The experimental method of longevity

Date of publication:2010-6   Press: Shanxi science and Technology Press   Author:Hu Jiaying, the leaf CA   Pages´╝Ü232  
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The first series of long-lived principle first chapter second chapter biological longevity on human longevity on the third chapter of fourth chapter one hundred - two hundred - fifth - chapter on men and women of the sixth chapter of the seventh chapter circumstances genetic longevity longevity on eighth chapter on the ninth chapter strong occupation longevity longevity on the tenth chapter of the second weak longevity longevity longevity model third series fourth series of @##@ longevity secret Heaven and earth, all things and also. The harmony of heaven, all facilities, and dense, all things alcohol. In the sun, rain to run, the thunder to quite, too Jun Bo, Qiu the block, it does not know the beginning, Yao and nobody knew where he, hun hun rumble, say the creation. Creation is to be selfless, growth of the machine, let g throughout their life span. Tianshou what? The natural life. Life is born, there will be some limit, although the short or long, each are not identical, but the principle is also has a long life. A day to longevity, lost days Yao, this is a reason. Human income in those days, was as thick, and human can all day, also is the life, so less, and Yao are also. There is thus doubtful Yue: "life in the world, and rely on, a mere seven ruler body, to have only one hundred years, how the foot and the size of total universe, heaven and earth to compete? Longitudinal can try hard to, lapping physiological, fear of people did not win the day, if the anti indulgence, self willed desire, and succeed in life." Gee, why don't you wisdom is very! The husband animals plants, fruit can satisfy its vitality, no harm and no cutting, still enjoy the day of life age, Shen lady as the intelligent part of the universe, the self-defense self full of knowledge and ability, the birds and insects fish grass, almost million times, but why the body to desire, self promoting life, and ephemera co overnight?
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