 door materials selection for the Ministry of education "of higher education 'fifteen' national planning materials," 41 door materials selection for the Ministry of education "of higher education 'eleven to five' national planning materials" (32 course continuous selection as "fifteen", "eleven five" national planning materials). In 2004 this set of textbooks is the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese Medicine Practitioner Certification Center designated as the Chinese medicine practitioners, professional and technical qualification examinations of TCM physician assistant and TCM industry guidance books; 2006 National Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and Western medicine, licensed assistant doctors practicing physician qualification examination and TCM industry professional and technical qualification examination outline, on the basis of the "new century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine teaching material" be amended. The new century planned textbook publication of the first edition, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine attaches great importance, has organized two domestic experts on the textbooks are comprehensive, serious review. Overall evaluation experts is: "the materials planning, embodies the inheritance and development, combining traditional and modern, the theory and the practice, discipline theory system, accurate positioning, concept specification, reasonable structure design, printing and binding and layout style of health, distinctive style, teaching material science, inheritance, advanced heuristic teaching adaptability, and compared with the previous textbooks have different degrees of improvement." At the same time, also points out the existing problems and shortcomings. The Higher Education Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, the National College of traditional Chinese medicine teaching material construction research will also put a lot of time and energy, in-depth first-line teaching, held in the school as the unit of the forum 17 times, with the subject as the unit of workshop 15 times, and the function evaluation forms, extensively solicit, collection of national colleges college of traditional Chinese medicine and relevant leaders, experts, particularly frontline teachers' opinions and suggestions, further amendments to this set of teaching materials to improve a lot of work to do, this is a hitherto unknown in Chinese medicine education and teaching material construction history. Revision of the work for this set of textbooks and lay a solid foundation. In 2005 October, revised second edition of the work plan of new century started. The revision principle is: ① Mistakes must be corrected whenever discovered. Who left the first edition of the error, including the unit of measurement for spelling, punctuation, improper not standard and non-standard NOUNThe term, has not been recognized academic point of view, must be corrected. Refine on. Where the expression less accurate expression of views, owe free text and training objective does not adapt the content and undergraduate education, to modify, delete, scouring. The fine thin. In view of the limited class, teaching materials became thick reaction, streamline, concise text content, downsizing downsizing. Especially the super class more materials should be "very reluctantly what it treasures". According to the development of science, to increase the corresponding content. Experts to participate in the revision of the absorbing more colleges, the new two edition is more representative, academic coverage, to reflect the higher Chinese medicine teaching level. In short, through revision, make the book more refined language, standardized, accurate, reasonable structure, teaching adaptability is stronger, become the subject of teaching quality.

This textbook is according to Ministry of education "about" fifteen "during the regular higher education textbook construction and Reform Opinions" spirit, to meet the demands of the development of higher education of Chinese medicine in China, by the materials in the new century in Higher Institutions of Chinese Medicine Anatomy editorial board undertake writing. Book for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, orthopedic, nursing professional use. The people in the writing process, in order to content more scientific, systemic and advanced, pay attention to the prominent characteristics of TCM colleges. For example: the textbook in a chapter to "common important points and dangerous points section solution", the appendix of traditional Chinese medicine to the relevant records, ancient and modern anatomy solution part noun, "landmarks" festival of acupuncture acupoint osseous, muscular markers and skin grain structure, and acupuncture and central location and conduction path relationships are the characteristics of this book. The book also written solutions with supporting materials "experiment guide", the course content, combined with the cadaver model closely, is conducive to the consolidation of memory. This book adopts the large, small print typesetting, characters as an important content of small, for reference. This book is in focus at the same time, also a little writing learning content, various colleges and universities can be adjusted and selected according to the teaching syllabus and the actual situation of the unit. The illustrations are by the Xuhui District Institute of fine arts teachers in Shanghai senior teacher Yan Wei all re drawing.
