• Emergency medical center

    "The construction and management of emergency medical center" by the health department of Jiangsu province organized the first aid center (station) related personnel to compile. The book is divided into twelve chapters, on all levels of emergency center (station) the construction and management of the account be concise and to the point. Jiangsu province for the next several years construction and management center of first aid station standard,

  • The utility of intensive care and first aid

    Monitoring and emergency critically ill modern medicine is a new discipline, plays a very important role in the clinical. When injury progression to severe stages, or must be emergency major operation, often endanger and harm one or more organs function. At this time, if not timely to strengthen the primary disease treatment,

  • Self-help and mutual help of accidental injury

    "Self-help and mutual help" accidental injury to help readers master the scene to rescue the essentials harm, take time for accidental injury. "Self-help and mutual help" accidental injury can also provide guidance to the practice of emergency community health service personnel, medical personnel in rural grassroots. First aid means in a short period of time, the threat to personal safety,

  • The mine site trauma technique

    "Mine field" trauma emergency technology system, introduced the technology and the disposal methods of mine site trauma injury, including trauma assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hemostasis, bandaging, fixing, handling, and according to the mechanical trauma, coal mine gas poisoning, common electric shock, drowning, heat stroke,

  • Handbook of emergency medicine

    "Manual of emergency medicine (English original)" this popular "emergency medical handbook" (Fourth Edition), the easy to read outline form layout, thus greatly on the speed the implementation of diagnosis and treatment of emergency plan. Because it is easy to find information, so that the manual has become essential to every emergency departments,

  • Graphic shock emergency and accident emergency

    The book according to the work characteristics of General Electric, based on summarizing the experience, explain in detail how the emergency rescue and treatment of injured in the electric field and the accident scene, and create the best cure time method for the. The book is divided into two parts, respectively is shock emergency and accident emergency,

  • Emergency theory

    "In color" Pocket Medical Series is from the world first-class medical press - UK ChurchiU Iivinsstone company introduced the copyright issue. The series includes: heart disease, Department of orthopedics, emergency, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, neurological diseases, infectious diseases, Department of Ophthalmology disease,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute severe poisoning

    "Poisoning treatment of acute critical illness diagnosis (fine)" for different levels of Clinical Department of internal medicine, emergency medicine, occupation disease professional, critical care medicine and preventive medicine specialty related professionals to read, but also can be used as a college graduate, undergraduate education is one of the important reference book to learn. Acute poisoning,

  • Common trauma emergency coup

    Common trauma emergency coup, ISBN:9787541628313, author: Construction of rural libraries in Yunnan province project leading group coding,

  • Common emergency treatment

    "New century rural doctor training materials: common emergency treatment" is a comprehensive clinical course, it is the clinical common disease etiology and pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, auxiliary examination, diagnosis and treatment of knowledge has to do a more thorough exposition, and emphasizes that clinicians must rescue techniques. ,

  • Emergency medical rescue of sudden disaster

    The book as a rapid emergency medical rescue and effective tool for a variety of modern war and the sudden disaster, is Scientific Outlook on Development part of constructing the harmonious society and social security system. The book in general Xiao Zhenzhong under the auspices of the organization, by Professor Chen Baozhen, invited 47 experts and professors,

  • Self-help and mutual help tourism.

    "Self-help and mutual help" travel accident from the actual conditions of life, organized more than professional doctors have jointly compiled a common first-aid knowledge of traveling burst damage. By reading the "travel accident of self-help and mutual help", the scene rescue methods can help readers master the outdoor tourism emergency conditions, take time for emergency,

  • Treatment of modern plastic surgery

    "The modern plastic surgery" written by more than 100 first-class plastic surgery experts, discusses the method for beauty and reengineering the most effective face, body and limbs. Covering plastic, reengineering, beauty, craniofacial and hand surgery, including face lifting, eyelid surgery, plastic and reconstructive breast liposuction, etc.,

  • First aid and nursing of acute diseases

    "The first aid and nursing of common emergency" is divided into nine chapters, namely, general common emergency rescue, surgery, Department of internal medicine, Department of orthopedics, emergency rescue common common emergency rescue, obstetrics and Gynecology common disease, acute poisoning emergency rescue, common accident rescue and common rescue technology, from the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment and nursing,

  • Self-help and mutual help disease

    "Self-help and mutual help" disease from the actual conditions of life, the organization more than professional doctor prepared jointly, introduced the commonly used knowledge of various common family emergency emergency conditions. By reading the "disease" self-help and mutual help, can help the reader to grasp the essentials of common medical emergency rescue, take time for emergency,

  • Modern emergency medicine

    Modern emergency medicine, ISBN:9787560176222, author: An Qingbin,

  • Trauma emergency

    "Science" is the clinical course of trauma orthopedics professional, is a subject of the orthopaedics of traditional Chinese medicine basic theory and skill. Occupies an important position in traditional Chinese medical orthopedics subject. According to the textbook "Office of Ministry of health of the Chinese Medicine College Textbook Compilation Committee of Ministry of health planning requirements," seven college textbooks,

  • Emergency.

