• Emergency nursing

    "College The Open University of China Medical College specified characteristics teaching materials and emergency nursing" is a statement of informality in general textbooks formatted medical college nursing, and to the clinical emergency nursing program, highlighting the various diseases or symptoms, signs, nursing assessment of severity, triage,

  • The principle and policy of medical insurance

    "Principle and policy" medical security emphasized the theoretical, systematic, practical and advanced to some extent in content, not only pay attention to the basic theory of medical insurance and basic methods, but also reflects the current domestic and overseas research achievements in medical insurance reform, practice and experience. "Medical security principle and policy,

  • Professional nursing practice nurses (upper and lower).

    "The national health professional and technical qualification examination exam guide and problem sets: Professional Nursing (nurse practitioner with nurse) (2011 Edition) (volume one)" in view of this, we selected a large number of long-term engaged in clinical and teaching work and training experience for college teachers team in the national scope,

  • Functional experiment

    "Functional experiment" breaking the disciplinary boundaries, the physiology, pathology and pharmacology experiment content independent fusion, and adds new content development. The content of the book according to the requirements of the teaching program, highlight the integration of the experiment content asked, highlights the basic quality of training, and training of basic experimental skills,

  • Normal human anatomy

    For use in medicine, "the new century higher institutions of Chinese medicine, normal human anatomy textbook according to Ministry of education" is "about" fifteen "during the regular higher education textbook construction and Reform Opinions" spirit, to meet the needs of higher education of Chinese medicine in China development, by the materials in the new Century National Higher College of TCM anatomy editorial board,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and Science

    "Traditional Chinese medicine processing (for traditional Chinese medicine specialty with)" the main contents include: processing of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and the origin of the development of traditional Chinese medicine processing, research, related regulations, traditional Chinese medicine preparation is Chinese medicine characteristics, traditional Chinese medicine and clinical curative effect, the traditional pharmaceutical principles, the influence of processing on the properties, processing the system,

  • Theory on acupuncture and moxibustion

    Theory on acupuncture and moxibustion, "the main content of theory on acupuncture and Moxibustion" include: academic origin and theoretical basis of the acupuncture theory, "Neijing" acupuncture and moxibustion achievement and its influence on the theory on acupuncture and moxibustion, "classic" acupuncture and moxibustion achievement and its influence on the theory on acupuncture and moxibustion, "and the" science of acupuncture and moxibustion on achievement and theory on acupuncture and moxibustion,

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    "Chemistry" is the pharmacy model reform and open education pilot training for the approval of the Ministry of education of the The Open University of China talent of writing, The Open University of China medical and pharmacy college level required professional basic course design. The book has 17 chapters, consists of 4 parts. The first part is the,

  • Synopsis of the Golden Chamber notes

    Synopsis of the Golden Chamber notes,,

  • Medical history

    "Medical college teaching materials, medical history" breakthrough in the past, Chinese and Western medical history were writing style, through the different development situation of traditional medicine and modern medicine, make students more comprehensive, profound understanding of medical development, understanding of the nature and value of medicine. History of medicine is the medical college in China opened the first,

  • Medical Dialectics

    "Medical dialectics" the Marx philosophy and the principle of Dialectics of nature and the combination of medical science and technology, medical science and technology has carried on the overall investigation. The book is divided into 9 chapters, the main contents include: the historical development and the medical model of medical, human values, view of disease and prevention concept, clinical thinking, medical science and technology,

  • Surgery

    Reform and innovation is the current medical education theme, to system integration for organ teaching method model has become the trend of medical education, to adapt to the reform of medical education, further deepening of the reform of examination and evaluation, the spirit of "organ system as the key link, to professional discipline implementation" purpose. By the Sichuan University,

  • Medical ethics

    "Medical ethics" is approved by the National Medical Library Construction Committee fully research, brewing, expert of the Yangzhou University School of medicine, Medical University Of Chongqing, Capital Medical University, Guangdong Medical College, Liaoning Medical University, Guangxi Medical University, Wenzhou Medical College and several years teaching experience co authored by. A total of 13,

