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Date of publication:2006-1   Press: China Light Industry Press   Author:Christina Scott Moncrief  

"Elderly care must read" one book, introduces and explains when 50 years old way of life and health of the meaning of life from a positive angle to the readers, and provides a series of effective methods to solve the common health problems. This book reveals how to optimize and enhance the quality of life of health of mystery. As we grow older, the physical mechanism and we have their own demand different. And the body through a fight, we will have a healthy life, will become the life master.
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50 years old: time wise portion of the first for the next 50 years to live a better life in chapter first, a healthy diet and improve the quality of life for the next 50 years and a healthy diet vitamin essential minerals is easy to lack the power of plants to promote healthy eating healthy, healthy heart healthy diet, health and stomach healthy skin and hair diet senses also need nutrition type II diabetes health diet, healthy joint I love eating a healthy diet, but...... Fresh fruit and vegetables provide nutrition second chapter exercise enough: location, how and why the benefits of regular exercise exercise a strong heart, lung and circulation system of exercise and obesity and osteoporosis and joint movements and psychological: the energy of diet and exercise: everyone's walking 5 minutes fitness third chapter immune system a healthy immune system need nutrition care to get rid of the bad habits and addiction to fight off the infection of the past and the present cancer warning allergy: overreaction of the immune system in Chapter fourth lifestyle changes and life time, retirement plan wise shall be determined according to the actual situation of the pressure puzzle brain: is entered, the waste is back to improve memory change the bad mood: anxiety and depression, improve sleep quality for more than 50 years after the sex life of elderly relatives care treatment of long-term sickness second complementary therapies and longevity and health supplement therapy introduction and interpretation of chapter fifth health supplement therapy natural therapy osteopathic massage therapy massage and yoga camp Supplementary therapy of psychological support therapy of fasting therapy clinical ecology sixth chapter mental health treatment hypnosis meditation aromatherapy chapter seventh energy recovery method in India herbal medicine traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and acupressure homeopathic therapy reflexology acupressure therapy rehabilitation therapy regulation of Feng Shui, clean living environment flower therapy treatment selection guide
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  •   This book is written by foreigners, not suitable for the elderly Chinese! Poor practicality, but also very expensive
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