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"Medical ethics (Third Edition)" the author with many years of experience in the teaching of medical ethics, with “ physician qualification examination outline in the ” “ medical ethics exam outline ” as the basis, widely absorbs the domestic and foreign medical ethics teaching and research results, and become, covers the specifications of medical ethics and bioethics the contents, research objects including medical ethics and content, the traditional medical ethics, the progress of science and technology, social development and the construction of medical ethics, medical interpersonal relationship in ethics, medical ethics principles and category of medical staff, medical ethics and virtue, special moral requirements in nursing, prevention and ecological environmental protection work moral, health management and hospital management ethics in medical research, ethics, moral problems autopsies and organ transplantation, family planning and good moral, ethical issues of human assisted reproductive and genetic engineering, human stem cell research and application of ethical problems, ethical problems about death, evaluation, education and cultivation of medical ethics. Simulation test also with a qualification examination and residency training examination.
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The first chapter is the introduction section second day ethics and medical ethics medical ethics research object and content of the third day study and research of the medical ethics significance and method of the second chapter of traditional medical ethics section of ancient Chinese tradition ethics second ancient Chinese traditional medical ethics critique inherits third foreign traditional medical ethics historical third chapter of the progress of science and technology social development and the construction of medical ethics, the first section of the transformation of medical model and medical moral second high-tech applications in medicine and medical ethics section third under the condition of market economy of medical practice and medical ethics construction fourth chapter medical interpersonal relations in moral first medical interpersonal meaning and characteristics of second day third Festival doctor-patient relationship between doctors and the fifth chapter medical ethics principles and scope the first section of the socialist ethics basic principle second section of medical ethics principles and application of third section of medical ethics basic category of medical ethics and medical staff in Chapter sixth virtues: basic medical ethics of medical personnel in seventh chapter third section virtue of nursing work in the first section of medical ethics on the meaning and classification of second medical staff special The first section of moral requirements of nursing work and nursing moral features second basic nursing characteristics and moral requirements of section third of the holistic nursing care and moral requirements of section fourth psychological nursing characteristics and moral requirements of chapter eighth preventive medicine work moral first preventive medicine work and the characteristics of the moral principles of preventive medicine in the second quarter moral requirements in section third of chapter ninth protection of ecological environment of moral health management and hospital management work in the first moral health policy formulation and implementation of moral second section in hospital management ethics chapter tenth in medical science research ethics first day ethics of medical research and the significance of standard section second human trials moral Third Clinical Medicine the study of other moral problems in Chapter eleventh autopsies and organ transplant ethical questions first autopsy moral problems in section second organ transplant ethical problems in Chapter twelfth of family planning and prenatal morality first day planning moral section second eugenic work moral thirteenth chapter of human assisted reproductive and genetic engineering of ethical issues the first human assisted reproductive engineering ethics ask The fifteenth chapter of medical ethics ethical problems, ethical evaluation of research and application of cell death fourteenth chapter ethical issues ethical issues first the definition of death and the standard dry ethics problem in section second, section third of the genetic engineering of human ethical analysis of issues in section second section third of euthanasia hospice care education and cultivation of medical ethics evaluation section second section of medical ethics education appendix I: at home and abroad and the cultivation of medical ethics. A data, medical personnel professional ethics and implementing measures two, three, Chinese oath of medical student Sun Simiao "big medicine sincere" four, Chen Shigong "to" five, ten doctors of the five precepts F Pokela Di vows to six, Hu twelve Pro seven, Flanders medical ethics the prayer of Maimon Ni Tis eight, the World Medical Association in 1949 the adoption of the Geneva protocol of nine medical ethics, the Nuremberg code (1946) ten, eleven of the Sydney declaration, the Helsinki declaration, the declaration of Tokyo twelve medical workers engaged in -- guidance to people as the biomedical research proposals thirteen, fourteen, the Hawaii declaration America physicians, nurses ethics principle of medical ethics in fifteen international law sixteen, human seventeen cases of organ transplantation. Measures of security management, genetic engineering, human genetic resources eighteen management Interim Measures, nineteen human embryonic stem cell research ethics guidelines in Appendix II: qualification examination and residency training exam simulation questions a, A type two, yes no questions, three nouns explain four questions references, postscript version third.
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1 occupation moral as a common social phenomenon, exists in every field of social life. The life of human society, in addition to the form of marriage and family, there are a variety of occupation life. Occupation life is human social life to form of social activity continues, development, social, class moral not only through marriage and family shows, but also through a variety of occupation life show. In a certain sense, various occupation life than marriage and family life are more direct and more reflect the moral requirement and moral outlook of certain social, class, and the formation of moral society special style and special development direction, forming the occupation morals or industry of all types of morality. The so-called occupation moral, moral principles and norms of behavior combined with its own characteristics is the people engaged in a certain occupation occupation in the occupation activity should follow. In a class society, it is each class moral special performance in the occupation life, reflecting the special orientation behavior moral mediation, and with a specific occupation or industry activities. A variety of different occupation, the social behavior of various. The moral complexity and specificity is not only reflected in the types of different classes of morality, but also in the various occupation moral or ethical. Various occupation activities not only reflect the moral condition of the society, and the impact of the trend of the development of individual moral behavior. Because the occupation morals in the scope, content, form.Points, so it can make the general moral principles and norms play a full role in the actual occupation activities, often occur, a profound influence on the individual thought and behavior, become an important supplement to the general moral principles and norms. Occupation moral development with the continuous development of society, it is in the whole social moral system is becoming more and more important role, especially. To create the most favorable conditions for the comprehensive development of socialist society occupation moral. The occupation moral has distinct characteristics, which can use the Communist moral principles and norms of unity, protection and can get national advocate and the law. At the same time, the establishment of the socialist system, as a new type of occupation moral formation and the play opened wide road. The occupation moral any occupation morality differs from its previous, it is an important part of socialist moral norm system, always and the majority of workers of the socialist labor attitude closely linked, is concrete and a complement to the socialist moral principles and norms.

The book was published in April, since 2001 2003 since the February edition, by college students and the general medical workers welcome. In order to absorb the research achievements in recent years of medical ethics, to better meet the needs of medical education, for the qualification examination and residency training examination candidates to provide more suitable for reading, we once again of the book has been revised, supplemented. In order to make the book more suitable for the professional teaching medicine, this second edition increased nursing ethics, preventive medicine and environmental ecology protection ethics, health management and hospital management ethics and so. To avoid duplication, some chapters were deleted. With the rapid development of life sciences, the ethical issues are also increasingly prominent. To this end, we derive the domestic and foreign research results of bioethics in recent years, the relevant sections adjusted supplement. American scholar Ceng Wenqi, to provide a lot of literature, the special expression of thanks. The appendix of "test", various kinds of questions including the choice of physician qualification examination. The case also questions as the teaching case. Based on our limited level, revision may still exist many mistakes and shortcomings, I hope colleagues and the vast majority of readers criticism of the amendments proposed to the next edition, revised.
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"Medical ethics (Third Edition)" published by the Central South University press.
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