  • Acupuncture therapy

    "Acupuncture therapy (for acupuncture and moxibustion professional)" the main contents include: the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy on the treatment principle, outline, acupuncture acupuncture prescription, high fever, convulsion, syncope, off the card, pain syndrome, cold, cough, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria, heat exhaustion, vomiting, hiccups, stomach pain,

  • Typhoid theory

    Typhoid theory,,

  • In the lecture notes

    "In the lecture notes (traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion for professional use)" has Chinese ancient medical, medical history, the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, diagnostics of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, in the notes, handouts, treatise on febrile diseases, lecture notes in Synopsis of prescriptions of the golden chamber, doctrine of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine, medical science, traditional Chinese medicine in pediatrics, gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Preventive medicine

    "Preventive medicine" for clinical medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, medical and mental health and other non preventive medicine specialty undergraduate textbook, covering the preventive medicine two disciplines: the content of the preventive medicine is divided into 3 parts and 20 chapters, about 600000 words, 27 illustrations. The first is the public,

  • Exam guide of human physiology

    "The human body physiology exam guide" for Higher Medical College in studying physiological periods, to better grasp the key, difficult points and their degree of knowledge acquisition and write a review of reference books, can also be used for the kaoyan. The book on the physiology of each chapter presents learning requirements and evaluation in,

  • Health care and rehabilitation of basic skills training

    "Health preservation and rehabilitation of basic skill training", this book is the basic skills of traditional Chinese medicine training series of textbooks (one of the innovative textbook). The selection of the teaching materials of 18 health rehabilitation skills commonly used representative presentations. "Traditional Chinese medicine", explained the Gua Sha, cupping, moxibustion and auricular seed pressing, acupoint application, children,

  • Clinical hematology learning guidance and problem sets

    Clinical hematology inspection instructions and exercises the learning set, "planning materials, Ministry of health, National College Textbooks" 1025 "planning materials, higher medical teaching material construction research: the clinical hematology learning guidance and problem sets (for medical laboratory professional)" written more than 1500 different types of questions, at the same time giving a detailed answer. The types of test questions,

  • Traditional Chinese orthopedics

    "Traditional Chinese orthopedics (for the specialty of TCM with) (Second Edition)" a total of ten chapters, divided into introduction and two parts. General introduction of emergency orthopedics and traumatology of Chinese medicine development history, machine, and cause of disease and injury classification of clinical diagnosis, treatment and trauma; the theory of fracture, dislocation, including tendon injury, injury and disease, summarized basic,

  • Medical ethics

    "Medical ethics (Third Edition)" the author with many years of experience in the teaching of medical ethics, the "Outline" the examination for the qualifications of doctors in the "medical ethics exam outline" as the basis, widely absorbs the domestic and foreign medical ethics teaching and research achievements, and become, covers the specifications of medical ethics and bioethics,

  • Acupoints

    "Acupoints (for acupuncture and moxibustion professional)" is a basic course of acupuncture and moxibustion specialty. The book consists of seven chapters and an appendix. The first chapter is the introduction, mainly expounds the basic concept, research scope and acupoints in acupuncture and professional courses in the promise and status, and then introduced the development section of acupoints acupoints, naming, classification, main,

  • The basis of Pharmacology

    "The basis of Pharmacology (Nursing)" is of medium occupation school nursing national planning materials, according to the Ministry of Education promulgated 2001 "set" for nursing specialty of medium occupation schools and "the basis of pharmacology teaching basic requirements" writing. The book consists of 18 articles, while keeping the system of pharmacology, attention,

  • The classical literature of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "New century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine materials, classical literature of traditional Chinese medicine (for Chinese medicine specialty with)" focuses on the fundamental purpose of reading comprehension ability, is divided into three parts, the first of series. The first is the readings. Note the pre Qin to the Qing ancient, where forty. Selection principle for the content and medicine,

  • Basic medical cell biology

    Cell biology is an important branch of basic medicine, cell biology research work in recent years has made great progress. "Basic Medical Cell Biology (Second Edition)" is a textbook of medical colleges and universities, the spirit of "less is more" principle, the basic theory and basic knowledge as the key point, explain profound theories in simple language, sequential,