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Chapter 1 introduction of motion system section second section third, section fourth osteological joint muscle, a motion of each joint of the muscle review and report of two systemic muscle table fifth day Mark chapter second digestive system section second section third section of digestive gland digestive tube section fourth peritoneal chapter third respiratory section section second pulmonary respiratory lung section fourth section third pleural and mediastinal fourth urinary system the first section outlines the second day third day fourth day kidney ureter bladder urethra fifth chapter fifth section of reproductive system of section second male genitalia a female breast of two perineal sixth chapter circulation system section second cardiovascular system in section third of chapter seventh of the lymphatic system the first section outlines the endocrine system in section second endocrine organ chapter eighth sensilla section section second monitors third vestibulocochlear nerve system the first section outlines the ninth chapter second section of spinal cord and spinal nerve third ganglia and brain section fourth. Injury of central nervous system pathway of some parts of the clinical manifestations of fifth day visceral nervous system sixth sections of brain and spinal cord were seventh ventricle and CSF eighth sections of brain and spinal cord blood vessels of brain barrier chapter tenth important points and dangerous points of common section anatomy of common section anatomy section second important points of common dangerous acupoint section anatomy of appendix attached anatomy experiment guide
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Illustration: four, a brief history of the development of anatomy anatomy in China, has experienced a long historical period, because the history of the human anatomy of records, the earliest or our traditional Chinese medicine. Early in the Warring States period (500 BC), China's first medical classics "Neijing" that has been widely documented about human anatomy knowledge. At that time, has explicitly put forward the "Anatomy" one word, and contains the shape, position, size, volume and weight of survey data on visceral organs. The book has heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, stomach, large intestine, small intestine and other organs of the name, used for our modern anatomy and medicine. These data suggest, our ancestors is engaged in the field of anatomy, measurement and research, based on current knowledge of human anatomy data, this is the world's first. Since nineteenth Century, from Europe to the modern medicine, modern anatomy in China was gradually developed. Before the new Chinese was established, more than 100 workers only anatomy; after the new Chinese established, medical industry has made rapid development, anatomical worker team rapidly expanded, and the medical institutions have the model and mapping complete teaching equipment, sample,, also writes the anatomy textbooks and monographs of our own updated scientific research; equipment, improve the conditions for scientific research, has achieved fruitful research results, and in histological, histochemical, ultrastructural, neuroanatomy, immunohistochemistry and neural culture, neurobiology, molecular biology, cytology, gene engineering, biomechanics and have made many achievements. Our college of TCM anatomy workers in the meridian section anatomy, meridian, acupoint nerve anatomy dissected, acupoints cT scanning image anatomy, meridian, acupoints stereostructure of microstructure, meridian structure computer image 3D reconstruction, the 3D structure of acupoint digitized virtual human, the acupoint morphological multimedia series, meridian medical engineering and carried out a lot of work, published a series of monographs, and edited and published a model about the acupuncture point massage, anatomy, applied anatomy and surgical anatomy, practical application of local anatomy of TCM, TCM applied neuroanatomy, TCM application beauty anatomy with Chinese characteristics anatomy textbook series, offering practical anatomy course corresponding to different professional Chinese medicine. In research methods, but also by histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, tissue culture, HRP ELISA, radionuclide tracer, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, freeze etching technologies and electrophysiological, neurochemical, trace elements, bioluminescence, medical image 3D reconstruction, computer multimedia, to elucidate the morphological structure points from the aspects of TCM anatomy, rich content, made achievements in modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Now researchers are scale anatomy to improve our level of the medical science and hard, strive for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to make its due contribution to the realization of the socialist modernization of our country in the great cause of. Five, anatomical position and common anatomical terms in order to facilitate the narrative position between the human body each organ structure, human anatomy provisions of posture and anatomical terms of location and anatomy of a unified standard, are presented in this paper are as follows: (a) human anatomy postural body erect, eyes to the front head, double lower limbs to move forward, toes, arms drooping naturally in the trunk side, palm forward. In the observation and description of various parts of human body position and mutual relations, should be in accordance with the anatomy of the human body posture uniform.
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"Normal human anatomy (new century Second Edition)" is: the new century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine materials, the ordinary higher education "fifteen" national planning materials (First Edition), the ordinary higher education "level planning eleven five" national curriculum (Second Edition).
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