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Date of publication:1998-1   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Wang Qicai   Pages:299  

"Acupuncture therapy (for acupuncture and moxibustion professional)" is the ordinary higher education of traditional Chinese medicine in a kind of textbook.

Illustration: for example, headache selected Baihui or sun, nasal selected prime Liao or incense, facial paralysis selected buccal car or ground storehouse, prolapse of the anus perineum or long strong selection. This method should be taken as the main basis for acupoint selection in most cases, especially for those needling sensation in patients with obvious, from strengthen the stimulation of local point of view, the more suitable. For example, the clinical variety of joint pain, flaccidity and sprain, skin diseases, ganglion cyst, thyroid enlargement in the local point selection, Shi pin Wai needling, the effect is more ideal. (two) adjacent acupoint nearby point selection is selected points in the distance closer to the lesion site. For example, eye diseases, ear take Fengchi, toothache and sun or off, take on the star or the nose, hemorrhoids and Ciliao or rank etc.. (three) followed by far the meridian acupoint selection in the distance is far from the lesion more distant locations, "Neijing" called "remote acupuncture". This point selection method combining line along meridian, embodies the "meridian pass, indications and treatment law". Especially suitable for point selection in the following limb elbow and knee joint, used in the treatment of head, facial features, trunk, visceral disease, is widely used in clinical acupuncture. "Lingshu. This" article said: "the disease in the person from the disease are high, in the sick in the head, the foot, foot disease in the rouge" is such. In the specific acupoint selection, belongs to take under the disease, such as the forehead pain in chambers, fire toothache and Yongquan, mouth eye Q oblique take too rushed, hemorrhoids, bloody stool and hill and "four total points song" etc.. Belong to disease to take, such as the ankle joint sprain needle Yang Chi, uterine prolapse moxibustion at Baihui, lower limb paralysis and Ciliao, lumbosacral pain needling Yinjiao etc.. "Treatise on the" 325th "Shao yin disease, diarrhea...... When the temperature of the." An example is the Shaoyin deficiency diarrhea and Baihui Acupoint Moxibustion. The local near, adjacent acupoint and meridian are far from to the pain site as the basis of segment acupoint selection method. Clinical application, can according to the main and collateral channels linked to select fourteen points, can also according to various positive reaction point selection by the odd hole or Ashi point. (four) dialectical point selection in many clinical diseases, such as fever, prostration, coma, insanity, insomnia, forgetfulness, lethargy, dreaminess, hypertension, abnormal menstruation belongs to systemic disease syndrome, unable to differentiate, the branch point selection methods cannot be applied. At this time, must according to the nature of diseases, dialectical analysis of the disease, belonging to a viscera or meridians, and then press the point selection. For example, if the insomnia of disharmony between the heart and kidney, heart, kidney two classics, in heart, kidney two classics point selection; genus Xindan Qi and heart, bile by two, in the heart; bile two selected points, if belong to disharmony of liver and stomach, liver, stomach two, also in liver, stomach two point selection. Again, irregular menstruation, if caused by the stagnation of the liver, attribution, in liver acupoint selection, Ren; if the spleen cause, belong to the spleen, the spleen acupoint selection, ren. For individual prominent symptom, can also be combined with clinical experience and acupoint selection. For example, fever selected Dazhui or Quchi, sputum were selected Fenglong or Zhongwan, anemia selected Geshu or Zusanli, Neiguan "or hypotension selected elements are. The higher the point selection are the crystallization of long-term efficacy, clinical experience, so people also call it experience points.
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Pharmacy of Chinese Materia Medica "," analysis of traditional Chinese medicine "," Chinese pharmaceutical engineering principle and equipment "thirty-eight courses teaching and practice teaching materials. In order to improve the quality of teaching materials, the deepening of the teaching reform, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine in 1992 April in Hangzhou held a national work conference on Chinese medicine undergraduate textbook construction, to study the deployment of the textbook construction work, the meeting issued the "ordinary higher education of Chinese medicine type of programming textbook principles", "ordinary higher education of Chinese medicine drug class gauge Ge 0 materials management approach", "ordinary higher education of TCM textbook editor units bidding measures" and other documents. Through bidding, determine and the appointment of each course. Held in Beijing in 1992 November the ordinary higher education of Chinese medicine kind of textbook construction work meeting, set up the higher education of Chinese medicine kind of Textbook Compilation Committee, discusses the reform of the textbooks, and formed the Textbook Compilation Committee, determine the authorized person. In order to write quality assurance teaching material, has held several meetings and textbook review meetings, for each course syllabus, textbooks and teaching contents outline made careful examination. Finally, also for this set of planning materials advisory committee to an old Chinese medicine expert advice. Through many meetings and all the editorial board approved joint efforts of staff, in the name of the old Chinese medicine under the guidance of experts, the textbooks on the basis of the five edition of the textbook, in line with the actual needs of undergraduate training objectives, to link theory with practice, keep the integrity of TCM theory, reflect the new achievement of mature content and education reform and the development of academic medicine, in has been greatly improved the course teaching objective, teaching content, to determine the depth and the width of promoting teaching system overall optimization, the basic standard that this set of textbook content can be the basic requirements embodied in professional training and teaching quality testing the. On a few materials according to the need of curriculum, the reform greatly, make it accord with the need of teaching. According to the State Education Commission relevant documents spirit, medical colleges and universities of Chinese medicine specialty in the colleges of traditional Chinese medicine, should be preferred this set by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of unified planning organization editing planning materials. Along with the deepening of reform of higher education of Chinese medicine, this set of textbooks will inevitably have some disadvantages, sincerely hope that all the Chinese medicine teaching staff and readers in the use process, put forward valuable suggestions, in order to make this book more perfect and more accord with the need to improve the teaching of modern Chinese medicine.
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