  • Introduction of Stomatology

    Introduction of Stomatology, "introduction of Stomatology" oral medicine calligraphy in a new book, the advent of the book is a new attempt to reform education in stomatology. "Introduction of Stomatology" for undergraduate students, is a Book of enlightenment, is to lead the students to enter the hall of Stomatology introductory book. Opening the curriculum of "introduction of Stomatology" is the purpose of,

  • Nuclear medicine case reviews 200 cases

    "Nuclear medical case review in 200 cases (Second Edition)" is a reference book of the famous American nuclear medicine expert editors, rich content (including clinical nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment programs, and all) format of writing novel (all cases are "image problem -- the analysis approach is presented to the reader), not,

  • Pharmacology

    "Teaching in higher medical colleges and universities" in twenty-first Century, the series of textbooks for pharmacology pharmacological special textbook for medical college students, for the college. "In twenty-first Century, teaching materials in higher medical colleges and universities Pharmacology" system introduced the basic knowledge of general pharmacology and each system pharmacology. The basic thought, scientific,,

  • The post training community nurses

    "Post training materials" include: the introduction of community nurses, community health service of community nursing introduction, application of nursing procedure in community care, community health education, community rehabilitation, community nursing common operations and skills. ,

  • The classical literature of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Ancient medical literature (for Chinese medicine specialty with)" the main contents include: Dan Xi Weng Chuan, Qian Zhongyang, Ming Chu Shi epitaph of Jiang Minying, Bian Que, Hua Tuo, Huangfu Mi, To Gaki, old man. "Compendium of Materia Medica" six, six ", with the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine", "two articles Su", "Su" is a four collation,

  • Dermatology Venereology

    Dermatology Venereology, "general practitioner training materials, dermatology venereology" emphasizes the typical features in the diagnosis, are also described in the differential diagnosis of possible consequences and possible mistreatment, greatly reduce the error of diagnosis and treatment of opportunity. Treatment, according to the different hospital reader located offers a variety of treatment options available, and own the,

  • Evaluation of the learning guidance and exercise health

    Evaluation of the learning set health guidance and exercise, "supporting the higher Chinese medicine colleges and universities teaching materials: evaluation of the learning guidance and exercise health (for nursing professional) in chapter" as a unit, abstract, key points analysis, exercises and answers written in part four. Abstract: the chapter is highly general, pointed out the main problems analysis,

  • Nuclear medicine

    "Nuclear medicine (SCIENCE EDITION)" for the target of nuclear medicine teaching reform under the new situation, prepared to meet the nuclear medicine teaching in our country. "Nuclear medicine" chapter twenty-two, "nuclear medicine" introduces the basic principles of nuclear medicine and new techniques and methods, the latest attempt to reflect the basic theory and the twenty-first Century nuclear medicine,

  • Medical Genetics

    "Basic medical genetics (for nursing and other medical professional)" according to the Ministry of education, the Ministry of health to develop "written guidelines" training talent shortage occupation college nursing professional field skill and. The book is divided into nine chapters, including introduction, genetic, cytological basis of the molecular basis of genetic,

  • The essence of the science of public health management

    The essence of the science of public health management, "the essence of public health management" (Second Edition) is the study of the American public health students, students and medical practitioners for textbooks. Compared with the first edition, has cut slightly in length, but retained the first edition consistent and easy to understand content. In addition, add new content includes: Ethics (the sixth chapter), industry,

  • Nursing Conspectus

    "Secondary occupation education textbooks: an introduction to the national planning nursing (Nursing)" is divided into 8 chapters, including the history of the development of nursing science, nursing quality, role function and behavior norms, the basic concept and theory of nursing, nursing care, nursing ethics, law, nursing, nurse patient relationship and communication and ward nursing care of patients,

  • Clinical pharmacology

    "Clinical pharmacology Clinical Pharmacology" by China Medical University doctoral tutor Professor Wang Huailiang, Peking University, Fudan University, Peking Union Medical College, Central South University, Jilin University, Shandong University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Harbin Medical University, Medical University Of Tianjin, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Dalian, medical,