    "Emergency". A total of 16 chapters, the main contents include: the introduction of emergency nursing; emergency nursing organization and management; emergency triage; commonly used first-aid techniques and procedures; monitoring of acute, critical patients; use and maintenance of common rescue equipment; emergency nursing of acute organ failure; Department of internal medicine, common acute danger,

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma

    After China entered the comprehensive construction well-off society, memories of a new stage of development of socialist modernization, Beijing will host the most successful Olympic Games in history. Disaster reduction demand for security has become the focus of attention of the society. Key city disaster reduction work safety is to serve the public, community security service, the,

  • The scene of road traffic accident casualty emergency manual

    The "road traffic accident scene first aid to the injured Handbook" by the Yunnan provincial Red Cross, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps of Yunnan province and the highway transportation administration institute, according to the characteristics of road traffic accident victims, learn at home and abroad mature rescue experience and methods, systematically introduces the road traffic accident,

  • Surgery and field surgery - (. 2)

    "Surgery and field surgery (upper and lower)" published by people's Medical Publishing house. ,

  • Modern intensive rescue techniques

    This book is an expert in first-line severe medical work, consult the latest theoretical results and clinical experience of our rich. Monitoring technology, difficult issues such as rescue on various ICU work are discussed. The book has the characteristics of novel, scientific, advanced, practical. To engage in,

  • On site training aid shock emergency and trauma textbooks

    "The main content of the site shock first aid and emergency trauma training materials" include: the role of the human body and the influence of electric current, voltage, safety, safety safety signs and safety facilities, electric shock protection device installation and operation, electric shock and safety grounding, reason and law of electric shock accident, the scene shock first aid, heart and lung complex,

  • New development of emergency medicine

    The "new" progress in emergency medicine is discussed in detail on the latest progress of emergency medicine, the main contents include: analysis of shock, trauma, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, sepsis new progress in the study on the theory and practice of clinical application, and arterial blood gas in common clinical symptom diagnosis thinking etc.. ,

  • Modern pre hospital emergency medical

    "The main content of modern pre hospital emergency medical": emergency medicine in our country as a new independent subject development over the past 28 years (since 1979) history. Social practice has proved, the development of this new discipline is the demand of social development. "Medicine" from the China conditions of modern pre hospital emergency treatment, according to the pre hospital emergency,

  • Critical care medicine

    This book is the Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Second Military Medical University, Changzheng Hospital summary of emergency medicine, critical care 13 professors of medical professional and more than 10 of the attending physician, lecturer, 5 nurses long and more than 200 staff engaged in the professional work experience for over 20 years. Including emergency medicine and critical care,

  • Outpatient emergency treatment process and practical skills

    The book consists of three chapters, introduces in detail the outpatient, emergency room layout, construction and management, in the form of chart and introduces common injuries in rescue and Department of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, ENT, common in Department of Dermatology emergency treatment process, treatment and nursing, and common first-aid technique, and introduces the the phase,

  • Field first aid

    "Grassroots community doctor standard training materials, on-site emergency doctors of medical students" main thoughts of writing is based on the needs of the discipline development and specialty teaching, through a variety of commonly used field first aid technology introduction, to make the medical students, general practitioners and community doctors to understand the importance and necessity of field first aid, tree,

  • Emergency medicine

    "Emergency medicine" is based on the objectives and features of running school training medical college application, skilled personnel and the preparation of the. The main contents of urban and rural emergency common disease, frequently occurring emergency knowledge, methods and skills. It mainly introduces the basic theory of modern emergency medicine, basic knowledge and basic skills. The contents include: introduction,,

  • Standard of diagnosis and treatment of acute poisoning

    This book deals with acute poisoning, epidemiology, classification of poisoning, toxicology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment of points. The book is divided into general; the; Appendix including poisoning detection method, the municipalities detection unit address, contact telephone number, emergency treatment of acute poisoning of special drug, common emergency drug dosage form, common,

