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Date of publication:1999-1   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Sevan   Pages´╝Ü139  
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The first chapter of the book a brief history of menopause and anthropology second chapter pathogenesis mechanism changes the characteristics of female continuity of chapter third clinical anxiety menopause appear factors of clinical laboratory examination fourth chapter conclusion male menopause and women climacteric neologism differences between human impression fifth chapter menopause complication gynecological complications disorder the body the spirit of harmony between the husband and wife abdominal gynecological pelvic neurosis -- outside of the menopausal complications of cardiovascular complications of osteoporosis in menopause psychological obstacle disabled other complications in sixth chapter fertility and contraceptive pill contraceptive or intrauterine contraceptive device in Chapter seventh basic principles: the treatment of the general treatment of menopausal hormone treatment should we now have what kind of? The first major complications and menopause related complications of cardiovascular disorders: second major complications: treatment of appendix hormone therapy complications other than gynecological complications treatment gynecology and gynecological diseases and osteoporosis treatment of gynecological contraindications to the eighth chapter and ninth chapter menopause environment more period: a philosophical question tenth chapter eleventh climacteric and nutrition chapter how to through the menopause the new horizon to arrange life health advice a sensible solution to the twelfth chapter of menopause and postmenopause bibliography conclusion @##@ pregnancy Compared with the 1982 edition of the book of Materia Medica, no change in overall, this program is about the menopause medical works. Some chapters are not changed, if the clinical description of menopausal symptoms and facial array and associated invariant feature of their. In contrast, most of the content is based on the important data have been obtained for rewriting, such as contraception, people found that women in menopause there may be pregnant.
due to the introduction of new drugs, the treatment of continuous change, these new drugs to replace the original drug, because they are more effective, low toxicity. Climacteric physiological
in interpretation as a book based learning and later clarified short chapters on menopause history and anthropology, it is natural that we want a chapter in the statistical properties of general in order to determine what is the beginning of menopause.
cannot ignore the philosophical views about menopause, the author talks about the problem in this book.
tries to explain the mechanism of the etiology of hormone action, but apparently has not been confirmed. Then the author explains the clinical chapters of this book is the most important, why a woman want to come to the consultation. These reasons are varied, but often not obvious, so if we want to sort things out, make before the classification, must carry on the detailed analysis of these reasons. These symptoms will make the direction toward biology of radiology. After careful investigation, can inform the patient, to make her believe the conclusion, and actively receiving treatment, to avoid possible complications.
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