  • The experimental drug analysis

    The experimental drug analysis, "pharmacy experiment teaching material of national medical colleges and Universities: Pharmaceutical Analysis Experiment" is one of the pharmacy experimental teaching in higher medical institutions. The medical institutions of higher learning materials according to the drug analysis and pharmaceutical analysis in vivo experiment curriculum syllabus requirements prepared. The book is divided into 7 parts, including the basic knowledge, verification,

  • Study of main and collateral channels

    "To learn (main and collateral channels for acupuncture professional)" to refer to the main and collateral channels of ancient literature, combining modern research data the narrative. In the book "Introduction to main and collateral channels" chapter, the origin, formation and development of main and collateral channels theory briefly discussed; in "hand foot Tai Yin and Yang", "hand foot Shaoyin and the sun", "extremities,

  • Textbook of medical physiology practice

    "Medical practice tutorial" introduces the basic knowledge of animal experiment, functional use method, commonly used instrument basic experiment, comprehensive experiment, experimental design, in addition, the book is accompanied by case discussion. The basic experiment in basic skills training students as the teaching target; comprehensive experiment aims at fostering the students' comprehensive,

  • Fang Jixue

    Science of prescriptions, prescription - (Ninth Edition) - for traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and massage. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine clinical medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine science and other professional, ISBN:9787513208505, author: Li Ji,

  • Nursing ethics

    Nursing ethics, "professional teaching in medical colleges, nursing science nursing ethics" was written for our nursing undergraduates and clinical nurses in a textbook, "the characteristics of teaching materials in Higher Medical Colleges of nursing science, nursing ethics" is its practicality, not only reflected in the arrangement of 34 typical cases, more reflected in the content,

  • "Emergency nursing science" synchronous Workbook

    "Emergency nursing synchronization '' Workbook": the national higher education self-study exam study guide books, nursing specialty (undergraduate course). ,

  • Emergency treatment of Chinese Medicine

    "Emergency treatment of Chinese medicine (for the specialty of TCM with)" main content included: the concept and the scope of emergency treatment of Chinese medicine, Chinese emergency treatment status, purpose and task, emergency treatment of Chinese medicine study requirements and methods, emergency treatment of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine outline of the development of emergency clinical characteristics, etiology and pathogenesis of TCM emergency overview, pay attention to,

  • Pharmacy

    "Medicine" (for medical professional) tells the story of Chinese pharmacy is a basic theory of Chinese medicine research and clinical application of science, is one of the basic disciplines of Chinese medicine majors. "Medicine" (for medical professional), including pandect, appendix, appendix. General systematic introduction to the basic pharmaceutical,

  • Study of main and collateral channels

    Main and collateral channels "learn" Introduction: according to the State Education Commission "National Ordinary Higher Education" eight five "during the teaching material construction plan" "to concentrate on the main trunk of professional undergraduate course construction in the spirit of" unity, organization of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine editorial published ordinary higher education of TCM textbook. ,

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Internal Medicine

    "Chinese Medicine Department of internal medicine (for the specialty of TCM with)" points and the general theory of the two part. General is divided into two chapters, the first chapter introduces the origin and development of the TCM theory, naming and classification, the Department of internal medicine disease of traditional Chinese medicine; the second chapter Department of internal medicine disease syndrome differentiation of TCM treatment for treating diseases in Department of internal medicine, introduces the principle of TCM and exogenous,

  • Learning guidance and problem sets of Obstetrics and Gynecology of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    Learning guidance and problem sets of Obstetrics and Gynecology of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, "supporting the higher Chinese medicine colleges and universities teaching material: Obstetrics and Gynecology learning guidance and problem sets with integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (for traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine clinical medicine professional)" as "obstetrics and Gynecology" combination of Chinese and Western medicine supporting materials, the chapter arrangement and "obstetrics and Gynecology" combination of Chinese and Western medicine is consistent. The chapters or sections divided into abstract,

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