  • Emergency medicine

    Emergency medicine, "the main content of the national medical college textbooks, emergency medicine": Medical College is to train assistant doctors in our schools, teachers and students hope to have a suitable this level medical education materials. College education in the past textbooks, many are "compressed version of undergraduate textbooks",

  • Handbook of pre hospital first aid

    Don't let life go by, this is a book to help readers to learn and master the emergency rescue technology fast popular science books. The book is in simple language, schematic picture detail on the various cases operation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the matters needing attention, assistance and bleeding, fracture, drowning, burns, electric shock, heat stroke emergency;,

  • Department of internal medicine emergency

    "Department of internal medicine emergency" from clinical practice, organization of nearly 80 years active in the expert of Department of internal medicine clinical first-line, based on absorbing the latest achievements of domestic and foreign department of internal medicine emergency, in combination with his own clinical experience writing. The book is divided into 5 parts and 26 chapters, focuses on the diagnosis of common diseases in Department of internal medicine in emergency and processing of the original,

  • Modern acute infectious diseases

    The book co written by working in clinical first-line infectious young experts, based on summing up over those years of clinical experience, referring to Literature at home and abroad this book. The book includes acute infectious disease symptoms, infectious disease, preparation of viral acute infectious disease, bacterial and other pathogenic emergency,

  • First aid course

    First aid course, ISBN:9787117081931, author: Liu Zhimin,

  • Emergency radiology solutions manual

    The book has 20 chapters, the first chapter is the introduction, in addition to X-ray, CT, MRI introduces the basic principle, characteristics and the examination scope, focuses on reading the related basic concepts and practical skills. The second to the twentieth chapter for the theory, in the preparation of the common diseases as the main line, the image manifestation as the breakthrough point, points [image,

  • Cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation

    This is a comprehensive introduction to cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation of academic monographs, this is the second edition, a variety of auxiliary measures include all kinds of disposal and recovery process of CPR, cerebral resuscitation, pericardiac arrest of fusion, "heart emergency treatment and the CPR international guidelines 2" and "AHA heart emergency treatment and heart pulmonary rehabilitation,

  • Modern emergency medicine

    Modern medicine, ISBN:9787811250510, author: Huang Jinjian, Yin Jianjun, Liu Xude, Zhou Jianhua, and Wei Ping etc.,

  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment

    Emergency department diagnosis and treatment routine, "Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment: emergency department routine treatment (Second Edition)" is Peking Union Medical College Hospital according to clinical practice for many years, to prepare a set of current medical treatment level of the book, "Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment: Emergency department routine treatment (Second Edition)" covers most of the clinical and,

  • Common emergency rescue manual

    Common emergency rescue manual, ISBN:9787535236821, author: Hu Furong,

  • Emergency rescue and protection of the site

    Emergency rescue and protection, "occupation education and Adult Education Department of Ministry of education recommended teaching materials, teaching books, the medium occupation school security professional education training series: the main content of emergency relief and protection" as the main skills of emergency relief, Quan Shujian concise, illustrated. The book comes with a CD-ROM contains multiple emergency,

  • Common emergency treatment

    "National health vocational college teaching reform experimental teaching materials, common emergency treatment (with integrated Western and Chinese medicine major)" a total of eight chapters, the first chapter introduces the traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with the development of emergency medicine, the second chapter mainly introduces the common processing method of emergency and first-aid skills, the third chapter to the eighth chapter,

  • Medical staff in emergency department of three basic training guide

    "Three base training of medical staff in emergency department guidelines --" you writers bear the heavy medical education and scientific research task, is the use of spare time, due to the high, time is short, plus all the writers and writing styles, although after processing, I believe many loopholes still exist in the book,

  • Medical first-aid

    "It is divided into 3 parts and 27 chapters" pre hospital emergency medical first aid, including basic theory and basic operation, acute infectious disease, inside and outside, women, children, the nervous system, ENT common emergency, accidental injury, poisoning diagnosis and first aid. "Medical" have made more comprehensive theory on various emergency pre hospital first aid,

  • First aid and self-help

    "First aid and self-help" from the introduction of field first aid concept, principles, methods of field first aid in detail about priorities, the initial triage and on-site emergency treatment principle, common Department of internal medicine trauma first aid techniques and practical skills, first aid knowledge, blood poisoning emergency field treatment principle, the wounded to move,

  • The utility of pesticide poisoning

    This book comprehensively expounded the principle of diagnosis and treatment of pesticide poisoning, treatment, nursing and prevention of critically ill, to organophosphate, carbamate, pyrethroid, nereistoxin insecticides, fumigants, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and common mixed pesticides were 1069, according to the,

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